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Final Fickle Friday of 2011

Yup, it’s the final fickle Friday from MsMouse for the year 2011. And how fickle can it be? Read on!

Am I Psychic or Psychotic?

No need to answer that question; it was just rhetorical. But really I do think I’m psychic. I few minutes ago I was reading a blog about chocolate and discovered that December 27 was National Fruitcake Day. And that was the same day I posted Traditions – Fruitcake Christmas Cake. Now I realize that fruitcake has a bad rap, but I swear mine is very very tasty. Even the visiting Japanese students took some home. But in case you have any further questions, please see The Society for the Protection and Preservation of Fruitcake.

I Whupped TV Technology

It is the end of 2011 and I finally succumbed to new technology when it comes to the boob tube (TV). I have two televisions; one is at least 13 years old and the other is only 12 years old. They work well. However, I really want to watch Netflix movies on my TV (though my laptop). So I finally broke down and bought a new TV. At first I was looking at the 40 inchers, but then realized my current TV is only 22 inches, so 40 inches was way too big for what I needed. I ended up with a 26 inch TV/DVD combo.

For me, the important part was to get it home and set up by myself. Thank goodness it was small enough so I could do that. Then I installed the stand (yeah baby, I can screw with the best of them, as long as I have my handy-dandy Phillips with me), got the cable plugged in, and watched the News on TV. COOL!

Then came the tricky part; getting Netflix to work. Really that was quite easy. The problem arose when I could not hear what was going on. I grabbed my old computer speakers, hooked then up, and VOILA — sound and sight! Isn’t life wonderful?!

Happy Birthday Dad

Today my dad would have been 92. He died of cancer in January 1983. He knew he was in his last few weeks of life and wanted a big birthday party to celebrate his birthday. So that’s what we did. I remember attending with my foster daughter, Linda. Something happened and poor Linda ended up with whip cream on the tip of her nose. How we all laughed, especially my dad. Less than a week after that day, he was in the hospital, never to leave again. I talked to him several times on the phone for the first few days, but he knew the end was near and he knew how I felt about hospitals. Finally one day he called me and said that I should stop by the hospital and pick up his cane. That’s when I knew it was real; him asking me to come to the hospital and giving me his father’s cherished cane (which is still have and have used since 1983). Anyway… Happy Birthday Dad. You would have loved the fact that I set up the TV by myself!

Christmas Clean-up

I thought it would be sort of warm today (in the 40s F) and the snow was melted, so decided to round up the outside Xmas decorations. Brrrrr… wind chill is a nasty thing! But I put away everything except one spiral tree; my hands were too cold. Daughter helped a bit by carting 2 cases of flushable cat litter out to the shed. I don’t need them now (read more below) so best to put them elsewhere.

Cat Toilet Training is Down the John

Yup – I’m afraid that Sunni (the little rug pooper) got the best of me with her shenanigans and I have restored the standard cat litter box back into the laundry room. Three months of trying was good for MeiMei as she was a full-time advocate of toilet usage. But Sunni was not on board with the program and after spending several hours shampooing the carpet in the living room, I too was prepared to give it up. Thus the 2 stored cases of flushable kitty litter; expensive stuff, so I’ll keep it as I might try again later.


Sunni’s 10 M Poop Dash

How Toilet Training the Cats Provides Cardio Exercise

My youngest kitty, Sunni, has not fully grasped the use of the toilet for her #2 business. Very good at hitting the john for # 1. And MeiMei is a star pupil who does both as expected. But this little story is about Sunni.

While toilet training the cats, I have noticed that Sunni has often been reluctant to poop in the toilet. I can usually tell when she needs to go though as she does this little chirping sound and is quite restless. When this occurs, I keep an eye on her because I now know what the issue is.

Yesterday Sunni did not poop at all; not in the toilet nor elsewhere in the house (thank goodness). So I knew there would be some intestinal activity this morning. When I got up, Sunni immediately went in the cat bathroom (how frigging spoiled are they?) and dutifully peed. She received her bonita flakes treat and then it was MeiMei’s turn. Success.

Within a minute, Sunni was chirping like crazy. I would pick her up and put her on the pot (just like potty training a child). But no go — literally.  Sunni would jump down, run upstairs and start pawing at the carpet in the living room. I would follow her (running up the stairs too), and attempt to grab her. She’d run her little route through the living room, in one corner, under the stool, behind the papasan chair, to another corner, and then I would catch her. I carry her back downstairs to the toilet and place her on the pot.

