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Getting Ready for Winter

Mornings are getting chilly in the Pacific Northwest. I have not yet turned on the heat in my house. This was the temperature in the house last week.

I have a gas fireplace which I turn on to take the chill off. The cats and the dog appreciate the warmth.

One outside chore is to clean up the flower pots that reside on the deck railing. Look at all the colorful trees in the background.

The only large tree I have to clean up after is my maple tree in the front yard. So far, there are minimal leaves on the ground.

The sprinklers have been blown out, winter fertilizer put on the lawn, the snowblower is out for maintenance, and I am ready for Halloween!

Now to just store the patio furniture and wait for leaves to fall so I can rake them up. Oh joy!


Watch it Wednesday – Impressions

Who knew that Kevin Spacey did great impressions. Watch this segment of Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon doing multiple impressions with a Halloween theme. I was laughing out loud; scared the cats.

Creative BOO Time

It is more than a month until Halloween. The treats are already for sale in the stores. I know this for a fact because I had to buy some Mounds candy bars–to test the quality, you know.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy creative use of the holiday. And today, Supercell’s interactive game, Hay Day, has demonstrated its Halloween spirit. (Yes, I am a Hay Day addict; don’t judge me!)

The cows are sporting witch hats. The pigs have been mummified.
The goats are channeling Dracula. The sheep are mere ghosts of themselves.
The chickens have become pumpkins!
Something scary in the mine tunnel.
And an eerie mist rolls across the farm fields.
Kudos to the Hay Day creative team!

Apparently Hay Day jumped the gun and accidently displayed the Halloween theme too early. The cuties are now gone. But Supercell says they will return in due time. Bwahhaha.


This was the scene at work yesterday.

Tough times.


Boo Hoo, It’s Halloween

I’m not a huge Halloween fan; not even as a kid did I enjoy the trick-or-treating. But when you have a child, you do what you can so they can enjoy this spooky tradition. And as long as they share the good candy, it’s a win-win for all.

I remember dressing up as a hobo as a child. Mom would smear shortening on my face and then put coffee grounds into the shortening so they would stick. Supposed to look like a bad beard. I hated the smell of those coffee grounds and still do. Totally cannot stand the smell of coffee. Maybe that was the trick-or-treat part on me.

Now that my daughter is out of the house, I don’t have to fake my enjoyment anymore. It’s lights off at my house, don’t bother ringing the doorbell, and a good time to just read. However, I did a quick search for some digital halloween pictures from the past, present, and future, and found these little gems. Hope you like them.

Hmm, not quite sure what Daughter is, but it doesn't look like Dorothy from Kansas.

The place where I work used to put on a huge halloween party for kids of employees. This was one of those years.

A couple of co-workers. No, this is not how they normally dress at work.

Daugher (left) and friend, looking cute as ever!

Twas a rough Halloween last year; we barely survived! (made with ZombieMe)