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Thank Goodness It’s Blue Friday!

Yup, Blue Friday, not Blue Monday where you might be sad or down in the dumps. This is the Seattle Seahawks Blue Friday where you support the Hawks by wearing Seahawk blue!!

Yes, the 12th man is loud and proud. And we love our team. I have to get a my chores done on Saturday so I can watch the Super Bowl without guilt.

Guess I better get started tonight.


Seahawks – Super Bowl Bound!!


There is nothing more to say!!

Here Kitty Kitty

That is the cry of Seattle Seahawk fans as the Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers tonight 31-17.
Guess my kitties heard me when I was yelling “here kitty, kitty.” And they are so well trained, they responded. This is how I watched the game


As I get older it is harder to recover from things. And in this case, I am referring to recovering from a two week vacation and returning to work. Thus the Thank God It’s Friday.

It was perhaps a bit more difficult due to family issues last week. Although Daughter had her own place, she has been staying with me for most of my vacation. She has not been feeling well and had wanted some mama pampering.

Daughter had to have a colonoscopy last week. Although the test results were positive (meaning good news), the test itself did not go well.

So I had to put on my mama-nurse hat and try to fix her food that will not make her sick — which should always be an objective. We stayed home and perfected the routine of reading and napping.

The kitties were very excited to have more than one lap on which to sleep. Miko was especially glad to spend some quality time with big sis.
When Monday rolled around, I worked from home due to bad weather and road conditions. And then I picked up a bit of the sniffles. Or should I say the sneezers. The cats hate me. Just when they get comfortable on my lap, I sneeze several times and disturb everyone — within a one mile radius.

Hopefully my current sneeze fest will not create problems on Saturday while I watch the Seattle Seahawks kick some Panther butt.

Seahawks Sunday!! (Update 1)

Today is the 48th Super Bowl and the Seattle Seahawks are gonna bring the boom!
Daughter usually works on Sunday, but worked a double shift on Saturday so she has this day off. Thus I am planning a vegan spread to devour during the game.

  • Pita chips with hummus dip.
  • Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce. Non-dairy mozzarella cheese if desired.
  • Fruit salad (apples, pineapple, bananas, strawberries, oranges)
  • Brownies

And the most important ingredient, cheering on the Seahawks!

Update (almost half-time) with Seahawks leading 22-0.
First half munching with chips & dip, and fresh fruit salad. Yum and hurray!



Seahawks Super Bowl Bound!!


Sunday Football

UPDATE: Seahawks win!

When I was growing up, I watched football games with my mom; not my dad, my mom. For the Rose Bowl games I would plot each play on huge sheets of paper. At the end of the game, or a day or year later, I could look at that paper and see each play.

My love of football was anchored in the 1970’s when I cheered on George Blanda of the Oakland Raiders. Game after game, George’s quarterback and kicking skills provided the win. And Fred Biletnikoff was also on my list.

As I got older, I retained my love of football. I was lucky enough to attend a couple of Miami Dolphin games when Dan Marino was their quarterback.

Then came motherhood and I didn’t have time to watch football. Although I rarely watch TV anymore, this year I have been trying to watch me some football.
And my team is the Seattle Seahawks!! Today they play the evil San Francisco 49ers for the NFC championship. The winner goes to the Super Bowl.

Although I live in eastern Washington (Seattle is 300 miles to the west), Seahawk fever is strong!

  • Starbucks sold 12 cents cups of coffee last Friday for customers wearing Seahawk colors (blue and green).
  • Albertsons (my favorite grocery store) gives customers a 10% discount when they wear Seahawk clothing on game day.
  • A 12th man flag is now hanging from the clock tower in Riverfront Park. The 12th man is Seattle’s way of representing the fans; the 12th man on the field.


Where will I be on Sunday, January 19?
Watching the Seahawks wend their way to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Go hawks!