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Getting Back on Track

My original purpose for the MsMouseCleansHouse blog was to create some sort of tracking and accountability for certain aspects of my life. One part was cleaning up the house and getting back to some sort of organization. I was doing OK when I started, and then Daughter came home for a month.

For whatever reason, that seemed to derail me. But she has been back at school for a week and I am rip-roaring, ready to tackle the house again. WAHOO for me!

One thing I did over the weekend was to get her room back into a livable condition. I even started sleeping in her bedroom as it is much cooler downstairs. And I have started working on the sewing room. That’s going to be a huge chore.

I seem to have a fear of starting a task that seems too big. I need to just jump into it without thinking about it and deal with little steps. Unfortunately, I do this a lot. If I can’t finish something, I have trouble starting it.

Example: I use a lawn service for my yard which is too big for me to mow it myself (since I’m old and decrepid, and don’t function in the heat). Once a month I gather their invoices and pay them. However, lately I have gotten into this delay mode, and get around to paying them a week later. But then I have another invoice so it’s another delay., This has gone on for two months, until I was sent an itemized bill. I paid it ASAP and now am feeling guilty for my lack of action. It was a kind of eye-opener for me.

Thus, I’m back on track. Here are my goals for this week.

  • Declutter the kitchen.
  • Fold and put away the laundry.
  • Reorganize the bookshelves.
  • Order the new hardware for the upstairs bathroom.

There — that should keep me busy for a few days. I’m not putting a lot on this week as I’m quite swamped at work and putting in some extra hours.

By the way, I am supporting National Chocolate Milk Shake Day while writing this. Yummmm…


Fickle Friday #5

Today is September 2, 2011 — or 9-2-11. I have a tendancy to notice simple patterns and like 9-2-11 because 9+2=11. Strange, but true!

Do you believe it is September? Wheat harvest is going on and summer is near the end. The weather did a little change and yesterday there was even fog when driving to work. Lows were down in the 40s F. and highs were only in the 70s F.  But I think Mother Nature was just teasing, because next week it will be in the 90s again.

Monday is Labor Day in the USA. That means no work! But it is also the day I have to drive Daughter back to college. I checked the weather forecast and it is supposed to be in the 90s F. ARG!!  Daughter can’t get the key to her room until noon and she has a 4:00 meeting. So we have less than 4 hours to  get checked in, move everything from the car to her room, and then grab her stuff that we put in storage. That might take 2 trips.

The worst part will be the heat. And then I have to drive home (about 3 hours) in Labor Day late afternoon traffic. That is making me anxious already. I will have to remember to take my Glee CDs to keep me engaged in sing-along during the boring drive home.

The Packing Process

Once I return home, it will be deja vu in her room.  In July, I had it all spotless. I’m hoping it will be mostly cleaned up when we pack up. She’s been sorting through her things and has actually packed some of her stuff already.  The cats are quite enjoying everything though; there are lots of nooks and crannies, bags, and suitcases to investigate.

After daughter is back at school, I will hopefully get back into finishing the house cleaning chores. And just when I get that done, it will be time to back up and store the patio furniture.

OMG – I’m watching Man, Woman, Wild on the Discovery Channel. It’s a show about a survival expert and his wife who simulate survival situations. Right now they are in a small boat adrift in the Bermuda Triangle. They have been there for 3 days, with minimal water and only a tiny fish or two they caught. And let’s not forget there are sharks bumping against their boat. Mike (the hubby) is suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. So he tells Ruth (his wife) to give him an enema to hydrate him. Now that’s love!  And successful love, because he got better and they were rescued.

I’m thinking that I will stay out of the Bermuda Triangle. And if I get too hot on Monday while moving Daughter into her college room, I hope no one sneaks up on me and gives me an enema.

Here Come Da Judge!

I am fairly opinionated. And sometimes I am judgemental. But is there a difference and what is that?

  • Judgemental is defined as an attitude in which judgments about other people’s conduct are made.
  • Opinionated is defined as obstinate or conceited with regard to the merit of one’s own opinions.

Yup, I am judgemental and I rationalize it in any way that makes sense to me at the time.  And opinionated — oh yeah!  Here again, I rationalize this because I have thought long and hard about my opinions and believe they are the best for me. True, I sometimes think they may be better for others too. But more often, it’s all about me. Guess that’s where the conceited part comes in. Sometimes I think they are meshed together when words come out of my mouth. I’m trying to figure out how to be a better person, especially in this aspect.

“Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman

I have a low ability to understand why people do some of the things they do. Thus I often ask questions, which are usually delivered with little tact. It’s not that I mean to be tactless, I am so curious or astounded at others’ actions that I blurt out questions or comments.

For example, I came across an odd situation and person A stated they knew what the problem was. I responded with “how do you know that?” Unfortunately my comment was perceived as some sort of accusation. What I wanted to know was how person A came by that information.  What did they read or learn that allowed them to have that knowledge? Was it something I also could learn? I wanted to understand their reasoning so if I came across a similar situation, I might also be able to know what the problem is.

If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Is that a judgemental statement? Somewhat. Does it imply that “bad” behavior is contagious? Sort of. I think it points more to mans’ attempt to belong or embed themselves as part of a group.

For example, if you hang out with druggies, there is a higher chance you too may become involved with drugs. Judgemental or an opinion?  Realistic? Probably a little of all.

I find that I often put my foot in my mouth with judgemental statements. Generic statements without knowing the facts are a problem. For example, in a conversation with a friend, I made a generic statement that people who have affairs with married people lose a little of my respect for them.

