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The Cats Pulled Rank

I have three cats and one dog. Since today (October 29) is National Cat Day in the United States, the cats banded together and insisted that I post pictures of them and their deceased siblings. The dog objected, but lost the battle.

So here are pictures of my cats.

I call this the “Vampire Bite.”Miko is the cat giving the look and bite. She was just a kitten when the pix was taken; she is now 5 years old and a lot darker and fluffier. The cat getting the vampire nip is Ellie. She died a few years ago.

The above pix is of Peaches (18 years old) and Miko (5 years old). They think it is hilarious to hog my chair.

The above pix is MeiMei. She really liked the warmth of the computer equipment. She also died a few years ago.

The above pix is my Sunni. Possibly my favorite cat as she is a cuddle bug.

The above pix is of all three current cats snoozing on the couch. Peachie and Miko are on the top, and Sunni is on the bottom.

Miko can sleep anywhere.

The above pix is of Miko and Ellie. The size difference is incredible, but Ellie was the boss over Miko. When Ellie died, Miko had a difficult time missing her.

Sunni insisted I include the above pix of her and Ziva, the dog. These two are often plotting against the other two cats.

Miko is very photogenic, but sometimes just doesn’t want to be bothered. The above pix is one of those times.


Heavy sigh. The above short video is of Miko showing off her paper shredding skills. And darn Sunni walks by and just ignores her. Five years of Having to keep Kleenex, toilet paper, and paper towels away from Miko. It’s exhausting!

Happy Cat Day!! In my house, everyday is Caturday!


Caturday – Close Encounter

I recently adopted an older recurs dog, Ziva. Through time and training with the dog to leave it, Sunni and Ziva are starting to have close encounters. 

(Blurry dog tail due to excessive wagging.)

Caturday – the Look

Sunni has complained that the last couple of Caturday photos were of Miko. So when I agreed that this is her time to shine, all I got was a sleepy one-eyed look. 


Caturday – The Sprawl

Miko, the Balinese, likes to sprawl on the window bed. I think she does a good job.   

Caturday – The Inspectors

Sunni (the tabby) was into bathtub inspection mode, while Miko (the Balinese) supervised. 

I just hope they didn’t find anything wrong — or alive.    



If you wish to hire this team, call 1.800.BATHCAT. Reasonable pricing. 

Here Kitty Kitty

That is the cry of Seattle Seahawk fans as the Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers tonight 31-17.
Guess my kitties heard me when I was yelling “here kitty, kitty.” And they are so well trained, they responded. This is how I watched the game


As I get older it is harder to recover from things. And in this case, I am referring to recovering from a two week vacation and returning to work. Thus the Thank God It’s Friday.

It was perhaps a bit more difficult due to family issues last week. Although Daughter had her own place, she has been staying with me for most of my vacation. She has not been feeling well and had wanted some mama pampering.

Daughter had to have a colonoscopy last week. Although the test results were positive (meaning good news), the test itself did not go well.

So I had to put on my mama-nurse hat and try to fix her food that will not make her sick — which should always be an objective. We stayed home and perfected the routine of reading and napping.

The kitties were very excited to have more than one lap on which to sleep. Miko was especially glad to spend some quality time with big sis.
When Monday rolled around, I worked from home due to bad weather and road conditions. And then I picked up a bit of the sniffles. Or should I say the sneezers. The cats hate me. Just when they get comfortable on my lap, I sneeze several times and disturb everyone — within a one mile radius.

Hopefully my current sneeze fest will not create problems on Saturday while I watch the Seattle Seahawks kick some Panther butt.