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Caturday – Weather Cat

A big storm is rumbling through, so Sunni decided to get a better view.   Until the first clap of thunder, then she disappeared. Scaredy cat!


The Two-Headed Cat

Introducing Ell-ko, the two- headed cat. That’s Ellie on the top of the frame and Miko on the bottom of the frame.


Ellie’s “End of Winter” Update

It has been a little over six weeks since Ellie joined the family unit. Things have changed a bit, so thought I would give you (especially for Alyssa) an update.

Ellie must be the sweetest little feline I have ever had the pleasure to know. Don’t misunderstand; I love all my cats, past and present. There is just such a loving vibe from Ellie. It is different from Sunni’s vibe, which is very strong. Sunni melts when she sits in my lap. It’s like she truly sees me as her mama and snuggles very close though only when she wants to. Ellie snuggles when she wants to and when I want her to also. Not sure I have ever seen that in a cat before. It’s like Ellie is more dog-like and does what she can to make me happy.

And speaking of dog-like, here’s this little video of Ellie playing fetch. This seems to be her favorite thing to do. Alyssa (her previous mom) would play fetch with her and Ellie still likes loves to do that. By the way, this video was filmed in the middle of the night when Ellie woke me up wanting to play.
Ellie Playing Fetch

One of the biggest concerns with adopting Ellie was her joining two other cats in the family. We have been working slowly to Ellie’s schedule of introduction as to keep her stress at a minimum. Although Ellie still stays in her safe room when I am at work, she has the run of the house whenever I am home.

It has been Sunni who has shown the most interest in being buddies with Ellie. They have been getting closer and closer these past few weeks.

Sunni keeping a close eye on Ellie while Ellie is in her bed. No hissing or growling, just watching.

Sunni and Ellie catching some zzzzzzzs in the same bed.

The closeness between Sunni and Ellie has been improving each day. One day, I put MeiMei in another room and let Sunni and Ellie have the run of the house. And run they did! Up the stairs, down the stairs, here, there, everywhere.

Ellie and Sunni discussing the rules of playing tag before the fun begins.

When MeiMei enters the picture, Ms Hissypants appears. Mostly, it is MeiMei, but sometimes it is Ellie. I put a calming collar on MeiMei to chill her out a bit and have been spending a lot more loving time with her. I am seeing a bit more acceptance from MeiMei. And Ellie seems to also be more accepting of MeiMei’s presence. When MeiMei starts her hissypants routine, Ellie evaluates the situation and no longer immediately runs under the bed; she takes somewhat of a stance and that seems to give MeiMei a message.  Here’s a little video of one such interaction. Although it seems like MeiMei wins this encounter, Ellie semi-stood her ground and came out to play with Sunni soon after the video. MeiMei ignored everyone.

Meeting of the Hissypants

Ellie Update – Day 6

Ellie is adjusting quite well! She is eating like a real chow hound, using her litter box, scratching on her scratching box, not hiding under the bed when I enter the room, and being a sweetie.

I have been sleeping downstairs in her safe room to contribute to the bonding process. She sleeps with me, sometimes under the covers and sometimes on top of them.

One thing she does with passion is vocalize. It has been many years since my ears have been hit with the Siamese yowling. She has many tones and expresses herself succinctly.

Today I locked up the other cats and opened the door to her safe room. After about 5 minutes she ventured out. After a time, she came back downstairs to check on me.

Since I was obviously getting along without her, she continued exploring upstairs. Immediately she found the 2 favorite spots of the other cats: sitting on the chair under the dining room table, and the cave in the cat tree.



Ellie Update – Day 2

Ellie has been with us for 2 days now and is still getting acquainted with everyone me. I have not introduced her to the other kitties yet, but everyone knows of each others existence.

Today was a very sunny day here, so I opened the blinds so Ellie could take a look. Excuse the dirty windows — it’s winter, ya know!

Ellie likes to sleep all curled up. Here’s a picture of her snuggling up next to me while I was on the computer. That was a nice gesture on her part.

Ellie likes to play with her tail. Here’s a cute video of her doing just that. Ellie Likes Her Tail

Ellie’s previous mom told me that she would ask Ellie if she was sweet and would get an answer. So I tried the same question. Are You Sweet?

And of course I have to give equal time to the others. Here’s Sunni looking cute as ever.

And here’s MeiMei hanging out on the cat tree, as usual.

Comfort for the Cats

Last weekend I decided to try my hand at making a cat hammock. With PVC pipe, connectors, and a little fabric, here’s the result. According to the cats, it’s a hit!



Fickle Friday the 13th

Salary Sour Grapes

This is a true story. Mayor V offered to take a reduction in her yearly salary (from $170K to $100K) so as to help the city budget. After two years of reduced salary, Mayor V was not reelected and is now out of a job. Mayor V now expects the city to pay her the back salary that she knowingly gave up. Also, she expects her pension to be based on the full salary instead of her requested reduced salary; this would provide another $1000/month.

It just so happens Mayor V is a lawyer. What kind of game is being played here? It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this will be. IMHO, since Mayor V, at her own request, gave up the $$, she has no claim to it now.

Cat Xmas Present Goodies

Santa Claws brought a little container of wheatgrass/oatgrass for the kitties to munch on.  Sylvester and Tweety Bird are being admired by two felines. MeiMei and Sunni have thoroughly enjoyed the company and the grass, but I find little grass blades all over the house now.

Preparing for New Meezer

I grew up with Shanghai, a Siamese. She was the first pet I ever had and was my bestest buddy–until about 6th grade when we got a dog. Although as an adult I have had dogs and cats, I have never had the opportunity to be a meezer mommy again. Although Shang was the traditional roundhead (applehead Siamese), I have always wanted a wedgehead Siamese. There is something about the triangle shape of the face that appeals to me at every level. I love that shape and even use it a lot in quilting.

So after looking around for a few months for a wedgehead Siamese to rescue, I found the cat meant for me. Here’s Ellie, a 6-year old Siamese, who will be joining our family (photo courtesy of Alyssa). She’s coming from California on February 2.  Ellie’s current mom and I have talked a lot and we are doing everything possible to make Ellie’s transition as stress-free as possible. I have a few things to get for her and plan to visit the pet store this weekend. Current kitties, MeiMei and Sunni, will like that because I will come home with something for them too.

Ewwww…Udderly Disgusting

When I first saw this dress, it did nothing for me; too pale, too little, I just didn’t particularly care for it. And then I found out it is made of cow nipples. Ewww…looks closely and you’ll see them. I am so grossed out by this dress, but I can’t get it out of my mind. British designer Rachael Freire created the dress out of 3000 cow and yak nipples retrieved from cattle tanneries. She claims she is recycling.

What do you think? I believe I will stick with jeans and a blouse, and will continue to recycle newspaper, cardboard, glass, and plastic. No cows (nor yaks) need to worry about losing any part of their body if we cross each others path.

Ewww…nipple dress…  Sorry to leave you with such thoughts.  Ewwww…