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Caturday – Close Encounter

I recently adopted an older recurs dog, Ziva. Through time and training with the dog to leave it, Sunni and Ziva are starting to have close encounters. 

(Blurry dog tail due to excessive wagging.)


Woofs and Crashes

Last week I had company from out-of-town. Busy weekend running around and getting caught up on everyone’s lives. 

One of the kids–who sometimes thinks she’s a doggy named Buddy–had a deep connection with my dog Ziva. 

A few hours after company left, I was heading out on the back deck. I wasn’t paying attention and my knee gave out going down the stairs. 

 I was incredibly lucky that I just banged things up. The worst was a badly bruised foot. My surgery knee was not seriously hurt, thank goodness. 

So had to skip a few dog training classes due to inability to walk like a normal person. But my foot is slowly getting better. 

Today is National Dog Day. Here is a picture of Ziva working on her tan.   

Here’s to enjoying my woofy and staying upright!

Craft Day

Today was “craft day” with a friend. We spent a couple of hours trying to make progress on projects we started last year.

But first I had to present my favorite doggies with some treats. As always, Blue decided he needed to control who got what. And apparently Blue decided that he got all three treats.


I have been working on a lazy susan for a while. The project stalled because I decided I didn’t like it. So today the goal was to finish the mosaic. I think I may use white grout when it’s time to grout it.


Susan was working on some stained glass pieces that all go together as a hanging piece. Here she is soldering them.


So we both finished what we set out to do! That’s always a good sign.

D is for Dogs

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

If you thought C is for Cats was lame, how about D is for Dogs? But I have a good reason for choosing D is for Dogs. I am currently dog sitting for some friends. My day revolves around my kitty cats in the morning, then hopping over to the doggies to feed them. Work, work, work. After work, I hop back to the doggies. They need a lot of loving with no one around during the day. And then I head home to give loving to the cats–and get lots back in return.

These doggies are HUGE! A boxer, yellow lab, and a golden retriever. They are so fun and rambunctious that I must always be careful to not get in their way when they are roaring around. But I have them trained to sit when I pull up in the car so they can get treats.

Gotta luv doggies!

Blue, Max, and Freddy--the boys!