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Holiday Preparation

We are all getting ready for the holidays at my house. And by all, I mean the cats too. Sometimes we put on some music to get charged up. And music means there may be some dancing going on.,%20~s%20NUm%20s-rC%20qE:qC:uF%200-y-q&4jw@SkczQsWx=j7@Zt@UwQsb@oSkhni@nUpQ4b3@hoSsfsUxj@xe3YpYmQ3Yyd@A


Watch It Wednesday – Let’s Dance

I came across JustSomeMotion’s dancing on YouTube and just have to share with you.

Watch it Wednesday – Let’s Dance!

Best rendition of a Michael Jackson song!

I Have Babies!!

My Babies (Zoom to Middle and Top Right)

Check it out — I have little baby cherry tomatoes already starting to form!! And I only planted them a few weeks ago. Guess this should change my self-perception of my mommyhood skills. And to think I always thought I had a black thumb because I could kill plastic plants (well, the cats helped in that fiasco).

I’m just relaxing for a few minutes while watching So You Think You Can Dance. They are naming the top 20 dancers and then having small groups of them do a little performance. I am already so impressed. The judges selected 4 (yes, 4) hip-hop dancers. Their group dance was AMAZING and so fun to watch.

Luv this show! I wish I could even dance 10% as well as these kids. Heck, I have trouble walking — sheesh!

Short post as it is almost commercial time and I have things to do. Am fetching Daughter on Saturday; she’ll be home for 2 weeks before heading back to college for summer session.