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Getting Back on Track

My original purpose for the MsMouseCleansHouse blog was to create some sort of tracking and accountability for certain aspects of my life. One part was cleaning up the house and getting back to some sort of organization. I was doing OK when I started, and then Daughter came home for a month.

For whatever reason, that seemed to derail me. But she has been back at school for a week and I am rip-roaring, ready to tackle the house again. WAHOO for me!

One thing I did over the weekend was to get her room back into a livable condition. I even started sleeping in her bedroom as it is much cooler downstairs. And I have started working on the sewing room. That’s going to be a huge chore.

I seem to have a fear of starting a task that seems too big. I need to just jump into it without thinking about it and deal with little steps. Unfortunately, I do this a lot. If I can’t finish something, I have trouble starting it.

Example: I use a lawn service for my yard which is too big for me to mow it myself (since I’m old and decrepid, and don’t function in the heat). Once a month I gather their invoices and pay them. However, lately I have gotten into this delay mode, and get around to paying them a week later. But then I have another invoice so it’s another delay., This has gone on for two months, until I was sent an itemized bill. I paid it ASAP and now am feeling guilty for my lack of action. It was a kind of eye-opener for me.

Thus, I’m back on track. Here are my goals for this week.

  • Declutter the kitchen.
  • Fold and put away the laundry.
  • Reorganize the bookshelves.
  • Order the new hardware for the upstairs bathroom.

There — that should keep me busy for a few days. I’m not putting a lot on this week as I’m quite swamped at work and putting in some extra hours.

By the way, I am supporting National Chocolate Milk Shake Day while writing this. Yummmm…

It’s Its Own Issue – &*#$@

I have several pet peeves, but the misuse of it’s and its really irks me. It’s often seen in print (magazines, books), the Internet, billboards, reader boards, and signs. My vendetta against its misuse is to notify the responsible party; kind of my personal “educate America” mission.

This picture is a dedication at San Carlos Borromea de Carmelo Mission, in Carmel, CA. I’ve zoomed in on the offending piece. Did you find it? So Sherlock Mouse is on the case to find out how this could happen. Questions must be answered!

  • Why has this not been corrected since it was first unveiled in 1984?
  • Is this misuse an appropriate example for a school? (The Carmel Mission Junipero Serra School is a Roman Catholic elementary school (K-8) on the grounds of the mission.

Ok – enough of picking on it’s. This is a beautiful mission, dating back to 1771. Here are some other pictures I took while there (or did I take them while their? — just kidding).

Procrastination Nation

Photo by Simon James (

I’ve been trying to analyze some of my issues that have resulted in the mess I’m currently in.

Yes, I am a procrastinator. But sometimes, I’m not and I’m trying to figure out the triggers for both situations. I am also a perfectionist and know that “if I can’t do it right, I often won’t do it at all.” Plus (if that isn’t enough), I have a hard time figuring out where to start if the job seems too big. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that I am infamous for planning everything; I even plan my next breath! So why can’t I plan this? Why can’t I start? Why can’t I follow through? Why can’t I sing? (Wait — that is just a piece of a dream.)

I discovered this interesting internet site, Taming Time; the Secrets of Time Management. It delves into causes, triggers, and solutions to time management (AKA procrastination).

Here is a statement they presented that resonated with me:

Perfectionism is one of the sneaky causes of procrastination. In fact many are not even aware that their perfect attitude is one of the biggest causes of procrastination.

I think I need to read more about this and continue with the breaking down big tasks into little manageable bits. I am trying to do that and TA DA — I spent 15 minutes tonight cleaning the dining room. It’s not done, but it sure is better than it was!!!!  😉