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Suck it up and Get on with Housecleaning!

The process of a home refinance usually requires an appraisal. The bank wants to be assured that they are lending their money to a property from which they can recover their $$ if needed.

And that is where I am today–preparing for an appraisal. Thus quick declutter and spit & polish cleaning. Today’s list included vacuuming upstairs and downstairs.

Now you may be wondering about the above photo. It is the contents of the vacuum cleaner emptied into a black lawn bag. No, I was not planning on that much dirt, but did decide to vacuum until the sweat dripped into my eyes and made me blind.

Success! The cats are now plotting their next cat fight so as to leave clumps of fur everywhere I previously vacuumed. I think they enjoy the noise and vibration of the vacuum cleaner. And when I get done, I lay on the couch so they can find a lap or leg to snuggie on.

Actual tossing away junk starts later tonight, after the vacuuming nap. Wish me luck!


I’ve Got the Red Light Blues

Today was a high energy day. It was supposed to be a lovely warm end-of-summer day, so I planned to do some painting outside. I am doing a little craft project and need to seal and then paint terra-cotta pots. I was going to do this out on the back deck, but the wind started picking up. Thus the garage was the appointed painting booth.

I slapped a canvas paint cloth on the garage floor (heavens to Betsy, don’t want to mess up that sparkling garage floor), pulled out the little craft table, covered it with newspaper, and started setting up. Did you know that Coke cans make wonderful holders for upside down clay pots? Well, they do. I didn’t want the pots sitting directly on the newspaper because the paper would stick to the pot (Jeez, I remember some 40 years ago that it was a problem when the paper didn’t stick to the pot — wink wink).

I left the garage door open and proceeded to spray a sealer on the pots. After a couple of trips, the spraying was done and the drying commenced. Not a bad way to start the day!

On to the cleaning of the house. I started putting away stuff that had been laying around.  That always brings about a sense of accomplishment. And then came the dusting and vacuuming. I was taught to dust and then vacuum. But others say to vacuum and then dust. So I think this is the perfect opportunity to try out a poll.

My vacuum cleaner has a little dirt found light on it that is green when the carpet is not spitting up any more dirt, and red when there is still a significant amount of particles being sucked up. My personal rule is to keep on vacuuming until the light is green. It’s back and forth, and over and over, and back and forth, and over …..   you get the idea. I had to stop to get some physical therapy on my shoulder with all that back and forth. And then I started thinking that I am governed (and confused) by the little red light.

  • When driving, red light = stop.
  • When vacuuming, red light = continue.

Thus I have decided to consider the red light on the vacuuming cleaner as a purple light (red light blues — get it: red + blue = purple).  And since purple is a favorite color, I will just vacuum as long as I want. If it turns green, great. But if not, purple is good too.

The bottom line is that the house is vacuumed and dusted (or is it dusted and vacuumed?). The Xmas gifts are under construction. The cats are snuggling with me, and I have a good book to read. Tomorrow is more the same and I’m excited because today was a success. Here’s rootin’ for a deja vu tomorrow.

Getting Back on Track

My original purpose for the MsMouseCleansHouse blog was to create some sort of tracking and accountability for certain aspects of my life. One part was cleaning up the house and getting back to some sort of organization. I was doing OK when I started, and then Daughter came home for a month.

For whatever reason, that seemed to derail me. But she has been back at school for a week and I am rip-roaring, ready to tackle the house again. WAHOO for me!

One thing I did over the weekend was to get her room back into a livable condition. I even started sleeping in her bedroom as it is much cooler downstairs. And I have started working on the sewing room. That’s going to be a huge chore.

I seem to have a fear of starting a task that seems too big. I need to just jump into it without thinking about it and deal with little steps. Unfortunately, I do this a lot. If I can’t finish something, I have trouble starting it.

Example: I use a lawn service for my yard which is too big for me to mow it myself (since I’m old and decrepid, and don’t function in the heat). Once a month I gather their invoices and pay them. However, lately I have gotten into this delay mode, and get around to paying them a week later. But then I have another invoice so it’s another delay., This has gone on for two months, until I was sent an itemized bill. I paid it ASAP and now am feeling guilty for my lack of action. It was a kind of eye-opener for me.

