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Morning Panic

i am a creature of habit. And when I get something in my head, it must be resolved before I can move on. Today there was a problem. 

The other day I bought some lovely strawberries. They were perfect in morning cereal. I had emptied my cereal box a couple of days ago, but as always I forgot and did not get more cereal. 

Today I am working from home and since last night was anticipating Rice Krispies with strawberries. (Yes, I love Rice Krispies; it is my cereal of choice unless I have granola around). 

I am up early and after a quick shower I head to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Oh no!! No Rice Krispies!! Here is where the panic comes in. If I can’t have cereal, how will I enjoy the strawberries? 

Yes, I know I could eat them without cereal, but Rice Krispies with strawberries has been on the menu since last night. I dreamed of breakfast. (Not really, but I wanted to demonstrate how much I was looking forward to that specific breakfast.)

Aha, I will check my overflow pantry in the garage. Yikes, no cereal where I expect it to be. Panic level rises. And then I spot the blue and white box in an odd spot. 

🎶🎶 Hallalulah 🎶🎶 as my panic level is abated. 

To celebrate the discovery of the missing cereal, I decided to not only put extra strawberries in the bowl, but to also top it off with a banana. 

 Personally, I prefer these minor panic attacks over nonconsequential things as opposed to major attacks over critical issues. Thus I am enjoying strawberries, bananas, and Rice Krispies. And Rice Krispies is now on the grocery list. 


Strawberry Fields Forever – Part 2

Because of our strawberry addiction (read Strawberry Fields Forever-Part 1 here), having yummy red nuggets available year-around is a requirement.

Yes, we could buy frozen berries at the store, but why bother when they can already be part of the family in our very own freezer.

Starting in June, we place our orders for Klicker strawberries. This year, we started with a 20 pound pail. Because of the addiction, we gobbled them down and didn’t even have any to freeze.

So we purchased another pail and at least got a few bags frozen. By now, satiated with the berry, we were able to look to the future. Holy Berry (not Halle Berry), we didn’t have enough frozen berries to even get through fall let alone an entire winter! Thus another pail was ordered and received last Saturday.

After a quick baking of angel food cake to taste test the berries, the freezing process was ready to begin.

We like placing about 1-1/2 cops of berries in a quart freezer bag. This is usually enough for about 1 week of smoothies. Thus we needed many bags filled.

As Seen on TV had a little bag holder that might help, so I tried it out.


Success! I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and effectiveness. Having filled over 20 bags, there was nary a spill.

Squeeze the air our, lay them flat, and load them in the freezer.


Of course, there are still enough berries left in the frig for one more week of fresh berry heaven. I am prepared to take on the task!!

Strawberry Fields Forever – Part 1

I am stained and chockful of redness. Redness that comes from strawberries.


Daughter makes a strawberry smoothie every day. That is her energizer quickie. She uses strawberries, bananas, and yogurt. All except strawberries we can get throughout the year. So I have always stocked up on berries in the summer, freezing them for future consumption.

Since Daughter has been basically gone for several years, I have gotten out of that summer chore. But now she is home for a year and the strawberry smoothies have been calling her name.

Although it is very convenient to head up to a U-Pick field and gather our own gems, we have come to appreciate Klicker strawberries. In reality, we are addicted to them.

To read about Klicker’s, click here. Haha, pun intended. Seriously, not only are Klickers mouth-watering tasty, but I buy them cleaned and sliced. So easy to just grab a scoop and plop them on whatever you are having.

Here are some of my favs.

  • cereal (Rice Krispies, granola, oatmeal)
  • waffles or pancakes
  • fruit salad (great with canteloupe)
  • spinach salad (just toss in some strawberries for color and flavor)
  • lemonade (again, just toss in some berries and enjoy)
  • ice cream
  • milk shakes (yum)
  • strawberry shortcake
  • angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream (my fav)


Sorry, I have to go eat some strawberries. More in the upcoming Strawberry Fields Forever – Part 2.

Lions, Tigers, and Berries, Oh My!

Today was all about having fun with company.  The Mom (daughter of old college friends; yes, I said old); her two daughters: MickeyD (age 8 ) and Stinky Pants (pertaining to her attitude, age 3).

First, we went to  an animal sanctuary which rescues and houses rejected big cats and other wild animals. They also train zoo keepers. The big lion, Sambo, was one of the MGM movie lions, appeared in a few commercials, and is quite the character. Visitors can actually feed them. From this video, you can see that every precaution is taken to protect the feeder so they don’t become the food.

Twelve years ago, last January, four little tigers were born. Two months later they were introduced to visitors at the animal sanctuary.  I attended a birthday party for my daughter’s friend and we all got to pet these little 2-month old tiger cubs. Three out of those four cubs have survived and are still at the sanctuary. Here is Xena, the only girl, and definitely the boss over her two brothers.

Xena the bengal tiger

Now the girls (MickeyD and Stinky Pants) rode the panther. Not real of course, but as close as they are going to come to a big cat.

Panther girls

Afterwards, we decided to go pick strawberries. Obviously, some people pick more than others.

Mom and Daughter

Stinky Pants and the Berry

MickeyD picking

Looked at how many I picked!

Exhausted, we all took naps (except MickeyD) when we got home.
As part of my housecleaning, my daughter is getting rid of her Beanie Babies. So I let MickeyD and Stinky Pants pick through them and see what they wanted. This little snippet is typical of 3-year-old behavior. Watch when Stinky Pants finds a seal and a manatee, decides which one to keep, and then the final decision.

And to top it off, we had pizza for dinner. Now that is a fun day!!!!

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawbery Fields Forever. Rats, I couldn’t cross out the Fields in the title.

Am busy doing the weekend chores, but just had to share the strawberries!  Angel food cake is in the oven, but could not wait.  Here’s what heaven looks like:

These are the famous Klicker strawberries from the Blue Mountains of south central Washington state. You can buy them by the pound; they are cleaned, washed, and sliced. Sweetest berries on earth, with no sugar added!