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Sunni’s 10 M Poop Dash

How Toilet Training the Cats Provides Cardio Exercise

My youngest kitty, Sunni, has not fully grasped the use of the toilet for her #2 business. Very good at hitting the john for # 1. And MeiMei is a star pupil who does both as expected. But this little story is about Sunni.

While toilet training the cats, I have noticed that Sunni has often been reluctant to poop in the toilet. I can usually tell when she needs to go though as she does this little chirping sound and is quite restless. When this occurs, I keep an eye on her because I now know what the issue is.

Yesterday Sunni did not poop at all; not in the toilet nor elsewhere in the house (thank goodness). So I knew there would be some intestinal activity this morning. When I got up, Sunni immediately went in the cat bathroom (how frigging spoiled are they?) and dutifully peed. She received her bonita flakes treat and then it was MeiMei’s turn. Success.

Within a minute, Sunni was chirping like crazy. I would pick her up and put her on the pot (just like potty training a child). But no go — literally.  Sunni would jump down, run upstairs and start pawing at the carpet in the living room. I would follow her (running up the stairs too), and attempt to grab her. She’d run her little route through the living room, in one corner, under the stool, behind the papasan chair, to another corner, and then I would catch her. I carry her back downstairs to the toilet and place her on the pot.

Of course, she would not do anything except chirp, jump down, and start the whole  10 meter dash again — with me hot on her tail. After a couple of rounds of this, I could tell she was getting a little frantic so I made sure I was right there to catch her. At last, I placed her on the pot and voila!!

I ran up and down the stairs several times, around the living room several laps, and bent and stretched multiple times. The Sunni 10 M Poop Dash certainly got me up and moving for the day. What a way to kick-start the day!

Will probably do it again tomorrow morning, and the next, and the next….

Can’t wait until this race is over and done with.


MeiMei’s Photo Album

I was cleaning up my phone pictures and loading them onto my laptop. And I rediscovered all these cute pixs of my little MeiMei. So here’s a photo-ography of the kitty (currently 16 months old and doing a great job with the toilet training).

MeiMei's first day home. What a little whiner!

MeiMei helping me work. I think she likes being close to the mouse.

Just stretching those muscles. Computer work (like chasing that mouse) cramps her style.

That Comcast cable box is so toasty warm, with a little router for a pillow. How can life be better than this?

Loves climbing to great heights! And frightening mom in the middle of the night. (No wonder mom has nightmares.)

Getting comfy on top of the drying rack. And she can watch everything from up high.

Toilet Training the Cats #5

Sunni investigating the small opening

About 9 days ago I opened up the first hole in the CitiKitty tray to introduce the cats to the “toilet” world. That did not go well at all (see the intro here). After about 40 hours, the cats were not using the tray at all and someone (not providing a name to protect the innocent), peed and pooped on the bath rug in the upstairs bathroom.

I was a bit concerned about them not accepting this change and also I was not all that interested in cleaning up, so I decided to replace the cutout. I cleaned up everything and used duct tape to close up the opening. Within 1 minute, MeiMei was up on the toilet and producing a river! After a quick clean up, Sunni did the same thing. Whew, the opening created the problem, and maybe we could get over it.

It took several days before Sunni was convinced that using the toilet again would be OK. After both of them were doing all business in the toilet as desired, I would then consider having a small opening again.

Today was that day. I removed the taped cover for the first hole and taped it back down with just a small opening instead of the original larger opening. Someone has used it a couple of times already this evening. Not sure if Sunni (the cautious one) is involved yet.

Yard sale left-overs

The weekend yard sale was OK; between the two of us, we made a few $$. It was hot (94 F.) and hotter. I guess I’m not a true yard sale person, because I could not understand why people came early (can’t they read the signage that says 9 to 1 ?) and showed up way after 1:00.  But the best was that we both got rid of stuff we didn’t want. Teen girl clothes that did not sell will be taken to the Teen Closet, a local organization to provide clothing to foster children. In the past, I had 3 foster kids, so even today, I recognize this enormous need. The rest of the left-overs will go to another organization.

