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A Peach of a Day

Today has been very busy — at least the morning was. 

I got up early and Daughter and I were downtown at our favorite Sunday meeting place. Yup, it was pumpkin waffle time. (Sorry, we ate too fast.) We had a 9:30 pedicure appointment, but we’re early. So we did a quick stop at Target to grab a few items. Still too early, so a speedy car wash sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately there were technical difficulties. Yay, all fixed in 5 minutes. An artistic display on my front windshield!  Whew, we made it to the pedicure only 1 minute late. When we were almost done, a woman and 3 children (1 was of age) came in. She was getting married in a few days and was celebrating with mimosas!  She asked if we too (and everyone else in the nail salon) would like a mimosa. And she asked my 24 year old daughter if she was old enough. Thanks for checking!  We ended up sipping mimosas (just OJ for the kids) until nail polish was dry. 

Here are our toesies! Cute, huh? After that, we headed to a local farming community to get some fresh fruit and veggies. Blackberries, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, and… peaches!  Of course we taste-tested 5 different varieties before selecting sweet pea peaches. I also got a peach milk shake made with hard ice cream and fresh peaches. As soon as we got home, Daughter sliced up a peach. Extremely good.  And then I added some to my infuser bottle.  It is not even noon and we are all exhausted and pretty much done for the day. But what a peach of a day it has been!

Snow and Toes

Friday morning I had to be at work earlier than normal. I got up and was ready to leave on time when I noticed about 3 inches of snow was covering everything.

Because I am a bit OCD about having a clean and shoveled driveway, I started to shovel the evil whiteness. Unfortunately, the snow was wet and heavy, thus making shoveling a bit more of a chore. However, I had to leave at a certain time in order to get to work on time and I did not have time to shovel the entire 2-car driveway. I knew if I drove on the snow, it would be exceedingly difficult to shovel later that day.

So this was my compromise.
Call it the lazy man shovel plan or whatever. It worked though. I got to work on time. And when I got home at the end of the day, there was only a small area that I had to shovel that was packed snow/ice. But that little bit was a bitch to clear, so I patted myself on the back for my earlier compromise.

On Saturday, guess what Daughter and I did?
Yup, a quick pedicure. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist in a few days. I try to always get a pedicure so he isn’t grossed out when he checks my ankle joints. Ugly toes, but clever polish job, don’t you think?

Daughter Day

Saturday, Daughter got off work early so we could pal around.

First, we did pedicures. Very relaxing and my feet are no longer a mix of dry skin and callous. This will make my rheumatologist happy when he has to check out my ankle that is killing me. No one wants to touch calloused, cracked feet, even if it is their job.
Then we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch. I forgot the type of sauce I like and ordered the one I don’t particularly care for. But it all worked out in that I wasn’t that hungry (after salad and breadsticks) and Daughter took it home for her lunch the next day.

We wanted to see a movie, but the timing was off, so we went home and took naps. We did end up seeing a very nice movie, Begin Again with Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightly, and Adam Levine. Great, great music. I do enjoy Adam Levine’s singing!

As we walked outside the movie theater later, we were met with an eye-popping sunset . Everyone stopped to enjoy the view and take pictures. Unfortunately, the vibrant coloring is due to heavy smoke from several wildfires.

A good time had by all! And we made tentative plans for a mini-vacation in August. Hoping to go to the Vancouver, B.C. Aquarium. We have a friend who works with their dolphins, so might be able to get a mini-tour.