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More Planting

Time to finish up all the planting, or at least all that I am willing to do now. 

Here are some of the planter boxes by the lower deck.  I just had drip lines put in for them. However, the planters were flooding with too much water. Thus the drip lines are not in the planters right now.  

 I planted one big tomato plant. Look it already has baby tomatoes on it!

 And one cherry tomato plant.   Both tomato plants sit in full sun and will have to be hand watered every day. 

Then there are a couple of planters on the upper deck that will also have to be hand watered.    

 Because I cannot handle any heat at all, I was out planting at 6:00 in the morning. Glad that is done!!  At least until I think I need more flowers. 


Mommed Out-Part 3

After a lovely breakfast and then furniture moving, Daughter and I decided we needed something good for the soul. So off we headed to a local garden and conservatory. 

Since it is only mid-May, the big garden area is plain Jane right now. No color.   

However, the conservatory was open. I took so many pictures, that I combined them into a few collages. 


The cactus garden was a visual treat as many of the cacti were in bloom. 

We then wandered outside through the gardens. Every plant has an identifying nameplate so if you see something you like, you know what it is. This is what I want.   

The bumble bees were out in full force doing their job. Some were big fat buzzers.   

Afterwards, we went back to Daughter’s apartment. It was only 11:00. We both needed to do laundry so I told Daughter she could bring some of hers to my house and we could combine loads. 

With laundry in the works, we both settled down to read and nap the rest of the day. At some point I threw a peach-huckleberry pie in the oven. 

So there you have it; the mommed out adventures for 2015. It was as good as it gets. Thank you Daughter!❤️

Busy Weekend!

I had a very busy weekend, and my body–especially my knees–is in revolt mode.

My new bed is so comfy that I slept in a bit on Saturday. How nice was that!!
Earlier in the week, I received the new quilt I ordered from Amazon. It goes perfectly with the bedroom wall colors.

And then it was up to start laundry and hit the garden center to purchase some flowers for my little kitty cat planter.


Daughter has been sorting through her stuff (née junk). This required several trips to Goodwill. Someone will appreciate her past wardrobe items.

Then it was on to the grocery store. Oven-roasted turkey was on sale and after a taste-test, I bought some. So yummy, especially with avocado slices.

I came home and baked 2 angel food cakes, because it is strawberry season! There is nothing better than angel food cake, strawberries, and whip cream. I donated one to Daughter.

Dishes, more laundry, and preparing a little wedding brochure for a friend. And then bedtime and reading.

Today I got up early to plant the rest of the flowers I bought on Saturday. Then off to the pet store to stock up on kitty litter, food, and of course a little toy for the furry ones.

And since I have fresh litter, it’s the weekly change-out of litter in all 4 litter boxes. I hate that chore.

Do you remember Creamsicles?
While running around, I stopped at Arby’s to get something to drink. I was thrilled to see an orange cream milk shake. It tasted exactly like the old Creamsicles. Try it, you’ll like it.

Now that I was rejuvenated, I was able to squeeze in another load or 2 of laundry, vacuuming, and a little nap somewhere in there, and I am done for the weekend.

I need to recover by going to work on Monday.

Flowers Galore

Spring is coming to an end thus time to spruce up the yard. This year, I rebarked the flower beds so they look (and smell) nice.

My iris are doing their thing, behind the day lilies that are not quite ready to bloom.


I potted up some flowers for the front steps.


And planted petunias in my mom’s back yard. Here are before and after pictures.


I also planted petunias around my back deck. These will look quite beautiful when they grow a bit more.


I think I need a few pansies around the bird path–and looks like I need to straighten up the bird bath too. Rats, more work to do.


Deja Vu Weather?

A local planting tip is to not plant until the snow is off the mountain. I always adhere to this tip and have not been disappointed. This year, I was able to plant on May 19 – about 2.5 weeks ago.

But it seems as if we are going back in time weather-wise. It was downright cold at my house this morning (42F); cold and wet! It’s been raining for a few days and windy too. Here is today’s view of the afore-mentioned mountain that was snowless 2.5 weeks ago.


Does this mean I have to unplant my flowers? ARG! And they were all doing quite well. Hope this cold spell ends before the flowers freeze to death. But the forecast is lows in low-40s and highs in the mid-60s until next week.

In an earlier post about my gorgeous irises (Love my Irises), I had mentioned a black iris. Well, guess what showed up today?


The photo makes it look dark dark purple, but it indeed looks black in the yard. Guess I need to remember which one it is so I can possibly split it up later this summer. Wish me luck with that remembering part. (Remembering what?)

Grilling Harry

Last night I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 in preparation for today’s adventure to watch Part 2. Daughter is obsessed with all things Harry (sounds a bit kinky, don’t ya think?). She was accepted through the Quill Challenge and gets to visit Pottermore before its official opening in October. So that has her in a frenzy absorbing the Harry Potter books again, and, of course, the requisite dragging of mother off to the movies.  Thank you Binks!!!

If you have not seen the movie yet, go–go now! It wraps up the entire Harry Potter series in a nice big bow. The special effects are indeed spectacular as always. The make-up for the creatures (including Kreacher – pun!) is unbelievable.  It was wonderful.  I have been grilled (questioned) to the nth degree but I don’t remember the details.  When I was in high school/college, Lord of the Rings was the books everyone read. We use to have trivia contests. Daughter’s generation is Harry Potter. Wish I could get her to read Lord of the Rings though.

After the movie we decided to grill all these fresh veggies we had. I bought a grilling basket and a corn on the cob griller to try out. The grilling basket was OK, but thinking that kabob style would work better for many of the veggies. Next time I will try putting veggies in the basket that will cook at the same time. The corn was quite delicious in the cob holder. Daughter didn’t like some of the parts that got a tad brown, but I thought it was all perfecto.

Here are some before and after pictures of the flowers I planted at my mom’s house at the end of May. She has a green thumb, as is obvious by the pictures. My thumb is not as green as my mom’s, but I must admit my tomatoes are going strong!





Tomatoes on the grow

Cherry Gold cheery tomatoes

Progress and Plants

It is July 3 and I still have one more day to finish my list from July 1. Here’s my progress.

  • Complete the boxing/storage of Daughter’s housewares – DONE
  • Declutter the computer desk – PARTIALLY DONE
  • Pay bills – PARTIALLY DONE
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Laundry – DONE
  • Place new table cloth on dining room table
  • Put up canopy on deck and enjoy fresh air (while reading of course) – Too Windy to Put Up
  • Find place to temporarily store items for August garage sale – PARTIALLY DONE
  • Grocery shopping – DONE
  • Prepare goodies to take to 4th of July party – PARTIALLY DONE

Planters on deck railing

On front steps

Cherry tomatoes still growing

Here are some updated pixs.

The first picture is on one side of my upper deck. I have planters on the deck rails and they are gorgeous when all in bloom. Wave petunias (some of them) and regular petunias in many different colors.

The second photo is on my front steps. I like these planters as they add a little color when entering the house.

The third photo is my precious cherry tomatoes. Am getting a lot more blossoms and one of the little tommy-toes is even turning yellow!