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Caturday – Bath Time

Miko was sitting on top of the couch when Sunni said it was bath time. So Miko just slipped down to where Sunni was waiting. Thus Miko’s tail, straight up against the back of the couch.   

Silly cats!


Caturday – Stare down 

The cat that blinks first gives up the sun puddle.   

Caturday – the Look

Sunni has complained that the last couple of Caturday photos were of Miko. So when I agreed that this is her time to shine, all I got was a sleepy one-eyed look. 


Caturday – Best Buds

Sunni and Miko ( the hairy beast) enjoy a little nap on the couch and some mail.   

Caturday – She did what?!?


Caturday Quick Shots





It’s a Sunni Sunshine Day

I woke up this morning to consistent pat pat pattering what I assumed was a cat up to no good. I was wrong.

It was raining and the cats were asleep. So naturally I went back to sleep so as not to disturb them.


Sunni later woke up in a fiesty mood and proceeded to attack. Thank goodness she was nibbling on the sun pillow’s hand instead of mine.


The day turned out to be sunny and hot, though not as hot as earlier this week. Sunni and the sun pillow made up and are friends again.