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Cats (1) – Me (-175)

A few weeks ago I came home and landed on the recliner. I felt it was a sign to take a little cat nap. 

In the meantime, I had to answer the phone. Since I have an old phone that doesn’t sync up with my hearing aids, I just take them out to answer the phone. 

And that’s what I did that day. However, I put them on the little side table instead of holding them like I usually do. 

I got off the phone and fell asleep. When I woke up I remembered my hearing aids. Uh oh. The right one was missing (the one that goes in my right ear). I recall hearing the cats playing with something while I was asleep. 

Damn cats. It’s not as if they don’t have any toys.  Anyway, I spent several days tearing the house apart, looking for the hearing aid. No luck, but I did find 12 pencils under the stove!

Today, I picked up my replacement hearing aid. Even with insurance, it cost $175.  Thus the title of this blog. Cats 1 expensive hearing aid and me out $175. 

So what did I learn?

  • Don’t trust the cats. 
  • Everything in its place. 
  • And little hearing aid boxes all over the house in case I take them out for just a second. 

 And did I mention don’t trust the cats!

Caturday – Sunbeam Sunni

Although it was cold, the sun was shining through the windows. Sunni, a very thoughtful feline, shared the sunbeam with her mousie toy.

Caturday – Cheap Cat Toys

I accidentally dropped the plastic covering for toilet roll packaging. All the cats immediately had to investigate. Miko is by far the lead investigator. MeiMei bullies her way into the scene. Poor Miko.