Of course, she would not do anything except chirp, jump down, and start the whole  10 meter dash again — with me hot on her tail. After a couple of rounds of this, I could tell she was getting a little frantic so I made sure I was right there to catch her. At last, I placed her on the pot and voila!!

I ran up and down the stairs several times, around the living room several laps, and bent and stretched multiple times. The Sunni 10 M Poop Dash certainly got me up and moving for the day. What a way to kick-start the day!

Will probably do it again tomorrow morning, and the next, and the next….

Can’t wait until this race is over and done with.

Toilet Training the Cats # 6

(To start at the beginning of the cat toilet training, see the Category CaTT)

After a couple of weeks of reasonable success, I decided to make the opening just a smidge bigger. I’m talking about one square inch bigger. Not all that of a change. Here’s what happened.

MeiMei: " Are you sure this is the same potty? That opening looks really big. Maybe it is a different potty. Let me look."

MeiMei:" I don't know. It looks and feels different."

MeiMei:" Hmmm, I can lay down in it. I didn't lay down in the other one."

MeiMei:" Sunni, what do you think? Doesn't it look different to you?"

Sunni: "Don't bother me with your stupid potty comments."

Sunni: " Geez!! Just leave it and me alone. I don't care!"

Sunni: " Guess I better check it out. (darn MeiMei)."

Sunni: " Holy Litter Box! It is bigger! I can even put my paw down that opening. Ewwww -- it's wet down there."

MeiMei: "Told you! I don't know why that litle whipper snapper won't listen to me."

Fickle Friday #6

Here it is the 2nd Friday in September and school is in session. I dropped my daughter off at college on Monday. She has figured out what she needs and has greatly reduced what she takes to her dorm room. This picture is her side of the room with much of her stuff. Her roommate (Japanese exchange student) arrives tomorrow. I’m sure they will be busy getting to know each other.

Now at home it is just me and the kitties. Speaking of the kitties, they are hanging in there with the toilet training. I was so excited yesterday when they both left presents in the designated spot. Tonight I opened up the little hole just a bit. Seems as if I have to take every change very slow. Sunni is the problem child and apparently hates change. So slowly we forge ahead.

The news chatter had such an interesting story about a moose who was eating fermented apples. Poor little guy apparently got a little tipsy and was got stuck up in the tree. This unusual act captured everyone’s attention as I received several e-mails about it and it has hit a few blogs I read too.  So here’s my addition to all this moose attention. This photo was taken from a window at my work. There are often moose at work (if the plural of mouse is mice, is the plural of moose, mece?) I have family that lives in the country and the moose often visit,once even stepping into their swimming pool to cool off. Several years ago there was a mother moose and calf outside of my daughter’s school entrance. We had to wait in the car until mom and kid wandered elsewhere.

My tomato plants are kicking into high gear. They are ripening up quite nicely. I’m guessing that the chillier air in the morning is contributing to the ripening. Since I have a black thumb, this is one of the first times I have had success with my tomatoes. I’m thinking that Mother Nature decided she had punished me enough and is getting my hopes up with this little bumper crop.

As I’m sitting her on the computer (no, I’m not physically on the computer), I’m watching The Invention of Lying with Ricky Gervais. Such a little unpretentious movie that I’m chuckling every minute. The man is a genius!

Winter is on its way. How do I know? Because tomorrow my snow blower is going in for maintenance. That means that when I get it back, I will be prepared. And based on my tomato crop, I’m thinking Mother Nature has me in her sight. And because I have a snow blower, I will need to use it.

Kind of hard to even think of snow because right now it is hot!  And I’m in need of ice cream!

Toilet Training the Cats #5

Sunni investigating the small opening

About 9 days ago I opened up the first hole in the CitiKitty tray to introduce the cats to the “toilet” world. That did not go well at all (see the intro here). After about 40 hours, the cats were not using the tray at all and someone (not providing a name to protect the innocent), peed and pooped on the bath rug in the upstairs bathroom.

I was a bit concerned about them not accepting this change and also I was not all that interested in cleaning up, so I decided to replace the cutout. I cleaned up everything and used duct tape to close up the opening. Within 1 minute, MeiMei was up on the toilet and producing a river! After a quick clean up, Sunni did the same thing. Whew, the opening created the problem, and maybe we could get over it.

It took several days before Sunni was convinced that using the toilet again would be OK. After both of them were doing all business in the toilet as desired, I would then consider having a small opening again.

Today was that day. I removed the taped cover for the first hole and taped it back down with just a small opening instead of the original larger opening. Someone has used it a couple of times already this evening. Not sure if Sunni (the cautious one) is involved yet.

