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Typos – Part 2

Typos, incorrect spelling, bad grammar – all pet peeves of mine when visible in anything published for the general public.

See Typos – Part 1.

Here are the latest examples.

Example 1. Interesting typo.

Example 2. This is from an online menu. Do you think they meant served? Sure hope they didn’t mean severed.

Example 3. Yup, there are a lot of typos too.

Example 4. This example is from a story about a Harry Potter-themed Halloween event. As a Potterhead, I think they mean quidditch. And it is Professor Trelawney.

Example 5. This one leaves me confused as to what is being conveyed. Any ideas?

Example 6. Well, something should be CHANDED!

Stay tuned for future typo examples. Unfortunately, I have many more.

The Cats Pulled Rank

I have three cats and one dog. Since today (October 29) is National Cat Day in the United States, the cats banded together and insisted that I post pictures of them and their deceased siblings. The dog objected, but lost the battle.

So here are pictures of my cats.

I call this the “Vampire Bite.”Miko is the cat giving the look and bite. She was just a kitten when the pix was taken; she is now 5 years old and a lot darker and fluffier. The cat getting the vampire nip is Ellie. She died a few years ago.

The above pix is of Peaches (18 years old) and Miko (5 years old). They think it is hilarious to hog my chair.

The above pix is MeiMei. She really liked the warmth of the computer equipment. She also died a few years ago.

The above pix is my Sunni. Possibly my favorite cat as she is a cuddle bug.

The above pix is of all three current cats snoozing on the couch. Peachie and Miko are on the top, and Sunni is on the bottom.

Miko can sleep anywhere.

The above pix is of Miko and Ellie. The size difference is incredible, but Ellie was the boss over Miko. When Ellie died, Miko had a difficult time missing her.

Sunni insisted I include the above pix of her and Ziva, the dog. These two are often plotting against the other two cats.

Miko is very photogenic, but sometimes just doesn’t want to be bothered. The above pix is one of those times.


Heavy sigh. The above short video is of Miko showing off her paper shredding skills. And darn Sunni walks by and just ignores her. Five years of Having to keep Kleenex, toilet paper, and paper towels away from Miko. It’s exhausting!

Happy Cat Day!! In my house, everyday is Caturday!

Today, October 28, is National Chocolate Day in the United States. I am a chocoholic, but only dark chocolate. And if I have a choice, it is dark chocolate with orange.

Nothing really fancy, but this chocolate (pictured above) is my current choice. I bought it when in Canada a few weeks ago. Simply marvelous!

Due to the increased health advantages of dark chocolate over milk chocolate, I rarely eat milk chocolate anymore. My thinking is why not stick with the best! Health benefits include:

  • Blood pressure. Flavanols in dark chocolate may improve blood pressure.
  • Heart disease. May reduce heart disease by lowering risk of plaque buildup in arteries.
  • Skin. Flavanols can protect skin from sun damage and improve hydration.

I usually have a small piece of dark chocolate every day. When I was working, I found that it provided a little bump in energy in the afternoon. My favorite little snack was dark chocolate covered orange rind. A local company made them and I was hooked. Much to my dismay, they closed their business.

I also love the dark chocolate orange sticks. Trader Joe’s used to carry some, but they stopped carrying them. Heavy sigh.

When I can’t make it to any of the local chocolate stores, the following is available in most stores. Delicious and fills the need.

But, my absolute favorite dark chocolate is from Seattle Chocolates. Their Orange Appeal Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar is lip-smacking, low moaning good. My preferred method of eating is to just place a small square in my mouth and simply let it melt on its own. Smooth and flavorful.

UPDATE – I am beyond sad; this has been discontinued (per the manufacturer). No wonder I have not been able to find it recently.

Sorry, I have to go enjoy some chocolate – dark chocolate.