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Caturday – Hide n Seek

Miko and I are playing hide n seek. She thinks I don’t see her under the chair, but I do!



Caturday – You Dirty Rat

Excuse the poor photos; a lot of movement going on.

Caturday – Gotcha!

Play time at the OK corral.

Sunni: Ok you striped snake, I dare ya to move.
Miko: Gotcha! (Check out Miko’s cross-eyes and her little fang. )
Sunni, Miko, and Ellie: Whose turn?

Caturday – Scheduling Playtime

Miko, the Balinese, always always wants to play. Sunni, not this time.

Miko: Hey look, I am bowing in submission. Let’s play.
Sunni: Silent look.
Miko: You seem miffed. Don’t you want to play?
Sunni: Still the silent look.
Miko: Hmmm, I’ll just look away so you don’t think I am being aggressive (which I’m not). You keep thinking about playing.
Sunni: No thinking necessary. I am not playing.
Miko: It’s been 2 whole minutes and you still look miffed. Well, I’m not leaving until we play!
Sunni: I am not playing and I am not leaving.
And the negotiation for playtime continues.

Caturday – Wrestling

The video speaks for itself.

Caturday – Cheap Cat Toys

I accidentally dropped the plastic covering for toilet roll packaging. All the cats immediately had to investigate. Miko is by far the lead investigator. MeiMei bullies her way into the scene. Poor Miko.

Cats, Dogs, and Dragons

The day started off early as I am dog-sitting for some friends. Max, a large yellow lab, was looking so forlorn, even though I had just finished playing with him. He asked me ( in a way that dog-lovers can understand) to let his people know that he missed them.

Later that day, I stopped by a little antique, second-hand store. And found the cutest pair of little dragon earrings. I also bought a pair of ruby studs because dragons need a bit of fire (I have a double piercing on one ear). Don’t you agree?


Since it was lunch time, I met up with my daughter for lunch. We also did a quick stop at Trader Joe’s. Can’t tell you how much I love that store. Frozen tamales, blood-orange soda, sushi, and so on. Only wish it was closer instead of 16 miles across town, a 30-40 minute drive – one way.

Finally made it back home to relax and get in some reading. Even the cats were relaxing. At least Ellie (my little Siamese) was until Miko (the 6.5 month Balinese) decided to interrupt the peace and quiet. Listen carefully and you can hear Ellie hissing.

Hope your day did not end with a hissy fit.