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I am still on some pain meds after my knee surgery. They make me drowsy. 

Miko thinks that her typical 16 hours of sleep is not enough so she has been trying to steal my pain meds.   

 Should I be worried?

Could this be a cat intervention?

Oh, what’s a momma to do?!?


Caturday – Bath Time

Miko was sitting on top of the couch when Sunni said it was bath time. So Miko just slipped down to where Sunni was waiting. Thus Miko’s tail, straight up against the back of the couch.   

Silly cats!

Caturday – Chair Hog

Miko, my Balinese, does not like to share space on the recliner. Even though I was there first. 


Caturday – Ready to Roll

Miko, the Balinese, had her yearly checkup. She was ready to hit the road.   

And then I ruined the experience by stuffing her head down, zipping her in, and taking her to the vet. 

She survived. 

A Little This and That Sunday

Not much going on around here, but here is a little update. 

Yum, fresh tomatoes. I was craving a BLT when I saw this tomato that needed plucking.   Alas, I did not have any bacon. So I jumped in the car to bring home the bacon (literally).  On the way home I was craving ice cream. I was jumping the gun by a day. Sunday, June 19 is National Ice Cream Day. So I did my part and stopped at Dairy Queen to get a peanut buster parfait. 

By the time I finished that giant treat, I was too full to make my BLT. Oh well. 

Today is Sunday and I often make a crockpot meal that lasts several days. So I froze the bacon and am whipping up sweet and sour chicken.  When done, I will have at least four meals. And I also have some spring greens so I can enjoy the tomato on a little salad. 

I recently ordered several items from Amazon. The cats were dancing in joy after seeing all the boxes. Miko was especially ecstatic, though this picture could not contain her excitement.   And there of course there are the mundane chores to be done on Sunday. It is so hot, I have been drying clothes outside. It is in the mid-90s, so they will be dry soon.   Oh, and I did my nails. Sparkly polish for me.   

Now I am just lying around alternating reading and watching Seinfeld on Hulu. I had forgotten that it is a great show about nothing. 

Tomorrow it is back to the grind. But I have meals prepared and clean clothes. 

Caturday – Homebody

Miko, the Balinese, just likes to hang out in the cat house. 


Caturday – Allen’s Rule

…maximizing exposed surface area to maximize heat loss in hot climates. 
It’s going to be in the hundreds today. Miko, the furry Balinese beast, is experimenting with Allen’s Rule.