Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My New Motto

I share my house with one dog and three cats. No human except for me. Today, I was watching the DVD of “Book Club” starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, etc.

The movie has some outrageously funny moments. You know, actual laugh out loud, maybe even a snort or two funny moments.

I had just taken a bite of a scrumptious lemon tart (my dinner, don’t judge) when one of those funny moments occurred. I inhaled some lemon tart and began choking on it. The dog is not yet CPR certified so she was no help. The cats couldn’t care less. (Ha – they sure as hell would care a bit more if I missed feeding them their dinner.)

After choking for a minute, I could finally catch my breath. And what do you think was the first thing I did? Yup, rewind the movie to find out what happened during that funny moment when I was choking. I do have my priorities, right?!?

Anyway, my new motto is don’t eat while watching comedies – at least until the dog gets her CPR certification or learns the Heimlich maneuver.

(Photo from Daily Mail, UK)


One Crafty Chick

Being retired I no longer have to get up early to head off to work. Yay! But that also leaves me with a vast amount of time to fill with some activity.

Although I make quilts, I have discovered that I want some little project that can be completed in a short amount of time. Thus the quilting is often relegated to another day.

Keychains, key tags, snap tabs – whatever you call them have become my latest obsession. I have a small embroidery machine and can stitch out a key tag in about an hour. Here’s my latest one that I am gaga over.

Too cute, huh?

So I have been making these for my friends. See if you can guess which one is for a hair stylist, a carpenter, a bricklayer, and a banker.

How about a veterinarian, an avid boater, a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and an artist?

I recently made one for my niece who has a new kitten. I had a photo of the kitten, so tried to make a key tag that at least somewhat resembled the kitten. I think it came out close.

This is my new hobby/obsession and I will share other pics in a later post.

Craziness Time

I have several outdoor pots where I attempt to grow tomatoes and strawberries. Me thinks my green thumb has died because I have yet to harvest any strawberries, and tomatoes are limited.

Earlier this growing season I noticed that my dog, Ziva, was gently plucking green tomatoes from the plants. Being resourceful, I stuck a little portable fence around the plants with the idea being the dog couldn’t get to them.

Much to my amusement – and Ziva’s chagrin – after hearing weird noises outside, I found this sight at the back door.

Yes, Ziva was found with indisputable evidence of tomato stealing. Apparently, while trying to get to the tomatoes, Ziva got her head stuck in the portable fence. Isn’t that the guiltiest look ever?!?

And speaking of craziness, the following two incidents occurred last night in the area I live in. (These incidents were reported in a Facebook group that monitors local law enforcement and fire department scanners and provides a heads up report. I find them very useful in just being kept aware of what’s going on.) Both of the following incidents seem a little beyond the norm.

Incident 1

Incident 2

All I can say is WOW – and it’s not even a full moon! Come to your own conclusions.

And I’m Back!

Don’t know where the time has gone, but it has been almost 2 years since I have posted here. Let’s see if I can remember what has been going on in the past 2 years.

My knee surgery in June 2016 did not solve my right knee issues, so I had a total knee replacement in April 2017. Whereas the bone-on-bone pain is gone, my muscle strength has just not come back and I have issues with that. Yes, I have done physical therapy and that gets me only so far. I even had ASTYM therapy which breaks down tissue through manual manipulation in an effort to allow regeneration of healthy tissue. As you can see in the photo, I had a lot of bruising.

I have excellent range of motion, just no muscle strength. Heavy sigh.

Recovering from knee replacement surgery kept me quite busy for much of 2017. I also got back into quilting and finished several quilts. Here’s one I finished and I will show more in future posts.

My pets have taken over my life which keeps me busy. I currently have 1 dog and 3 cats! More on those guys in a later post too, but here is a photo of the 3 cats. Miracle that I could get them all in the same shot.

I will post more later as I attempt to get up-to-date.

Bits and Pieces

Whew, I have been busy!


I have had Ziva about 3.5 months now, so here is an update. 

Ziva and I are still going to dog training classes. She is doing excellent!  She walks by my side with a loose leash, sits, lays down, comes when called, stays, jumps through hoops (literally), and mostly leaves everything alone, including other dogs and treats just around to tempt her. 

The two cats have accepted Ziva as a family member and everyone gets along now. The cats sleep on the couch and Ziva sits close by. If she starts bothering Sunni, the cat just swats at Ziva’s nose. 

Ziva loves playing outside – except when it is raining. So I got her a little raincoat. Now she will at least go out in the rain to take care of business. 



Sleeping in is sooooo nice! I am reading a lot and even finding time to get some cooking/baking done. 

Above is some apple monkey bread I just made. Easy to make and tasty. 

I try to plan things for each day. Some days are really busy. For example, today I did some laundry, paid bills, got a flu shot, quick stop at drug store, put gas in the car, and grabbed a pizza.  

And because today was a nice day – meaning it was not raining – I worked outside, preparing for winter. I have a flowering thundercloud plum tree that was damaged in some strong winds last May. Last week another wind storm was predicted and I got worried. The tree was leaning towards the house. So a friend stopped by with a saw and we lopped off the branches. 

The branches will be cut into smaller sections and hauled off soon. But today, I cut off some of the smaller branches and put them in my yard waste bin. 

Yup, retirement is hard work!  

Temperatures have finally dropped so Miko (the Balinese) is snuggling in her cat tree cave to stay warm. 


I recently adopted an older recurs dog, Ziva. Through time and training with the dog to leave it, Sunni and Ziva are starting to have close encounters. 

(Blurry dog tail due to excessive wagging.)