And to end the day, I must share this photo of my daughter (who did not want her picture taken, thus the cover up. I had forgotten the purchase of the t-shirt shortly after Hurricane Andrew. Apparently my daughter found it and wears it. And she was a survivor, so it’s OK.

Surviving Andrew

Toilet Training the Cats # 4

Today was the day to remove the 1st ring in the CitiKitty tray so as to introduce the cats to the first small hole to the actual toilet. Good heavens, you would have thought this tiny opening was the largest sinkhole in the world.

MeiMei is much braver than Sunni and she immediately started a thorough investigation. Walking around the seat and staring into the hole. Apparently that was not good enough so she would dip her paw down the hole. Yikes, did she jump when her paw reached water. And EWWWW  she would then pull her paw out and lick it. I’m telling you right now, that cat’s paw will never touch my face again!

After only a few minutes, MeiMei decided it was all OK and to show her approval, she sprawled across the toilet seat. Hmmm, how does that work if she is supposed to go potty in the same spot? I’m hoping this is not a step backwards. Maybe she is just showing her support; I certainly hope so. She has been very accepting of all the changes so far. Please, please, let it continue!

Then Sunni entered the bathroom and tried to check out the new configuration, but MeiMei was still lounging. Soon, MeiMei got up and showed Sunni the new works. It was as if MeiMei was saying “Now check this out Sunni. Mommy put a hole in out litter tray. Stick your paw down there; it won’t hurt.” I swear MeiMei was snorting in her paw as soon as Sunni freaked out when touching the toilet water.

As the little hole has only been there for about 6 hours, I don’t know the success of this new introduction yet. There is certainly a lot of interest and curiosity, but no actual #1 or #2 deposits yet. Geez — is this what my life has come to? Constantly watching the cats do their business?

Quick Update on Toilet Training the Cats

It has been about 24 hours since I introduce my two cats to CitiKitty in my attempt to toilet train them. I am flabbergasted at how they are doing in such a short time. Is it because I have highly intelligent felines? Maybe I’m the best cat mom around? Could it be that CitiKitty has a system and plan that works?

I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m hoping it is all three. Since last night’s post, MeiMei had used CitiKitty within the first two minutes. Yeah, that MeiMei rocks. But little Sunni was being not quite as adept at grasping the whole concept. When I finally went to bed, she still had not done the deed; she came close twice (actually assuming the position), but no cigar.

You can guess how excited I was this morning to find “treasures” in the CitiKitty tray. Someone (guessing it was MeiMei) had peed and pooped. So I cleaned that up–and by that I mean I flushed it down the toilet–threw in some more flushable litter and an enticing pinch of catnip. MeiMei immediately made a liquid deposit. So once again, I did a quick clean up and went to find Sunni. Sure enough, she was watching the morning routine and when I placed her on the toilet…drum roll please…she let go and peed in the CitiKitty tray. I was so proud, I almost cried (ok, no crying, but I was very happy and proud).

I had an appointment later in the afternoon and didn’t get back until early evening. All felines were piddling in the pot, even Sunni. MeiMei missed the litter and piddled on the back of the toilet seat; bet ol’ SpongeBob as glad I put him somewhere dry. My next statement will sound strange, but am hoping you know where I’m coming from; I would like to see a bit more poop. It’s only been 24 hours, and usually my cats are major poop machines, so I hope they are not hiding things from me.

For now, I am not changing anything and just giving them time to totally become familiar with the new system. I may start trying to get them to at least put their front paws on the toilet seat instead of their current “all in” stance. But that’s as far as I’m going to take it until I see consistent peeps and poops from both of them.

At the end of day one, I say “all systems go” and I mean that literally; # 1 and # 2 in the CitiKitty tray please. DISCLAIMER: All non-felines can safely assume that sentence does not pertain to them.

