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Sibling Rivalry

Miko has been home since Monday, but only briefly met her sisters on Tuesday.

Each day is a bit more introduction. MeiMei, the bully cat, has been mostly ignoring Miko except for a few moments of playtime.

Sunni was hesitant at first, but has now shown Miko the house, water, food, treats, and several litter box locations.

But Ellie, mild-mannered Ellie, has been literally having multiple hissy-fits whenever she even sees Miko. It is getting better though. Ha! See for yourself.

Home Sweet Home

I picked up Kumiko on Sunday night and we spent the night in a hotel. Here is little miss in her “pen” and she is not happy.

And yes, the pen is upside down. It was a planned, nothing went according to plan, weekend. More on that in another post.

Kumiko did not like the lengthy car ride, so Daughter held her for a bit. They were both tired.


I settled Kumiko in her room and then spent some quality time with the other girls. Awww, they missed me.

So now we are five. One human, four furries. Daughter will be moving back home in a month. Then we will be six!

Busy Day!!

Wahoo – leaving today to pick up Kumiko! Here’s the plan.

Daughter and her BF are running in the Spokane Bloomsday road race. So I dropped them off earlier and came back home to pack up. Read about Bloomsday – there are some 50,000 people on the course. It is a huge deal here in Spokane. My daughter has participated several times. Here she is right before the start.


I will pick them up at 1:00 and we hit the road! Three hours to college town to drop off BF. Daughter and I drive a few more hours to Kumiko’s birthplace.

Staying in hotel tonight (pets are free). Should be interesting with a 2 month old kitten.
Here is Kumiko (bottom left) with her mum and siblings. Getting prepared for separation – or maybe they are just hungry.

Wish us luck. More later.