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Caturday – Double Trouble

I was lying on the couch reading and became the bed for these two troublemakers. 


Caturday – Snoozefest

Sunni and Miko are having a Snoozefest. 

Caturday – Best Buds

Sunni and Miko ( the hairy beast) enjoy a little nap on the couch and some mail.   

Caturday – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Weather is dreary so today is perfect for a Snoozefest. Miko (Balinese) and Ellie (Siamese) have started without me.

Caturday – Hiding

I walked into the bedroom and saw this.
What is that lump in the bed? Miko investigated.
Sunni lent a paw too.
Oh – it was just MeiMei seeking solitude.