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Bits and Pieces

Whew, I have been busy!


I have had Ziva about 3.5 months now, so here is an update. 

Ziva and I are still going to dog training classes. She is doing excellent!  She walks by my side with a loose leash, sits, lays down, comes when called, stays, jumps through hoops (literally), and mostly leaves everything alone, including other dogs and treats just around to tempt her. 

The two cats have accepted Ziva as a family member and everyone gets along now. The cats sleep on the couch and Ziva sits close by. If she starts bothering Sunni, the cat just swats at Ziva’s nose. 

Ziva loves playing outside – except when it is raining. So I got her a little raincoat. Now she will at least go out in the rain to take care of business. 



Sleeping in is sooooo nice! I am reading a lot and even finding time to get some cooking/baking done. 

Above is some apple monkey bread I just made. Easy to make and tasty. 

I try to plan things for each day. Some days are really busy. For example, today I did some laundry, paid bills, got a flu shot, quick stop at drug store, put gas in the car, and grabbed a pizza.  

And because today was a nice day – meaning it was not raining – I worked outside, preparing for winter. I have a flowering thundercloud plum tree that was damaged in some strong winds last May. Last week another wind storm was predicted and I got worried. The tree was leaning towards the house. So a friend stopped by with a saw and we lopped off the branches. 

The branches will be cut into smaller sections and hauled off soon. But today, I cut off some of the smaller branches and put them in my yard waste bin. 

Yup, retirement is hard work!  

Retirement Notes #1

Since I retired six weeks ago, many people have asked How do you like retirement?

I have not been able to describe it because most of that time has been spent recovering from knee surgery. However, here are a few things I have noticed. 

  • Increase in dirty dishes. Of course, because I now eat all meals at home instead of grabbing breakfast and lunch at work.
  • Fewer miles driven in car. This was expected since my work commute was 52 miles round trip. But I didn’t think about the lower gas mileage I am now getting. Little jaunts around town reduce my previous highway driving miles/gallon. Oh well. 

  • Shopping on weekdays is less crowded and less stressful.  Doing errands, such as grocery shopping and banking, is so less crowded on a weekday than right after work or on a weekend. Thus takes less time too. 

I am sure more observations will be coming as I settle in to the glory days!

    One More Day

      Wednesday is my last day at work. Retirement, here I come!

      So of course I have been cleaning out my cube/desk. It is amazing what one accumulates after 23 years.  

      This little magnet was my favorite though. My daughter was maybe 2.5 years old when it was taken.    

      Time has flown by since I made the decision to retire. Performing “brain dumps” to the person taking over some of my work has helped. And a little retirement party with the best cake!  

      So here’s to retirement. You might be jealous — or at least that is what everyone is telling me.