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Redone – almost

Last fall I redid the floors upstairs in kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and stairs. 

In April, I redid the living room floors. Bought a new couch and a small area rug. 

My old coffee and end tables did not look so great with the new floor.   

So I busted out some chalk paint.  

And then applied dark wax. Here’s a pic with most of the table top with the dark wax. It made quite a difference.   

It went well with the hutch also in the living room. This pic has a shelf piece from the hutch.   

Since the first end table turned out so nice, I proceeded to do the others.

But now the blue lamps are out of place with the teal couch. Yay for spray paint. (Ignore all the crap in the background. I wish I could.)  

And now — Voila!  

Of course, you must note the model cat. She goes well with the flooring. 

So now I just have to repaint the frame of a new little chair. 

Caturday — Copycat

In a picture posted in an earlier post this week, Miko was atop her spy tower.   Now, Sunni is copying her method and has also adopted the nightstand as her spy tower.   Too bad for both of them as Pinky the nightstand is going to Daughter’s home today. 

Pinky the Nightstand

Daughter needed some sort of nightstand behind her bed. She wanted to read in bed, but didn’t want to get up to turn off the overhead light. 

Voila, something that is the right size and even better than the right price was that it was very inexpensive. Kind of ugly though. And quite dirty.   

So off to Home Depot to get a pint of paint so I could make my own chalk paint. Daughter picked pink. 

After scrubbing off the filth, I applied the first coat of pink chalk paint. After that was dry, I applied the second coat. 


Very pink and a bit boring. So I thought I should try out a little dry brushing with white chalk paint. Not too bad for my first time. 


Now comes a couple of coats of wax on, wax off. Miko has officially approved. 

 See the little 8-drawer box in the background? That’s my next little project. Stay tuned.