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Outing, then Rest

Today my daughter came by to do some laundry. I asked if she would take me to the grocery store. 

After a bit of adjusting–car seat all the way back and me lifting myself half up onto the seat back–I was able to get my straight leg into her car. 

A bit of grocery shopping, a quick stop to buy a tomato plant, and then home again, jiggity jig (ha, I can barely walk let alone do even a bad jig).

That was the first outing since surgery and now my knee is protesting.  Thus the “rest” part. 

It’s a lovely day in the mid-70s, so perfect for an outdoor rest. 


Ice Ice Baby

Day 4 after knee surgery and my motto is elevate and ice.


And since it is in the mid 90s here, ice is always welcome.

Pain is semi-tolerable, but I eased off pain meds when I got quite nauseous. Nothing worse than vomiting when you can’t make it to the vomitorium in a timely manner.

Feeling better today so just eating toast and drinking fluids. Here’s to a better recovery!

It’s a Sign!

I was driving to work for my very last day. And I got a flat tire.  Not just a low tire pressure warning, but the thunka-thunka kind of flat tire.  Thank goodness for AAA. I had the spare on and made it to my very last day at work only one hour late. 

Was the flat tire a sign? Oh yeah. No more 52 miles round trip drive to work. 

I had an appointment at the end of the day, so could not get the flat fixed that day. Never fear as I planned to get it done first thing the next morning.  My knee surgery was planned for the afternoon so morning was a good time to deal with it. 

But alas, plans changed. I got a phone call at 7:30 in the morning asking if I could come in earlier for surgery.

“When?” I asked. 

“How soon can I get here?” they responded. 

So instead of getting the tire fixed and doing a few last minute things, I was in surgery at 10:15. Way earlier than the previously planned 3:30. 

Now I am getting ready to take another pain pill and sink back into oblivion.

(BTW –  I had to reread this post and make several edits. If there are errors, I plead WUI – writing under the influence.)

Seven More Working Days

I can barely control my enthusiasm. There are only seven more working days left before I have surgery on my right knee. 

Then I will be on short-term disability while things heal. And the best part:  I then officially retire and end my career. 

Having worked at the same place for 23+ years, I am hanging up my “Cube, Sweet Cube” plaque. 

So the countdown begins. (Actually, I have been counting down for several months.)

So many things to do in preparation for surgery and retirement. Guess I better start on a list. 

Two Days Post-Op

It has been an interesting 48 hours. On surgery day, I received a phone call at 6:30 a.m. Moving my surgery up by 2 hours. And when I went to check in, they hustled me through pre-op and I was on my way to surgery in 30 minutes. 

The last thing I remember was scooting from the gurney to the operating table. Then, bam, I am out. 

Woke up in a fog and got some pain meds. Big bulky knee brace on from lower calf to high thigh. Black is not my color!

Not really sure what the above picture entails, but I like the snipping tool in use. 

I was ready to leave in an hour. How fun is it trying to use a toilet when you cannot bend your left knee? Or trying to put on pants?  

It was rush hour and snowing when my daughter picked me up. An hour to drive 12 miles. When I got home, I shuffled in about 2 inches of snow to get in the house. 

Plopped myself in the recliner with my left leg elevated and basically slept for the next 36 hours. Up every 4 hours for pain meds and little exercises. So glad I bought an elevated toilet seat!

Daughter spent Thursday night, but she went back to work Friday morning. It has been just me and the kitties. 

I even threw an Italian porchetta in the crockpot so I have something to munch on. Friday night I slept in my bed instead of the recliner. And Saturday I cleaned up and put on clean clothes. Nice!!

Sunday I get to take the bandages and brace off. Clean up, then put them back on. Depending on the pain, I hope to start cutting back on pain meds because all I do is sleep.

Wouldn’t you know it. I have my snowblower all tuned up and ready to go. And there are several inches of snow. Oh well, the snow will have to wait. 

Getting in the Groove

This is my knee. The dark sorta oval shape near the top is my patella (kneecap).  

The big dark area is my femur (upper leg bone). The white areas are pockets of inflammation. 

My patella is not aligned in my femur’s trochlear groove where it should be. So on Thursday, I am having knee surgery to get back in the groove.   A lateral release to cut (release) the ligaments on one side of my knee, done arthroscopically. And then an incision to tighten up the ligaments on the other side. 

This should be interesting and I fervently hope it helps with my chronic knee pain. 

I plan to sleep for days, interspersed with reading and movie watching. And I may have some interesting posts, depending on how drugged up I am.