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Outing, then Rest

Today my daughter came by to do some laundry. I asked if she would take me to the grocery store. 

After a bit of adjusting–car seat all the way back and me lifting myself half up onto the seat back–I was able to get my straight leg into her car. 

A bit of grocery shopping, a quick stop to buy a tomato plant, and then home again, jiggity jig (ha, I can barely walk let alone do even a bad jig).

That was the first outing since surgery and now my knee is protesting.  Thus the “rest” part. 

It’s a lovely day in the mid-70s, so perfect for an outdoor rest. 

Ice Ice Baby

Day 4 after knee surgery and my motto is elevate and ice.


And since it is in the mid 90s here, ice is always welcome.

Pain is semi-tolerable, but I eased off pain meds when I got quite nauseous. Nothing worse than vomiting when you can’t make it to the vomitorium in a timely manner.

Feeling better today so just eating toast and drinking fluids. Here’s to a better recovery!

It’s a Sign!

I was driving to work for my very last day. And I got a flat tire.  Not just a low tire pressure warning, but the thunka-thunka kind of flat tire.  Thank goodness for AAA. I had the spare on and made it to my very last day at work only one hour late. 

Was the flat tire a sign? Oh yeah. No more 52 miles round trip drive to work. 

I had an appointment at the end of the day, so could not get the flat fixed that day. Never fear as I planned to get it done first thing the next morning.  My knee surgery was planned for the afternoon so morning was a good time to deal with it. 

But alas, plans changed. I got a phone call at 7:30 in the morning asking if I could come in earlier for surgery.

“When?” I asked. 

“How soon can I get here?” they responded. 

So instead of getting the tire fixed and doing a few last minute things, I was in surgery at 10:15. Way earlier than the previously planned 3:30. 

Now I am getting ready to take another pain pill and sink back into oblivion.

(BTW –  I had to reread this post and make several edits. If there are errors, I plead WUI – writing under the influence.)