Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Wind 1-Tree 0

A nasty little storm blew through here last weekend. And when I checked outside the next morning,  I saw this damage. 

 The area I live in has had some severe windstorms the past couple of years. Although I have not had any damage to my trees, I am concerned. 

I have two large blue spruce trees in my yard and worrying a bit about them toppling over in a future storm.  Here’s one of those spruce trees, right before the storm hit.   

But I sure didn’t think my little flowering thundercloud plum tree would be a victim. So getting the downed branches removed and chopping down the rest of that tree.   

Oh well, I didn’t want any shade in my backyard anyway. 

Seven More Working Days

I can barely control my enthusiasm. There are only seven more working days left before I have surgery on my right knee. 

Then I will be on short-term disability while things heal. And the best part:  I then officially retire and end my career. 

Having worked at the same place for 23+ years, I am hanging up my “Cube, Sweet Cube” plaque. 

So the countdown begins. (Actually, I have been counting down for several months.)

So many things to do in preparation for surgery and retirement. Guess I better start on a list. 

Revenge of the Spruce

I have a huge spruce tree at the end of my driveway. As with many old things, it has begun to droop. And then you cannot see any approaching traffic when you pull out of the driveway. 

Even my neighbor’s made a comment about how they can’t see either. 

This morning I grabbed my handy saw and tackled the drooping branches. 
But the tree got its revenge.   
We will see who has the last word in this fight. 

Redone – almost

Last fall I redid the floors upstairs in kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and stairs. 

In April, I redid the living room floors. Bought a new couch and a small area rug. 

My old coffee and end tables did not look so great with the new floor.   

So I busted out some chalk paint.  

And then applied dark wax. Here’s a pic with most of the table top with the dark wax. It made quite a difference.   

It went well with the hutch also in the living room. This pic has a shelf piece from the hutch.   

Since the first end table turned out so nice, I proceeded to do the others.

But now the blue lamps are out of place with the teal couch. Yay for spray paint. (Ignore all the crap in the background. I wish I could.)  

And now — Voila!  

Of course, you must note the model cat. She goes well with the flooring. 

So now I just have to repaint the frame of a new little chair. 


Easter Mishap

Oops, I had a little mishap while coloring Easter eggs. 


I was lying on the couch reading and became the bed for these two troublemakers. 



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