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Caturday – Line to the Litter Box

Like many females, my cats cannot go to the litter box alone. And Sunni (the one in the litter box) is a little OCD about covering up.

Queen of the Litter Box

Because I have 3 cats, I have multiple litter boxes. I just bought another box to put upstairs.

The cats like to get used to things before they truly become part of their lives. Thus I unpacked the new litter box, assembled it, and left it in the living room to be investigated.

First, MeiMei had to check it out. She seemed content with her visit.


The Ellie, a bit timid and cautious, decides to have a quick peek.


But it was Sunni who gave the litter box her blessing when she discovered that she could sit on top of it and view the world.


Cats ‘n Mouse History

I am hoping to be a new mommy soon. New cat mommy that is. So to provide some insight (and hopefully comfort) to the  new cat’s current mommy, I am providing some pictures and little anecdotes about my furbabies.  Alyssa, this is for you!

MeiMei checking out a bag full of Xmas wrapping. She likes to take inventory of wrapping supplies -- to make sure any presents she gets will be properly wrapped.

Playing with a new scratching box that has a ball underneath the cardboard part. Sunni soon gave up, but MeiMei played with it so much, she bent the box holder and lost the ball

MeiMei showing off her new "nails." She was getting a little aggresive about scratching the rug and furniture, so I applied kitty claws to her nails until she got her scratching under control. Hot pink and black are a perfect combo, don't you think?

Both babies trying to fit in the same bed while helping me on the computer.

My favorite photo! MeiMei snoozing and keeping warm on the router.


It is always nice to have help around the house. MeiMei--being obsessed with water--decides to help with the dishes.

My little Sunbae (Sunni) in January 2011. She was about 11 weeks old.

MeiMei likes to climb to great heights. Or maybe she is just dusting the door frame.

MeiMei and Sunni checking out the new toilet litter box.

Sunni doing a quality check on Uggs for my daughter. Yup - they passed inspection.

Sunni with her favorite scratching post. She gives it a good workout.