Thus, I’m back on track. Here are my goals for this week.

  • Declutter the kitchen.
  • Fold and put away the laundry.
  • Reorganize the bookshelves.
  • Order the new hardware for the upstairs bathroom.

There — that should keep me busy for a few days. I’m not putting a lot on this week as I’m quite swamped at work and putting in some extra hours.

By the way, I am supporting National Chocolate Milk Shake Day while writing this. Yummmm…

Fickle Friday #5

Today is September 2, 2011 — or 9-2-11. I have a tendancy to notice simple patterns and like 9-2-11 because 9+2=11. Strange, but true!

Do you believe it is September? Wheat harvest is going on and summer is near the end. The weather did a little change and yesterday there was even fog when driving to work. Lows were down in the 40s F. and highs were only in the 70s F.  But I think Mother Nature was just teasing, because next week it will be in the 90s again.

Monday is Labor Day in the USA. That means no work! But it is also the day I have to drive Daughter back to college. I checked the weather forecast and it is supposed to be in the 90s F. ARG!!  Daughter can’t get the key to her room until noon and she has a 4:00 meeting. So we have less than 4 hours to  get checked in, move everything from the car to her room, and then grab her stuff that we put in storage. That might take 2 trips.

The worst part will be the heat. And then I have to drive home (about 3 hours) in Labor Day late afternoon traffic. That is making me anxious already. I will have to remember to take my Glee CDs to keep me engaged in sing-along during the boring drive home.

The Packing Process

Once I return home, it will be deja vu in her room.  In July, I had it all spotless. I’m hoping it will be mostly cleaned up when we pack up. She’s been sorting through her things and has actually packed some of her stuff already.  The cats are quite enjoying everything though; there are lots of nooks and crannies, bags, and suitcases to investigate.

After daughter is back at school, I will hopefully get back into finishing the house cleaning chores. And just when I get that done, it will be time to back up and store the patio furniture.

OMG – I’m watching Man, Woman, Wild on the Discovery Channel. It’s a show about a survival expert and his wife who simulate survival situations. Right now they are in a small boat adrift in the Bermuda Triangle. They have been there for 3 days, with minimal water and only a tiny fish or two they caught. And let’s not forget there are sharks bumping against their boat. Mike (the hubby) is suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. So he tells Ruth (his wife) to give him an enema to hydrate him. Now that’s love!  And successful love, because he got better and they were rescued.

I’m thinking that I will stay out of the Bermuda Triangle. And if I get too hot on Monday while moving Daughter into her college room, I hope no one sneaks up on me and gives me an enema.

Fickle Friday #4

Things are crazeeee this week, thus this post will be short.  So here’s what’s happening and why it’s the wacko week.

Yard Sale Am having a yard sale this weekend with a friend. We were going to have it at my house because I have a better location. But she had stuff that would be a pain to move, so I took all my stuff to her house. And then we had to strategically place signage so buyers could find us. Of course, advertised in newspaper, online, and Craigslist. Because I had to work today, my daughter represented me at the sale. They did quite well today, consider it was a Friday. And many buyers (lookers) came by because they saw the signage. Ha – in your face Susan! She was given me a bad time because I didn’t make the signs until late Thursday night. I work better under pressure. Hoping to sell a lot of stuff, mainly because I don’t want to cart it back home. Any $$ will go to my daughter to help with her college education. (Don’t get me started on those financial woes!)

CaTT Update  The cat’s are having some issues with a little hole in their CitiKitty tray. Unfortunately had to revert to no hole. But they are sort of back on track. Heavy on the sort of. Will have to explain more later.

Hurricane Irene  I’ve been blogging about my experience with Hurricane Andrew 19 years ago.  I am obsessed with hurricanes this week and am trying not to watch the news 24 hours a day. Although Irene is currently a Category 2, the potential for surge is looking bad. I am pleasantly surprised at the serious response by the government. Maybe lessons have been learned (dare we hope?). My deepest thoughts and good wishes are going out to those in Irene’s path.  The Red Cross is going to need help with this one.

