Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I am a Harry Potter fan and also a Bruno Mars fan. Bruno’s latest, Uptown Funk, is often running through my brain. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a parody of Uptown Funk with a Harry Potter twist.

And in case you need the original for comparison, here it is: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.

Beware of the Shredder

The Shredder (AKA Miko, the Balinese cat) has been seen in the vicinity of my home.

The following evidence seems to indicate an uptick in the Shredder’s activity level.
Keep your doors paper products locked up.

And don’t let the Shredder’s innocent look fool you. She is cunning, sneaky, and excels at undercover work.
You have been warned.

Thread Wars

Finally — FINALLY — my embroidery machine is working the way it should. I had to take it in to the repair dude (a different one than before) and he fixed everything. He even removed the little broken needle tip that was stuck inside.

Now that the machine is working, I need to get my thread supply under control. A lot of machine embroidery uses subtle thread color changes to get the desired output. I have been working on updating my stash for colors I need and then organizing the threads too.
I am not certain, but I think the thread has won this round. What is your opinion?

Anyway, I stitched out a baby bib so the letter “M” appears as plaid. (The baby’s name starts with “M.”).
I also found a sweatshirt of my daughters. So I stitched a tree on it. The center around the tree appears a bit darker because it is slightly damp. I used a wash-away stabilizer.
I believe I am on a roll now that everything appears to be working properly. Baby stuff to finish, and a little top for my niece’s daughter. Stay tuned for the results.

By the way, both men and women’s basketball teams have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Woot woot Gonzaga University!

Mom 2, Daughter 2

It has been a strange week with lots of ups and downs. So let me start the countdown.

Last Saturday, Daughter asked me to go apartment hunting with her. Her current apartment lease is up at the end of April. She can’t wait to move out due to sketchy neighbors. (More on that later.)
We looked at one place that had a lot of character. However, it also had a lot of grime. I asked the showing agent when they were going to clean it and she said they already had. Another indication of “not the right place” was the parking situation. There was a large carport for four cars. There were two cars taking up the space for four cars. Inconsiderate tenants.

Daughter was a bit distraught because she could not find what she wanted. She had a list of must haves, nice to haves, and a budget. My kid is very budget conscience — thank goodness! She had looked at others, and even applied to a couple of places, but it didn’t work out. I tried to tell her to have patience and the perfect place is still out there.

We went to have lunch. The place we wanted to eat at was closed, permanently. Since it was raining and we were in a strip mall, we just looked around and found a little Teriaki place. Great great food!!

We ran a few more errands then went our separate ways. I got very sick that night and was basically sick most of the week. Not fun. Missed 2.5 days of work. But feeling better now.

Daughter found another apartment that had everything on her list. Not only the must haves (safe area, off-street parking, utilities included in rent), but also her nice to haves (A/C, onsite laundry, a bit of character in the building). She got the place!!!

Later that week, she came home from work and the sketchy neighbors (squatters in the house next door) were in their front yard having a loud and violent fight. The guy had the girl on the ground and was beating the crap out of her. Daughter called 911. The police arrived within minutes. The guy was arrested. I am proud of her for stepping up. So many people would just say “none of my business.” She was impressed how calm and nice the police were, even to the arrested dude. Within the past few months, police and ambulance have been at that house for drugs and drug overdoses. So now she cannot wait to get moved out. She is soooo ready to move out, she is paying double rent for one month. And I am excited for her to live in a safer environment.

Here’s where the scoring comes in. I get one point because I told her a year ago that she was moving into a bad neighborhood. Daughter gets one point for realizing that (albeit a year later) and for finding a new place. And she gets one more point for calling the police on the woman-beater.

I bet you are wondering how I earned my second point. Let me tell you.

Spring is officially here and it is time to get snow tires off. Since I stored my daughter’s tires in my garage, she came over today to get them.

Daughter struggled to pick them up and get them in her car. She is an athlete; a running fool. Just this morning she ran 16 miles! And yet she cannot pick up a tire (on wheels). I can pick up and carry a tire with one hand. I am 63 and she is 23. I couldn’t run 100 yards, let alone 16 miles. But I can pick up a tire with one hand.

And that is why the score is Mom 2, Daughter 2.

Sunni giving Miko a little bath.

Caturday – Laptop Cat

Sunni was sitting next to me while I was using my laptop. I think she was looking for the mouse.

Friday the 13th Success

As you may remember, I have been trying to machine embroider some baby onesies. Have not been too successful yet.

Last week I stopped off at the quilting store and showed them my failures. They immediately said my tension was way off. So I came home, spent several hours fiddling with the tension and double-checking everything else. Did I thread the machine correctly? Was the bobbin threaded correctly? Did I have on clean underwear? Ok, that last one had nothing to do with embroidery.

Today I decided to use some very expensive designs I bought several years ago. They were small enough for onesies. Here is my first try.
Can you recognize a little sheep and a bunny? I still had a few bobbin issues, but for the most part, I think it is okay.

Since I had some success with a mini-design, I thought I would try a larger design — just a bit larger — on a baby bib.
Pretty darn cute! My theory of success, besides being Friday the 13th, is that I was using high quality digitized designs instead of designs I was grabbing here and there on the Internet. And of course the tension was the biggest problem. But even after I fixed the tension, some designs still looked crappy.

So although I love many of the designs I found on the Internet, they just don’t stitch out cleanly for small spaces. They are great for larger size designs though.

But that is all the stitching for this week. I broke a needle (tension problems you know). And when I was trying to get the needle out of the bobbin area, it slid into the bobbin mechanism. I believe that warrants a trip to the sewing machine doctor. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

Oh — another Friday the 13th success was that I met with a retirement counselor. Things are not as bad as I thought they might be. What a relief! Only 2 years and 1 month to go. Yup, I have started the countdown.


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