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Caturday – TP Wrangler

Miko, my Balinese, has always been obsessed with paper products, especially TP (toilet paper) and Kleenex. 

During the night, she opened a cabinet in the bathroom and grabbed a partial roll of toilet paper. 

This is what I woke up to see. 

Heavy sigh. 


Who is at Fault?

Background story.

Did I forget to put the cover on the toilet paper or has Miko figured out how to take the cover off?

The Problem … and Solution

Miko, the Balinese, is obsessed with the toilet paper.




I tried turning the roll so it unwinds in a different direction. Placing the roll on the counter. Squirting her with water when she paws at the roll. None of these purported solutions seemed to work. There was always a new ripped up roll of toilet paper. And as someone with Crohn’s Disease, I do not want to be without TP. (TMI? Just trying to point out the severity of this problem.)

Finally, I have a solution–as long as I remember to use it. This is the cover for a large spindle of blank CDs. A perfect fit and something that I already had.
Yay for repurposing!

Caturday – Hard (Soft) Evidence

Someone has been tearing up the toilet paper. I highly suspect Miko, but don’t have enough evidence for a conviction.

Until now.

And what’s with Sunni just walking by and ignoring this crime? Sheesh, cats are so apathetic.