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Things to Celebrate Today

Wowsa – not even noon yet and a few good things have occurred already. Reason enough to celebrate this day. 

  • Today is National Ice Cream Day! In preparation, I went to the store yesterday to stock up. And I think the store was onboard because ice cream was on sale for $1.99! Such a deal! I bought a mint chocolate with Oreo cookie crumbles and a strawberry creamcheese ice cream with graham cracker crumbles. So I guess you know what I am eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today!! 
  • I was able to take a shower upstairs! Let me explain. Since my knee surgery I could not bend my knee enough to step over the bathtub edge and take a shower. Thank goodness I have a walk-in shower stall in the downstairs bathroom so I could hose off. But today I could step in to and out of the tub. A small, but important victory in knee recovery. 
  • Dog/cat peace accord reached.   Today while I was in the shower, Ziva (the dog) voluntarily waited in her crate. Not hearing any noise, Sunni (the cat) came upstairs and down the hallway to the bathroom. Ziva started walking down the hallway too. And just like that they slowly passed each other without sniffs, snorts, or any aggression.  It has been 18 days since Ziva joined the family and I think the cats are getting closer to accepting Ziva.  Who couldn’t love this face? 

Hope you also find a few things to celebrate the day!


My Days in Pictures

I took today off as a vacation day. Here are some pixs from today and a few days ago.

Made chicken parmigiana in the crockpot. Five minutes of easy prep and this is what you get. Tasty, and enough for several meals.
More rain yesterday, but it did produce a piece of a rainbow. Taken from my kitchen window.
Just a couple of miles from my house, the mama deer and her two babies were out eating lunch. So cute.
I picked up a friend to run errands. We stopped for lunch at a cute little cafe in the downtown area. Great sandwich, but the real reason we went to this place was their ice cream. One flavor was banana french toast. How about maple bacon? After several taste tests, I ended up with rastaschio; dark chocolate raspberry chips, raspberry swirl, mixed in with pistachio ice cream. OMG!! (Sorry, I ate the visible chip before I took the pic.)
Although it was a little chilly, we took a very short walk to check out the river. Here is a panoramic view.
I don’t go into the downtown area very often. I live about 30 minutes north, so just don’t make the drive. But the river is beautiful, though the gray skies tend to make it look dreary.

I ran my required errands–the ones that necessitated a vacation day–and returned home to relax the rest of the day. It’s back to work for the rest of the week.

Sloppy Sundae Friday

On Friday I went to visit Daughter at college. Her birthday is next week, so this quick weekend visit was the only available free time.

Took Daughter and B. (her boyfriend) out for dinner. We each licked our plates, but still decided on dessert. Daughter and B. both decided to get this huge ice cream sundae. The waitress suggested that one would feed all three of us. But the starving college students felt a competition coming on and they each ordered one.

Yup , each one was that big. The following pictures tell the rest of the story.


The waitress stopped by and exclaimed, “I have never seen a person finish one of those, and now I get two in the same night!”

Yup – that’s the type of recognition to strive for!!!

BTW – No college students were harmed in the competition, but I think they were indeed full!

I Scream for Ice Cream!

Baskin-Robbins just reminded me that today is National Ice Cream Day! Thanks for the reminder. This was on my Facebook page. (from B-R).


I think I could should eat ice cream all day. A different flavor as the temperature changes. But I don’t think it’s going to get above 85 where I am. So I will just have to fake it because rainbow sherbet is a fav.

Well, I am off to do chores, rest, and eat ice cream. How about you?

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

I almost missed a very important holiday–Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Thank goodness I discovered it still in time to participate. It is mid-morning where I live, am still in Jammie’s watching George Clooney on the “Inside the Actors Studio,” and eating ice cream. What could be better?


At a recent trip to the grocery store, I found these little tiny containers of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. They are so cute and just the right size to satisfy the addiction and yet not send you over the edge. And there is this tiny spoon under the lid so you can eat on the run.

If it is too late for you to celebrate, fake it!

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Sunday, July 17, is National Ice Cream Day. I plan to celebrate; don’t tell, but I started the party today (as I sheepishly wipe Rocky Road ice cream from my face).  The cats enjoy licking the bowl if I leave them enough to make it worthwhile.

Instead of birthday cake, I prefer ice cream cake roll; Baskins & Robbins has a yummy chocolate cake/cookie dough ice cream cake roll. My personal mantra is “there is always room for ice cream.”

Because I like cold stuff, ice cream (and sherbet, frozen yogurt, etc.) has a special place in my heart stomach. My favorite flavors or ice cream concoctions include:

  • Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint ice cream. This seems to be only available part of the year, so I hoard it in the freezer.
  • Orange sherbet. Always adds a little punch to punch.
  • Float with strawberry ice cream and Squirt. Put this in a chilled mug and lounge on the deck on a summer afternoon (a chilling combination).
  • Baskin & Robbins Mandarin Chocolate Orange ice cream. Last time I had this was in the late 70’s, so you can see how it stuck in my taste buds). I think this dark chocolate orange love came from my childhood. My mom would make chocolate cake. And I would grab a piece and mix it with orange sherbet. I remember having this for breakfast sometimes–and still do every now and again. YUM!!

For you trivia freaks fans:

  • In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream month, and the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day.
  • The ice cream cone was patented in December 1903 by Italo Marchiony from New York.
  • The average American consumes about 23.2 quarts of ice cream, sherbet, etc. a year.
  • Top three ice cream-consuming American cities are Portland, OR; St. Louis, MO; and Seattle, WA.

And the most disturbing info of all:  correlation between ice cream consumption and murder. I am concerned. Am I a killer in the making?  Who am I going to murder — the person who denies me ice cream (that seems to be self-defense) ?  And if I do murder someone, can I use the ice cream defense (a slight change of Dan White’s twinkie defense) ? Do they serve ice cream in jail? Who amongst you will sneak me ice cream sandwiches in the courtroom or in jail? If this statistic is correct, why does my work place have an ice cream machine?  Is there a conspiracy in the work place? If the government discovers this statistic, will there be an ice cream act to eliminate ice cream in society so as to reduce murders? Will there then be an introduction of the illegal ice cream speakeasy?

Sorry, I’m totally freaked out; I gotta go eat some ice cream!!