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Fickle Friday #5

Today is September 2, 2011 — or 9-2-11. I have a tendancy to notice simple patterns and like 9-2-11 because 9+2=11. Strange, but true!

Do you believe it is September? Wheat harvest is going on and summer is near the end. The weather did a little change and yesterday there was even fog when driving to work. Lows were down in the 40s F. and highs were only in the 70s F.  But I think Mother Nature was just teasing, because next week it will be in the 90s again.

Monday is Labor Day in the USA. That means no work! But it is also the day I have to drive Daughter back to college. I checked the weather forecast and it is supposed to be in the 90s F. ARG!!  Daughter can’t get the key to her room until noon and she has a 4:00 meeting. So we have less than 4 hours to  get checked in, move everything from the car to her room, and then grab her stuff that we put in storage. That might take 2 trips.

The worst part will be the heat. And then I have to drive home (about 3 hours) in Labor Day late afternoon traffic. That is making me anxious already. I will have to remember to take my Glee CDs to keep me engaged in sing-along during the boring drive home.

The Packing Process

Once I return home, it will be deja vu in her room.  In July, I had it all spotless. I’m hoping it will be mostly cleaned up when we pack up. She’s been sorting through her things and has actually packed some of her stuff already.  The cats are quite enjoying everything though; there are lots of nooks and crannies, bags, and suitcases to investigate.

After daughter is back at school, I will hopefully get back into finishing the house cleaning chores. And just when I get that done, it will be time to back up and store the patio furniture.

OMG – I’m watching Man, Woman, Wild on the Discovery Channel. It’s a show about a survival expert and his wife who simulate survival situations. Right now they are in a small boat adrift in the Bermuda Triangle. They have been there for 3 days, with minimal water and only a tiny fish or two they caught. And let’s not forget there are sharks bumping against their boat. Mike (the hubby) is suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. So he tells Ruth (his wife) to give him an enema to hydrate him. Now that’s love!  And successful love, because he got better and they were rescued.

I’m thinking that I will stay out of the Bermuda Triangle. And if I get too hot on Monday while moving Daughter into her college room, I hope no one sneaks up on me and gives me an enema.


Fickle Posting # 1

Today, my mind is all over the place. I can’t concentrate on any single thing; my thoughts are bouncing around like my brain is on a trampoline. And the end result–after an hour of trying to focus–is this myriad of thoughts, comments, pictures, and whatever my brain spits out.

Cool thoughts

Although it is warm where I live (88 F.) today, I was checking out the weather around the U.S.A. So many hot hot days and continual heat waves, I’m glad I’m not in those areas. To let you hot ones know I’m thinking of you, I offer you this hope for the days to come.

Reality TV is getting weirder and weirder. And yet, some of the shows seem to hook me in. For example, I was just bouncing through channels while eating a quick dinner. I came across Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I sometimes watch this show because some of the people are interesting. I’m trying hard not to be too judgemental, but Amy Fisher is such a mess. The episode I saw had her husband (who looks a lot older) really mouthing off and threatening to kill another visitor. And Amy just blubbers continually about how everyone hates her. I feel sorry for her up to a point. (Guess I would not make a good counselor.) And what started it all was a flippant comment by a guest about Amy being a Buttofuoco face shooter. Geez – WTF – and a rude cutting comment. Everyone seems to be a mess and to call on a cliché, it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

After flipping channels again, I came across Tammi Menendez, wife of Erik Menendez, who along with his brother Lyle, was convicted of murdering his parents in 1989.  He has  a life sentence without the possiblity of parole. Now wouldn’t that be the marriage: no conjugal visits, no arguements, basically a life without the spouse. Odd, but apparently commonplace, are the number of pen pal marriages to prison inmates. Richard Ramirez (the Night Stalker) married a pen pal in 1996. I believe he is still married and awaiting appeals, etc. and an execution date.

Mosaic jar with colorful light

The Boys (Oreo and Koko) Taking a Nap

Too many wacky people in my brain right now. I’ll jump to mosaic pictures because I just came across this one. The light shining through the glass is gorgeous.

To end this post–which has no beginning, thus no end–is a picture of my lovely boys, Oreo and Koko. They were best buds and were together with us for about 11-12 years before they both died. Can’t forget them! They both had full names and theme songs (weird huh?). Oreo James and Koko Bean. Oreo’s theme song was from the Wizard of Oz. The song the monkey guards sing: “Oh we love the old one”  in that deep harmony, but we changed it to “Oreo, the old one.” Koko was a tad chubby and had quite the belly at one point. He slimmed down but still had the hanging flab that wobbled back and forth whenever he walked. So his song was Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop which we changed to “Shimmy Shimmy Koko Cat.”

I certainly hope my brain settles down and I can concentrate on a single thought or two. Rocky Road ice cream is calling, so I’m off to make sure Mr. RR knows I have answered the call.

I Have Babies!!

My Babies (Zoom to Middle and Top Right)

Check it out — I have little baby cherry tomatoes already starting to form!! And I only planted them a few weeks ago. Guess this should change my self-perception of my mommyhood skills. And to think I always thought I had a black thumb because I could kill plastic plants (well, the cats helped in that fiasco).

I’m just relaxing for a few minutes while watching So You Think You Can Dance. They are naming the top 20 dancers and then having small groups of them do a little performance. I am already so impressed. The judges selected 4 (yes, 4) hip-hop dancers. Their group dance was AMAZING and so fun to watch.

Luv this show! I wish I could even dance 10% as well as these kids. Heck, I have trouble walking — sheesh!

Short post as it is almost commercial time and I have things to do. Am fetching Daughter on Saturday; she’ll be home for 2 weeks before heading back to college for summer session.