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Happy 4th

Celebrating with a strawberry milkshake and lazing around the house. Waiting now for fireworks.



Traditions – Holiday Lights

During the holidays, we (Daughter and I) like to check out the holiday lights throughout the town. There are always some favorites, such as several blocks where every house is lit up. The local newspaper lists many houses and we map out our route and hit the road. We will definitely do this again later this week when our Japanese friends are here for the holidays.

This year we don’t really have to travel far; actually we don’t have to travel at all. The house across the street is decked out with every light available on earth. Haven’t you noticed the lack of proper holiday lights in the stores? That’s because my neighbor has them all. And with music too (which is loud enough to hear from inside my house).

So without further ado, prepare for the show of the year.

Christmas Countdown Starts

Christmas countdown banner

Only 3 months until Christmas!!  What to do? Because I plan in advance (because I know I procrastinate) for  the holidays, it is time to get on it right now.

I belong to a small group where we exchange handmade presents in December. I think I have a good idea for this year, thanks to some great DIY crafts I have found on the internet. I can’t mention it here because at least one recipient reads my blog. But I am excited about it and have scheduled next weekend to gather supplies and start the process.  (such a tease –sorry)

Will probably be having Japanese guests this Xmas again, so should start thinking about that. Last year I made sure I had several little presents from Santa for your guest.  Better start shopping early.

I have a large extended family and need to plot and plan gifts for all. I want to come up with something that is useful. Last year I did a type of food gift basket which included breakfast, soup, and dessert. I had so much fun putting it together; thinking everyone liked it.

I am running out of ideas. One year I dehydrated several different fruits, and also made jams and fruit leather snacks. Another year I made mosaic trivets for family. Here are some pictures.

Since I try to have everything done by Thanksgiving, I now only have 2 months.  Help Help Help!  If anyone has some spectacular ideas for gifts, please let me know ASAP!

Happy Birthday USA!

Happy Birthday United States of America!! It’s late afternoon and I just left a little get-together at some friends. It was fairly standard 4th of July barbecue with everyone bringing something, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, beer, pop, watermelon, and so on.

I saw a beautiful display of red, white, and blue dipped in chocolate strawberries on Freshly Pressed (from Life Tastes Like Food). They looked so yummy that I followed the recipe and made some.

Since there were going to be a lot of teenagers there, I decided to make a fruit salad, within a watermelon basket. This also was fairly easy to make and was a big hit with the kids.

Here is what the kids were up to!  After they got a little chilly in the pool, they could retreat to the hot tub to warm up a bit.  What a life — playing cards in the hot tub!

I am delaying my weekend goals progress report as I am exhausted and going to bed early.

Enjoy the fireworks!!