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Morning Panic

i am a creature of habit. And when I get something in my head, it must be resolved before I can move on. Today there was a problem. 

The other day I bought some lovely strawberries. They were perfect in morning cereal. I had emptied my cereal box a couple of days ago, but as always I forgot and did not get more cereal. 

Today I am working from home and since last night was anticipating Rice Krispies with strawberries. (Yes, I love Rice Krispies; it is my cereal of choice unless I have granola around). 

I am up early and after a quick shower I head to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Oh no!! No Rice Krispies!! Here is where the panic comes in. If I can’t have cereal, how will I enjoy the strawberries? 

Yes, I know I could eat them without cereal, but Rice Krispies with strawberries has been on the menu since last night. I dreamed of breakfast. (Not really, but I wanted to demonstrate how much I was looking forward to that specific breakfast.)

Aha, I will check my overflow pantry in the garage. Yikes, no cereal where I expect it to be. Panic level rises. And then I spot the blue and white box in an odd spot. 

🎶🎶 Hallalulah 🎶🎶 as my panic level is abated. 

To celebrate the discovery of the missing cereal, I decided to not only put extra strawberries in the bowl, but to also top it off with a banana. 

 Personally, I prefer these minor panic attacks over nonconsequential things as opposed to major attacks over critical issues. Thus I am enjoying strawberries, bananas, and Rice Krispies. And Rice Krispies is now on the grocery list. 

More Planting

Time to finish up all the planting, or at least all that I am willing to do now. 

Here are some of the planter boxes by the lower deck.  I just had drip lines put in for them. However, the planters were flooding with too much water. Thus the drip lines are not in the planters right now.  

 I planted one big tomato plant. Look it already has baby tomatoes on it!

 And one cherry tomato plant.   Both tomato plants sit in full sun and will have to be hand watered every day. 

Then there are a couple of planters on the upper deck that will also have to be hand watered.    

 Because I cannot handle any heat at all, I was out planting at 6:00 in the morning. Glad that is done!!  At least until I think I need more flowers. 

Sunni (the tabby) was into bathtub inspection mode, while Miko (the Balinese) supervised. 

I just hope they didn’t find anything wrong — or alive.    



If you wish to hire this team, call 1.800.BATHCAT. Reasonable pricing. 

It’s Planting Time

Yup, the snow is off the mountain; no more freeze in the morning. Guess it is time to start planting!!

But before we plant, we must fuel. Here is a picture of the most delicious waffle on earth. Vegan pumpkin waffle with chai butter and syrup. This is becoming a Sunday morning thing with Daughter.   

So now that we are fueled (and full), it is off to grandma’s house. We planted purple petunias in her planter boxes, as we do every year.   

Then back to my house to plant pretties along the upper deck. (Sheesh, the deck rails are looking a little worn.)



Isn’t this an unusual petunia?


Ended up planting over 100 annuals, and there are at least six more planters to pretty up. Next weekend will be busy. 

Caturday – Best Buds

Sunni and Miko ( the hairy beast) enjoy a little nap on the couch and some mail.   

It’s Trivia Time

I love trivia! Little facts that are inconsequential, but are interesting little snippets.  

For example, what is the smallest city that serves as a state capitol for a U.S. state?


My work place recently held a trivia contest while supporting a local charity. I am proud (though a bit disappointed) that my team came in third. 

My team prepared by playing Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Crack, and various online games. One of my favs is FunTrivia. 

And because it’s a fav, I decided to create my own little daily trivia tournament within FunTrivia.

Please join in. My brother has a private tournament that I have been playing for a while. It is non-intrusive, meaning you don’t get any annoying emails just because you joined up. 

BTW, if you guessed Montpelier, Vermont, you are correct!!

Mommed Out-Part 3

After a lovely breakfast and then furniture moving, Daughter and I decided we needed something good for the soul. So off we headed to a local garden and conservatory. 

Since it is only mid-May, the big garden area is plain Jane right now. No color.   

However, the conservatory was open. I took so many pictures, that I combined them into a few collages. 


The cactus garden was a visual treat as many of the cacti were in bloom. 

We then wandered outside through the gardens. Every plant has an identifying nameplate so if you see something you like, you know what it is. This is what I want.   

The bumble bees were out in full force doing their job. Some were big fat buzzers.   

Afterwards, we went back to Daughter’s apartment. It was only 11:00. We both needed to do laundry so I told Daughter she could bring some of hers to my house and we could combine loads. 

With laundry in the works, we both settled down to read and nap the rest of the day. At some point I threw a peach-huckleberry pie in the oven. 

So there you have it; the mommed out adventures for 2015. It was as good as it gets. Thank you Daughter!❤️


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