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Caturday – Cave Snuggling 

Temperatures have finally dropped so Miko (the Balinese) is snuggling in her cat tree cave to stay warm. 


Caturday – TP Wrangler

Miko, my Balinese, has always been obsessed with paper products, especially TP (toilet paper) and Kleenex. 

During the night, she opened a cabinet in the bathroom and grabbed a partial roll of toilet paper. 

This is what I woke up to see. 

Heavy sigh. 

Caturday – Say What?

Miko, the Balinese, giving me “the look.”


Caturday – The Sprawl

Miko, the Balinese, likes to sprawl on the window bed. I think she does a good job.   

Caturday – Sun Lounging

Today, all the cats are lounging, except Miko. So here they are at their prime.



Sunni (in the mini-tower)


Ellie-chan hogging the sun


Miko (being a every-moving pest)


Caturday – She did what?!?


Caturday – Miko in a Box

I received an Amazon order in a couple of large boxes.
Miko spent several hours hiding and playing in the boxes. I think the packing paper added to the fun.
But the fun is now over. I cut up the boxes and put them in the recycling bin. Sorry Miko.