Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Miko, the Balinese cat, does a delicate balancing act before leaping about 4 feet up to the top of the hutch. From there, one more little jump and she is in the kitchen/dining room. She is just too lazy to use the stairs. 


Fickle Friday

This crazy weather! About one month ago, the snow was gone from the local mountain. That means spring is here. 

However, 11 days ago we had snow!

Thus snow back on the mountain. Spring has returned now with highs in the 60s and the snow is starting to disappear again.   

Local lore is that you should not plant outside until snow is off the mountain. Good, I am not reading for planting flowers yet. 

On another note, I saw this car the other day. Hmmm, looks like the man is out of the picture.  Good luck mama!! 

Remember the crappy neighbors in Daughter’s old neighborhood?  They are now gone because the fire department made them leave. 


Could be for various reasons such as unsafe house due to all the junk on the outside. Maybe they were cooking meth?  Who knows, but Daughter is out of there. Thank goodness!

Here’s hoping for a calm weekend. 

The Ides of April

I usually don’t pay a lot of attention to April 15, Tax Day in the USA. And that is because I have gotten a refund for every single year I have filed; 45 years of refunds. And since I get a refund, I usually file my taxes before April 15. 

Refund money is used for my yearly project, such as a new recliner, building a deck, getting Miko (yup, she cost $$), and so on. 

However, this is the year that I could no longer claim my daughter as a dependent. And I ended up owing the IRS money!

Not fair!!


I had plans! Since I had to pay, I waited until the last possible day to file. That would be today. 

I am sooooo depressed. And broke. 

It is Sunday night and I can finally sit down and relax for a few minutes. My last post–not counting Caturday–was about my daughter moving. 

She is now 90% moved in. I refinished a table and chairs for her. Here is the table and chairs from the thrift store.    

After patching a crack in the top, I took the table outside to give it a good sanding.

Then it was back inside to prime it. I started with the bottom and the legs. Of course, that was the day we had snow and my furnace stopped working.

Two coats of enamel and the bottom and legs are done.

Now it is time to prime the top.

Two coats on the top and it is looking good.

Miko likes how the table color matches the caning color of the chairs. I only had a little touch-up work to do on the chairs, thank goodness.

And here it is in Daughter’s apartment. The lighting was poor because there was a big storm passing through. We just managed to get the table inside before it started raining.

I also bought her a microwave cart and assembled it. Miko again had to check things out.    

As the ever handy mom, I put together a cube unit for her too.
So Daughter is getting settled and I am exhausted. Still.

Caturday – You Rang?

Miko and Sunni are giving me the look.  And I don’t know why.  

Moving Day

My daughter is moving from her apartment with crappy neighbors to an apartment in a nicer and safer area. Today she rented a u-haul truck and got a friend to help her move the big stuff. 

I was the guard. She was afraid to leave anything in the truck while moving stuff from her old house.  Crappy neighbors, remember?

We started at 9:00 this morning. The first load was dressers, book shelf, end tables, and recliner chair. The second load was love seat, bed mattress, and some boxes.   At this point it is about 11:30 so we decided to have lunch. I treated daughter and her friend for helping her move. 

Daughter needed stuff for her apartment. You know, shower curtain, garbage can, cleaning supplies, bath rug, microwave, toaster, etc. etc. etc. so off we went to pick up that stuff. 

She then went back to her old place to load up the truck with boxes and bins. I went to her new place to start the organizing.   I put the legs on the couch and moved it into place. Moved the end tables too. Put the back on the recliner and screwed that in. Moved the recliner to its designated location.  Moved the bookshelf and added the shelving. Put together the bedframe and got the mattress in place. I added the shower rings to the shower rod, and then attached a liner and a fabric shower curtain.  Daughter came home and we made her bed. 

By now it is 4:00 and I am exhausted. So we called it a day. I will get some pictures of the finished space when I get over there next. 

Great space for an apartment for one person. Especially if Daughter is that one person. 

I need a nap! 

Miko, my Balinese cat, has very long fur. But she also is just plain long in length–from her nose to tip of her tail.   She has longness down to an art. 


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