Toilet Training the Cats #3

Bye bye SpongeBob

Continuing the training as the cats have totally accepting the new flushable litter, tonight I started the real work. I removed their litter box and put the CitiKitty training dish under the toilet seat.

Added a little flushable litter and waited to see who was the first curious kitty. Naturally it was MeiMei.  After a quick sniff,  she grabbed SpongeBob and he almost fell on her. So I removed the little critter (SpongeBob, that is), and taped the lid open.

As the oldest by five months, MeiMei was the first to seriously try it out. I placed her up on the toilet and within two minutes, she did her business (jeez, what kind of euphemism is “doing your business?”). Unbelievable! I gave her a treat and tons of praise, which I’m sure she thought was a tad weird as if I normally follow her around as the potty cheerleader.

Then it was Sunni’s turn. I placed her on the toilet and she did her normal litter scatter act. She assumed the position twice (oh, the anticipation), but never really finished the act. I get the feeling she thinks it is too small. After several other attempts, she still did not do the deed and kind of tried to avoid me and the bathroom.

After a bit, Sunni started hanging out closer to the bathroom, maybe just to check it out for a while. MeiMei tried giving her a pep talk (or encouragement, or something), but still no luck.

MeiMei explaining the new setup to Sunni

Fickle Posting # 1

Today, my mind is all over the place. I can’t concentrate on any single thing; my thoughts are bouncing around like my brain is on a trampoline. And the end result–after an hour of trying to focus–is this myriad of thoughts, comments, pictures, and whatever my brain spits out.

Cool thoughts

Although it is warm where I live (88 F.) today, I was checking out the weather around the U.S.A. So many hot hot days and continual heat waves, I’m glad I’m not in those areas. To let you hot ones know I’m thinking of you, I offer you this hope for the days to come.

Reality TV is getting weirder and weirder. And yet, some of the shows seem to hook me in. For example, I was just bouncing through channels while eating a quick dinner. I came across Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I sometimes watch this show because some of the people are interesting. I’m trying hard not to be too judgemental, but Amy Fisher is such a mess. The episode I saw had her husband (who looks a lot older) really mouthing off and threatening to kill another visitor. And Amy just blubbers continually about how everyone hates her. I feel sorry for her up to a point. (Guess I would not make a good counselor.) And what started it all was a flippant comment by a guest about Amy being a Buttofuoco face shooter. Geez – WTF – and a rude cutting comment. Everyone seems to be a mess and to call on a cliché, it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

After flipping channels again, I came across Tammi Menendez, wife of Erik Menendez, who along with his brother Lyle, was convicted of murdering his parents in 1989.  He has  a life sentence without the possiblity of parole. Now wouldn’t that be the marriage: no conjugal visits, no arguements, basically a life without the spouse. Odd, but apparently commonplace, are the number of pen pal marriages to prison inmates. Richard Ramirez (the Night Stalker) married a pen pal in 1996. I believe he is still married and awaiting appeals, etc. and an execution date.

Mosaic jar with colorful light

The Boys (Oreo and Koko) Taking a Nap

Too many wacky people in my brain right now. I’ll jump to mosaic pictures because I just came across this one. The light shining through the glass is gorgeous.

To end this post–which has no beginning, thus no end–is a picture of my lovely boys, Oreo and Koko. They were best buds and were together with us for about 11-12 years before they both died. Can’t forget them! They both had full names and theme songs (weird huh?). Oreo James and Koko Bean. Oreo’s theme song was from the Wizard of Oz. The song the monkey guards sing: “Oh we love the old one”  in that deep harmony, but we changed it to “Oreo, the old one.” Koko was a tad chubby and had quite the belly at one point. He slimmed down but still had the hanging flab that wobbled back and forth whenever he walked. So his song was Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop which we changed to “Shimmy Shimmy Koko Cat.”

I certainly hope my brain settles down and I can concentrate on a single thought or two. Rocky Road ice cream is calling, so I’m off to make sure Mr. RR knows I have answered the call.