Now that is judgemental! I’m basing an overall opinion of the person based on a single aspect of their life. And without even knowing the facts or even if the situation is true. And without taking into account all the good things I know about that person.

“I am grateful that I am not as judgmental as all those censorious, self-righteous people around me.” – anonymous

So a personal goal of mine is to work on not being that anonymouse (pun intended) person I quoted above. It’s gonna be hard, because I’m sure you’ll agree I’m perfect nearly perfect.  OK OK — I’m in great need of an overhaul!!!  Sheesh – I’m even judgemental on myself.

Quick Update on Toilet Training the Cats

It has been about 24 hours since I introduce my two cats to CitiKitty in my attempt to toilet train them. I am flabbergasted at how they are doing in such a short time. Is it because I have highly intelligent felines? Maybe I’m the best cat mom around? Could it be that CitiKitty has a system and plan that works?

I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m hoping it is all three. Since last night’s post, MeiMei had used CitiKitty within the first two minutes. Yeah, that MeiMei rocks. But little Sunni was being not quite as adept at grasping the whole concept. When I finally went to bed, she still had not done the deed; she came close twice (actually assuming the position), but no cigar.

You can guess how excited I was this morning to find “treasures” in the CitiKitty tray. Someone (guessing it was MeiMei) had peed and pooped. So I cleaned that up–and by that I mean I flushed it down the toilet–threw in some more flushable litter and an enticing pinch of catnip. MeiMei immediately made a liquid deposit. So once again, I did a quick clean up and went to find Sunni. Sure enough, she was watching the morning routine and when I placed her on the toilet…drum roll please…she let go and peed in the CitiKitty tray. I was so proud, I almost cried (ok, no crying, but I was very happy and proud).

I had an appointment later in the afternoon and didn’t get back until early evening. All felines were piddling in the pot, even Sunni. MeiMei missed the litter and piddled on the back of the toilet seat; bet ol’ SpongeBob as glad I put him somewhere dry. My next statement will sound strange, but am hoping you know where I’m coming from; I would like to see a bit more poop. It’s only been 24 hours, and usually my cats are major poop machines, so I hope they are not hiding things from me.

For now, I am not changing anything and just giving them time to totally become familiar with the new system. I may start trying to get them to at least put their front paws on the toilet seat instead of their current “all in” stance. But that’s as far as I’m going to take it until I see consistent peeps and poops from both of them.

At the end of day one, I say “all systems go” and I mean that literally; # 1 and # 2 in the CitiKitty tray please. DISCLAIMER: All non-felines can safely assume that sentence does not pertain to them.

Taming Daughter’s Tornado

Finally I have an update for housecleaning goals from last week. All of Daughter’s belongings stuff junk has been toss or stored. She’s not due back for 17 days, so I better enjoy it while I can. Thank goodness too, as my weekend company came today. So here’s the latest and final update.

  • Complete the boxing/storage of Daughter’s housewares – DONE
  • Declutter the computer desk – PARTIALLY DONE
  • Pay bills – DONE
  • Dust –  DONE
  • Vacuum – DONE
  • Laundry – DONE
  • Place new table cloth on dining room table – No need to do as already nicely covered in cat hair
  • Put up canopy on deck and enjoy fresh air (while reading of course) – DONE
  • Find place to temporarily store items for August garage sale – DONE
  • Grocery shopping – DONE
  • Prepare goodies to take to 4th of July party – DONE

Before - Living room

After - Living room

I have previously shown before and after pictures for Daughter’s room. Now here are before and after pictures of the living room.

It is such a relief to get the majority of the house done. I still have the sewing room and my bedroom to clean, but am not setting any date for completion because I feel good about what I have already done. Am hoping the “good” feeling will carry over into a strong desire to now finish with the two rooms left.

We (I and company) are going to an animal sanctuary tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures!

Projects and Paranoia

It’s a long weekend, with the 4th of July on Monday. WAHOO – time to do more cleaning and attending a little barbecue on the 4th.

How boring for any readers, but  making a list and posting it makes me accountable for the tasks. Yeah, right, as if anyone is going to show up at my door demanding to see actual evidence of completed tasks. I can picture it now. The GOTCHA (Goals Or Tasks Completing Home Activities) patrol was at my door. They were linked up with a handheld computer and accessed my blog right there on my doorstep.

THEM:  Are you MsMouse7?

ME:  Who wants to know?

THEM:  According to your July 1 blog, you were to complete several tasks. Did you follow-thru?

ME:  My personal actions within my own property are none of your business. (I attempt to close the door.)

THEM:  Ma’am, we are from the GOTCHA patrol and your government (as part of the Idiot Act) has given us permission to intrude on any and every aspect of your life, including your accountability for goals and tasks posted on your blog. Step aside. we’re coming in (as they place white latex gloves on their hands).

That’s about all I could handle before actual paranoia set in and I stopped thinking about those possibilities, as unbelievable as they are. Eschewing my paranoia, here’s my weekend tasks.

  • Complete the boxing/storage of Daughter’s housewares
  • Declutter the computer desk
  • Pay bills
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Laundry
  • Place new table cloth on dining room table
  • Put up canopy on deck and enjoy fresh air (while reading of course)
  • Find place to temporarily store items for August garage sale
  • Grocery shopping
  • Prepare goodies to take to 4th of July party

Wish me luck!! Hope everyone else is going to have a more exciting weekend than me.

BTW – I won this month’s rabbit contest!!

One Clean Room!

WAHOO — finished the guest room (which was Daughter’s room). All bedding washed, floor vacuumed, shelves dusted, junk thrown away, and sellable stuff boxed up for yard sale. Even the cats are enjoying the cleanliness. Here are before and after pictures.