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Embroidery Fiasco

Last Friday I went to a sewing class. I had several cute machine embroidery designs that I wanted to stitch onto onesies.

My first stitch out was horrible. Because the onesie is so small, I reduced the design size so it would fit. Now the design is 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches. Kinda small. Unfortunately I forgot to reduce the stitch density. When done, it was so thick that I broke a needle! Here it is in all its ugliness.
So then I tried a different design. Still small on the onesie. This time I remembered to reduce the stitch density. It came out a bit better, but I am still not thrilled with the end result.
I was so disappointed in the results that I waited one week before I even unpacked my machine. So tonight I tried it again. I stitched the first design at its regular size (3.5 inches x 3.5 inches). It came out much better.
I am not overly thrilled about it though. It is still quite bulky and not filled in and as clean looking as the bunny design I did earlier.
I think that is because of all the overstitching. So I am going to try a few more, but use designs from a different company. The bunny design was from company A. The other two designs that I am unhappy with are from company F. I hope I have better luck with a different design company.

Stay tuned!

On Sunday, Daughter and I went to a movie. Because she is an avid runner, we decided to see McFarland, USA.

This movie is based on a true story of the struggle to develop the boys cross-country team in a tiny farming town.

Kevin Costner plays the coach, if that might sway you to see this little gem.

I am biased as the mother of a cross-country runner. This picture from the movie brought back many memories of standing on the sidelines, cheering for my runner.
And if you are still undecided about seeing the movie, know this. At the end of the movie, in a packed theater, the audience erupted into applause. Yup, it happened. Go see if it occurs at your theater.

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Miko who?
Me konna getcha!

I decided to actually stitch out that bunny that you saw the other day.

It was a comedy of errors because I have forgotten everything!! I had to look up how to thread the darn machine. Thank goodness for a well-written user guide (and that is quite an endorsement from a person who writes user guides for a living).

If you have never seen an embroidery machine do its thing, check out these videos.

This one shows the beginning of the stitching.

This video shows the end of the stitching; outlining and little details.

Here is the final stitched out design.
The back shows a few little errors. But this will be completely covered up, so no worries.
And of course none of this would have been possible without supervision from Miko.

Stay tuned for more; I am going to a class on Friday.

Swimming Anyone?

My daughter was down by the river today and here are some spectacular pictures she took.
Kind of impressive, right? Well, no need to worry as the river is at 24.85 feet, a bit more than two feet below flood stage. And the flow peaked two days ago. Now it is at 21.6 kcfs (thousand cubic feet per second).

Definitely an earlier runoff than seen in previous years. Weather has been warm and rainy. Sorry California (for the water) and the New England states (for warm weather and no snow).

Apparently this is how we roll in eastern Washington state — weather-wise, that is.

As you may remember, I am gearing up for machine embroidery. Since I recently got my embroidery machine serviced, I was ready for the next step.

I found and installed some free embroidery software that lets me size, rotate, and change the position of designs. Nothing fancy, but it is needed so I can grab designs from the Internet. However, once I do that on the laptop, I have to be able to download the design files to my embroidery machine.

I have a newer laptop than the one I used many moons ago, so I was a bit concerned about getting the serial port-to-USB drivers set up correctly. Check out this setup. Sheesh!
Once I got my laptop communicating to my machine, I just had to run a test to make sure I could download the designs.

Here is the design on my laptop. Cute little bunny.
And here is the design on my embroidery machine. The dark part is the first section that will be stitched.

Yes indeedy, the design is one I got from the Internet, them transferred to my machine. Do I hear a Woot Woot?!?

Hopefully I will actually get this stitched out on something this week. I am going to take a little machine embroidery class on Friday. I want to have actually tried some stitching before then so I will know where I need assistance.

My next step will be to install some old software that will actually let me create and manipulate designs to a fuller degree. And hopefully I can find my old design files from several years ago. I know I saved them off to a CD – somewhere.

It is all systems go!


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