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My little raspberry plant is yielding red yumminess!  

 And then there is a freeze warning for my area. So I took some old leaf bags and covered up my tomato plants. 
Cross your fingers that they provide enough warmth. 


Hot, Fruit, Hot Fruit

It is still hot here. Currently it is 101 F. And the wind is kicking up. Already there are three brush fires in the area. Hope they can be squelched quickly. 

This was taken from my back deck. Getting a bit smokey.   Due to the heat, I (and Daughter) went raspberry picking at 8 this morning. It was already getting hot. I only lasted about 50 minutes before the heat got to me. And the picking were slim.  Then I stopped at a local fruit stand and grabbed some blueberries and blackberries.  And Daughter wanted apricots.  Since it was so unbarebly hot and I had hurt my back, the plan was to just stay home in the cool cool basement. 

So we watched two movies from Red Box, Black and White, and Unbroken. We fixed a lovely fresh salad with farmer’s market lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. 

And then we ate fresh-baked apple-huckleberry pie. The pie was baked in the oven in the morning so as to not totally heat up the house. It did a bit, but we stayed downstairs so as not to be affected. 

I am full of fresh veggies and fruit. Daughter is off to her house with her share of the fruit bounty. Dang if she didn’t pack up the pie too!

Oh well, blame the heat. 

Berries and Berninas

I picked more raspberries and also some blackberries.
And then the munching and freezing began.
I have been busy decluttering and cleaning the house. One thing I am specifically working towards is getting back to quilting. My poor Bernina has sat idle for a few years. But it is time to get back in the groove. So I bundled it up and took it in for a tune-up. Miko helped.
I’ll get it back next week and the fun will begin. Stay tuned for quilting stories.

A Berry Good Day

Yesterday, I went raspberry picking.

Didn’t pick too many because it was getting hot. This was not a planned outing, just a spur of the moment thing. But a little box of berries was a good start.


I like to freeze them for use in smoothies or on cereal in the winter. First, I gently wash them by emerging them in cold water and light spraying. 20140824-102556-37556875.jpg
After draining, the little red gems are placed on paper towels to absorb the water.
Before going any further, it is time for a quick quality test. Raspberries on cereal.
After drying, I gently place them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. And because I don’t want any extra moisture in the berries when I freeze them, I do a quick dry with the hair dryer (weird, but effective).
Now they are ready for the freezer.
After they are frozen (a couple of hours), I place them in freezer bags.

That small box yielded 8 cups of frozen raspberries and enough fresh raspberries for four bowls of cereal.

Yum!!! Doing blueberries next.

Strangled Plans

All systems were go for picking up Daughter from summer college on Tuesday/Wednesday. And then the strangulation of my plans; remember, I plan my next breath (read here). Daughter found out about a work-related luncheon that occurs on Wednesday, which would push the plans back one day.

I broke that planning choke hold with tenacity and said “That’s OK, just let me know by Monday night.” I amazed myself and it truly does not matter whether it will be Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday. Now that I have had a few minutes to even think about it, later would be better; gives me a bit more time to finish up some things around the house.

And I am now considered Ms. HandyMouse as I replaced a broken light switch without electrocuting myself or burning down the house! I read a couple of fix-it books, checked out info online, and just did it. The only slight snag was that the broken switch was in the basement with no outside light available. Needing to hold a flashlight while doing electrical work is a juggling act to behold. But I did it and “let there be light.” The sad part is that the light switch broke 2 weeks ago and I have been petrified to fix it.

Guess all those raspberries I had for breakfast gave me strength to overcome my unreasonable fears and anxieties. Did you know that raspberries are high in anti-oxidants, vitamin C, K, and E, and rich in B-complex goodies!  They are the wonder berry, and very berry tasty too.

Too bad ice cream can’t do that.