Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The cat that blinks first gives up the sun puddle.   

Cough Cough

Today is so much better than yesterday. Today I can breath without coughing. Yesterday, not so much. 

Smoke from multiple wildfires in northern Washinton state blanketed the area (Eastern Washington).       Smoke even seeped into the building where I work. It got so bad, some people left early. Me included as the inside of my house was smoke free. 

The news reported a nasty air quality index of 287. But a couple of hours later, it peaked at 330 – hazardous!

Most outdoor activities were cancelled, including the city’s minor league baseball game. It was supposed to be fireworks night, but the fireworks part had already been cancelled due to winds and extreme fire danger. Now the game will be played today and it is Wildfire Relief Community Night

This is a nightmare. There are so many fires. Firefighters have died, many homes have burned. Several small towns have been evacuated. Roads are closed. And it is only August. 

Please send good thoughts to the Pacific Northwest. And RAIN!  Lots of RAIN!  (No wind or lightning though). 

Best excuse ever on why I can’t make the bed today. 


Miko, the Balinese, had her yearly checkup. She was ready to hit the road.   

And then I ruined the experience by stuffing her head down, zipping her in, and taking her to the vet. 

She survived. 

A Peach of a Day

Today has been very busy — at least the morning was. 

I got up early and Daughter and I were downtown at our favorite Sunday meeting place. Yup, it was pumpkin waffle time. (Sorry, we ate too fast.) We had a 9:30 pedicure appointment, but we’re early. So we did a quick stop at Target to grab a few items. Still too early, so a speedy car wash sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately there were technical difficulties. Yay, all fixed in 5 minutes. An artistic display on my front windshield!  Whew, we made it to the pedicure only 1 minute late. When we were almost done, a woman and 3 children (1 was of age) came in. She was getting married in a few days and was celebrating with mimosas!  She asked if we too (and everyone else in the nail salon) would like a mimosa. And she asked my 24 year old daughter if she was old enough. Thanks for checking!  We ended up sipping mimosas (just OJ for the kids) until nail polish was dry. 

Here are our toesies! Cute, huh? After that, we headed to a local farming community to get some fresh fruit and veggies. Blackberries, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, and… peaches!  Of course we taste-tested 5 different varieties before selecting sweet pea peaches. I also got a peach milk shake made with hard ice cream and fresh peaches. As soon as we got home, Daughter sliced up a peach. Extremely good.  And then I added some to my infuser bottle.  It is not even noon and we are all exhausted and pretty much done for the day. But what a peach of a day it has been!

Fire Pictures

A couple of weeks ago there was a nasty fire by Bayview, Idaho, by Pend Oreille lake.  A work colleague was at their vacation home at the time the fire broke out. They had to evacuate and watch as everything burned. It wasn’t until 3 days later they were allowed back in the area. There home was ok, but a structure burned a mere 120 yards from their property. 

He provided these scary photos. Not sure where he got the one from the plane, but it sure shows the fire from a different view. Since the fire was close to the lake’s shoreline, fire boats were being used.            

Wow! Great photos, so I had to share. 

Not much going on around here, but here is a little update. 

Yum, fresh tomatoes. I was craving a BLT when I saw this tomato that needed plucking.   Alas, I did not have any bacon. So I jumped in the car to bring home the bacon (literally).  On the way home I was craving ice cream. I was jumping the gun by a day. Sunday, June 19 is National Ice Cream Day. So I did my part and stopped at Dairy Queen to get a peanut buster parfait. 

By the time I finished that giant treat, I was too full to make my BLT. Oh well. 

Today is Sunday and I often make a crockpot meal that lasts several days. So I froze the bacon and am whipping up sweet and sour chicken.  When done, I will have at least four meals. And I also have some spring greens so I can enjoy the tomato on a little salad. 

I recently ordered several items from Amazon. The cats were dancing in joy after seeing all the boxes. Miko was especially ecstatic, though this picture could not contain her excitement.   And there of course there are the mundane chores to be done on Sunday. It is so hot, I have been drying clothes outside. It is in the mid-90s, so they will be dry soon.   Oh, and I did my nails. Sparkly polish for me.   

Now I am just lying around alternating reading and watching Seinfeld on Hulu. I had forgotten that it is a great show about nothing. 

Tomorrow it is back to the grind. But I have meals prepared and clean clothes. 


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