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Ellie’s Least Favorite Place

Ellie, my petite Siamese, still has blood in her urine. Thus, she had an a appointment with Dr. Sherry today. She pleaded with me to not let Dr. Sherry do those bad things to her.
Dr. Sherry does not really do bad things, but Ellie does not like having a urine sample taken. She (Ellie) let out a typical Siamese yowl while her bladder was being prodded and poked.

Ellie was taken away for a few minutes for a quick blood test. When she came back, she decided to practice her ostrich pose. You know the one–if I can’t see you, then you aren’t there.
Not the best news. Ellie’s BUN (blood urea nitrogen) has gone up again. So Ellie got an antibiotic shot, some sub-cutaneous fluids, and a prescription for special food for kitties with kidney problems.

When we got back home, Ellie got right back into her standard routine. Yup, snuggling on my lap.
We’ll see if she will eat this new food. Trying to have separate food for three cats is an exercise in creative management. Since Ellie is usually on my lap, I decided to feed her on my lap.
Although this is the first feeding, she is gobbling the food down. Hope this helps.

Caturday – Sun Lounging

Today, all the cats are lounging, except Miko. So here they are at their prime.



Sunni (in the mini-tower)


Ellie-chan hogging the sun


Miko (being a every-moving pest)


Caturday Quick Shots





Caturday – Sissyfur Love

Ellie, the Siamese, is very petite and almost 9 years old. Miko, the Balinese, is a big girl at 10 months old. Although there is a significant age difference, they are inseparable.
The following photo demonstrates the size difference.
These two sissyfurs are always together. At the scratching post…
In the cat house…
On the watchtower…
But especially when it comes to grooming…
What’s not to love?!

Caturday – A Day Late

Miko, the 9 month old Balinese, does like a box. This one was unpacked and on the floor for about 1 minute before it was occupied.

Ellie loves to sit on my lap. And sometimes (read always) she curls up and is so just adorable.

There is a new kitty in my extended family. Meet Strawberry, my brother’s new baby.
And because she’s so stinking cute, here’s another shot.

Lazy Caturday

Although it is early afternoon, everyone here is down for a siesta.

MeiMei is in the top cat tower, relaxing on her back.
Sunni is in the cubby hole at the bottom of the cat tower. 20131228-131310.jpg
Ellie is snoozing on her microwave heated disc in the corner. 20131228-131432.jpg
Miko likes being in the middle of everything, so she is on the couch.

Hmmm… Should I do laundry or be like the cats? Guess I will do both; start laundry and then relax until it is done.

UPDATE: Fireplace providing toastiness, so three out of four decided to move.
Hope you are having a relaxing Caturday too.

The Two-Headed Cat

Introducing Ell-ko, the two- headed cat. That’s Ellie on the top of the frame and Miko on the bottom of the frame.