Yard sale left-overs

The weekend yard sale was OK; between the two of us, we made a few $$. It was hot (94 F.) and hotter. I guess I’m not a true yard sale person, because I could not understand why people came early (can’t they read the signage that says 9 to 1 ?) and showed up way after 1:00.  But the best was that we both got rid of stuff we didn’t want. Teen girl clothes that did not sell will be taken to the Teen Closet, a local organization to provide clothing to foster children. In the past, I had 3 foster kids, so even today, I recognize this enormous need. The rest of the left-overs will go to another organization.

And to end the day, I must share this photo of my daughter (who did not want her picture taken, thus the cover up. I had forgotten the purchase of the t-shirt shortly after Hurricane Andrew. Apparently my daughter found it and wears it. And she was a survivor, so it’s OK.

Surviving Andrew

Fickle Friday #4

Things are crazeeee this week, thus this post will be short.  So here’s what’s happening and why it’s the wacko week.

Yard Sale Am having a yard sale this weekend with a friend. We were going to have it at my house because I have a better location. But she had stuff that would be a pain to move, so I took all my stuff to her house. And then we had to strategically place signage so buyers could find us. Of course, advertised in newspaper, online, and Craigslist. Because I had to work today, my daughter represented me at the sale. They did quite well today, consider it was a Friday. And many buyers (lookers) came by because they saw the signage. Ha – in your face Susan! She was given me a bad time because I didn’t make the signs until late Thursday night. I work better under pressure. Hoping to sell a lot of stuff, mainly because I don’t want to cart it back home. Any $$ will go to my daughter to help with her college education. (Don’t get me started on those financial woes!)

CaTT Update  The cat’s are having some issues with a little hole in their CitiKitty tray. Unfortunately had to revert to no hole. But they are sort of back on track. Heavy on the sort of. Will have to explain more later.

Hurricane Irene  I’ve been blogging about my experience with Hurricane Andrew 19 years ago.  I am obsessed with hurricanes this week and am trying not to watch the news 24 hours a day. Although Irene is currently a Category 2, the potential for surge is looking bad. I am pleasantly surprised at the serious response by the government. Maybe lessons have been learned (dare we hope?). My deepest thoughts and good wishes are going out to those in Irene’s path.  The Red Cross is going to need help with this one.

Karaoke  I just happened to come across Karaoke Battle USA on television while writing this. Hope I have corrected all my typos due to laughing so hard while watching this show. A 49-year-old woman came out with tan tan, bleached blond, hot pink (with sparkles), and — wait for it — black leather pants! She was a pretty good singer, but I just couldn’t take her seriously.  She came close to winning the evening, but was beaten by a stronger voice (thank goodness), who also had a sparkly top.  Then this gorgeous dude comes out and made me “happy.” He is an ex-body builder competitor, though could still compete. Smile that lights up the room. He is currently a massage therapist; said he is excited to be massage therapist. Geez, I’d be excited it he was my massage therapist!  And he is a sexy sensational singer too. He won the night and is going to the semi-finals. I now have to backtrack my laughter; it is not the show, because many of the singers have excellent singing voices. Apparently it is only a few that cracked me up. Hmm… may have to watch this show a few more times.

Toilet Training the Cats # 4

Today was the day to remove the 1st ring in the CitiKitty tray so as to introduce the cats to the first small hole to the actual toilet. Good heavens, you would have thought this tiny opening was the largest sinkhole in the world.

MeiMei is much braver than Sunni and she immediately started a thorough investigation. Walking around the seat and staring into the hole. Apparently that was not good enough so she would dip her paw down the hole. Yikes, did she jump when her paw reached water. And EWWWW  she would then pull her paw out and lick it. I’m telling you right now, that cat’s paw will never touch my face again!

After only a few minutes, MeiMei decided it was all OK and to show her approval, she sprawled across the toilet seat. Hmmm, how does that work if she is supposed to go potty in the same spot? I’m hoping this is not a step backwards. Maybe she is just showing her support; I certainly hope so. She has been very accepting of all the changes so far. Please, please, let it continue!

Then Sunni entered the bathroom and tried to check out the new configuration, but MeiMei was still lounging. Soon, MeiMei got up and showed Sunni the new works. It was as if MeiMei was saying “Now check this out Sunni. Mommy put a hole in out litter tray. Stick your paw down there; it won’t hurt.” I swear MeiMei was snorting in her paw as soon as Sunni freaked out when touching the toilet water.

As the little hole has only been there for about 6 hours, I don’t know the success of this new introduction yet. There is certainly a lot of interest and curiosity, but no actual #1 or #2 deposits yet. Geez — is this what my life has come to? Constantly watching the cats do their business?