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One Crafty Chick

Being retired I no longer have to get up early to head off to work. Yay! But that also leaves me with a vast amount of time to fill with some activity.

Although I make quilts, I have discovered that I want some little project that can be completed in a short amount of time. Thus the quilting is often relegated to another day.

Keychains, key tags, snap tabs – whatever you call them have become my latest obsession. I have a small embroidery machine and can stitch out a key tag in about an hour. Here’s my latest one that I am gaga over.

Too cute, huh?

So I have been making these for my friends. See if you can guess which one is for a hair stylist, a carpenter, a bricklayer, and a banker.

How about a veterinarian, an avid boater, a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and an artist?

I recently made one for my niece who has a new kitten. I had a photo of the kitten, so tried to make a key tag that at least somewhat resembled the kitten. I think it came out close.

This is my new hobby/obsession and I will share other pics in a later post.

Rosie’s Roses

A friend of mine at work is a new grandma. So a group of us decided to give her a grandma baby shower.

My contribution was baby wash clothes rolled up to look like roses.
Just a bamboo skewer, florist tape, and the wash cloth. Here’s the bouquet.

By the way, the baby’s name is Rosie. Appropriate to have roses, right?

Where Have I Been?

Sheesh – I didn’t realize it has been so long since I last blogged. Briefly, here is what I’ve been up to (or down to, as you will read).

  • Mini-vacation to Nelson, British Columbia. Beautiful place and fun time!
  • 20131221-210824.jpg

  • Quick business trip to Santa Clara, California. Interesting, but wall-to-wall traffic was horrible.
  • MeiMei, the cat who went to a new home, came back home. Things did not go well. She is now on Prozac (yes, she has her own prescription) on doing very well with the other cats.
  • 20131221-211032.jpg

  • Daughter ran in two half marathons and I cheered her on.
  • Daughter’s boyfriend spent Thanksgiving with us. He met the entire family and wasn’t afraid.
  • 20131221-211148.jpg

  • Unfortunately daughter’s car has been feeling ill. One incident resulted in a 2:00 a.m. drop off at the repair shop. I am afraid there are more visits in the near future. Total pain in the neck as daughter works swing shift.
  • Had cleaning/organization attack and redid the kitchen pantry. I fell off the step ladder while putting shelf paper on top shelf. Slammed my side against the kitchen island. X-rays say nothing broken, but my body said “ha.” Off work for a week because I could not sit or be in any position except horizontal and was drugged up. Doing better now, but still in a fair amount of pain. But pantry is very organized, with clear plastic bins holding like stuff, such as bins for soups, breakfast, pasta, baking, etc.
  • 20131221-211355.jpg

  • Daughter’s boyfriend just spent a few more days with us again. He is a keeper! He left at the beginning of a snow storm and came upon a serious road accident. He was not involved (thank goodness) but certainly delayed his trip home.
  • Attended a little craft party with friends. We crafted Santa on his sleigh–all with candy. Aren’t they cute? I gave mine to the four little girls that live next door.
  • 20131221-211649.jpg

  • Making Bailey’s Irish Creme and peppernuts for the holidays. Whew, peppernuts are a lot of work.

Hope everyone has been good and made it to Santa’s good list. Not me.