Karaoke  I just happened to come across Karaoke Battle USA on television while writing this. Hope I have corrected all my typos due to laughing so hard while watching this show. A 49-year-old woman came out with tan tan, bleached blond, hot pink (with sparkles), and — wait for it — black leather pants! She was a pretty good singer, but I just couldn’t take her seriously.  She came close to winning the evening, but was beaten by a stronger voice (thank goodness), who also had a sparkly top.  Then this gorgeous dude comes out and made me “happy.” He is an ex-body builder competitor, though could still compete. Smile that lights up the room. He is currently a massage therapist; said he is excited to be massage therapist. Geez, I’d be excited it he was my massage therapist!  And he is a sexy sensational singer too. He won the night and is going to the semi-finals. I now have to backtrack my laughter; it is not the show, because many of the singers have excellent singing voices. Apparently it is only a few that cracked me up. Hmm… may have to watch this show a few more times.

Curses! Not Really…

Moving Stuff Home

Look at the middle of the pix and see a game called “Curses.” Santa gave that game to Daughter last Xmas.  “But what is it doing in the middle of your living room?” you may be asking.  Yes, the prodigal daughter is home for maybe 2 weeks before she goes back to summer school.

All that work to clean the house and in 5 minutes it is destroyed. This time we plan to get plastic containers and divide her stuff into seasonal clothing, school books, housewares stuff for future apartment living, and stuff for yard sale, charity, and trash. So although it is a mess now, it will be better soon.

It is exciting to have Daughter back even for this short time. Right now she’s folding laundry clothes. Because I have friends coming to visit in a few weeks, Daughter has agreed to help me finish cleaning up the house, especially her room (where friends will stay). For all of her assistance, I agreed to buy her a climbing harness. Does this count as bribery or just paying for a job? Or am I contributing to a future of her up-in-the air  (ha, bad pun)?

Food and dining has always been a gastronomical part of our life, so we have made a short list of favorite places to eat. But things change; not better or worse, just different. Last night we went to a local Chinese restaurant and I was expecting to order our favorite: egg foo yung and lo mein. But instead of lo mein, Daughter ordered tofu with broccoli. She gave me of bite of tofu. Having never been a fan before, I was reluctant, but tried it — wow, it was tasty!  And we are slated to go to a wasabi/sushi place. Daughter is vegetarian and very into Asian food (and everything else Asian too). So I guess hot dogs are out.

I’m renewed and happy Daughter is home!!!

Mad for Ads!

I have just learned to love TV ads (or commercials)!  Am I nuts? Let me clarify–I have learned to take advantage of the time for TV ads. Let me explain.

A basic 1 hour TV show will have a 42 minute program. That means there are 18 minutes of ads. And that time can be used to accomplish something — anything — besides watching an ad telling you to get your Viagra going (sheesh).

Since I do indeed enjoy watching my favorite TV shows, it is hard to miss pieces of a show. But by using the ad time to jump up and speed through a task, I feel like I am killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Here’s what I have discovered I can do during a commercial break:

  • Put dishes in the dishwasher
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Dust a single room
  • Vacuum a single room
  • Clean the litter box
  • Throw a load of laundry in
  • Put away folded clean laundry
  • Separate mail into good, bad, and ugly
  • Clean the bathroom sink and toilet
  • Gather up newspapers for recycling
  • And so on and so on.

I spent Friday night and some of Saturday doing this work on ads plan and actually got a lot done. And the best part (or at least the part that made me feel good because I didn’t give anything up), is that I still got to watch a marathon of the TV series,  The Glades.

And I was so relaxed that I was up and outside at 6:30 this morning doing the last of the flower/shrub planting.  I also drug out the hoses and got them all hooked up. And the sprinkler system is now on and working correctly. I washed the outdoor chairs and put up the canopy on the back deck.

Now I’m tired!  But feeling good about the activity during TV commercial breaks. We’ll see how long that strategy lasts. Probably until the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up.”

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