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Suck it up and Get on with Housecleaning!

The process of a home refinance usually requires an appraisal. The bank wants to be assured that they are lending their money to a property from which they can recover their $$ if needed.

And that is where I am today–preparing for an appraisal. Thus quick declutter and spit & polish cleaning. Today’s list included vacuuming upstairs and downstairs.

Now you may be wondering about the above photo. It is the contents of the vacuum cleaner emptied into a black lawn bag. No, I was not planning on that much dirt, but did decide to vacuum until the sweat dripped into my eyes and made me blind.

Success! The cats are now plotting their next cat fight so as to leave clumps of fur everywhere I previously vacuumed. I think they enjoy the noise and vibration of the vacuum cleaner. And when I get done, I lay on the couch so they can find a lap or leg to snuggie on.

Actual tossing away junk starts later tonight, after the vacuuming nap. Wish me luck!


Day 3 – Declutter Weekend

Day 3 did not go as well as planned. Thank goodness for Day 1 when I got a lot of stuff done. Overall, I accomplished 13 of 23 tasks on the original list. And I threw in a few tasks that were not on the list but should have been.

Here’s what happened on day 3.

  • Partially cleaned computer desk.
  • Moved old TV from TV stand. It was too big to lift, so I sort of slid it from stand to computer desk.
  • Set up new TV. Whew – I actually did it and it works!
  • Watched a Netflix movie on new TV; biography of Ben & Jerry, the ice cream dudes.
  • Was so excited about new TV that I watched another Netflix movie while eating a pulled pork sandwich. Yum!
  • Downloaded some library e-books to my Reader.
  • Read – duh!
  • Put dirty dishes in dishwasher so sink is empty and still clean.
  • Redid some laundry. I left some folded laundry on the couch and someone peed on it! ARG! Very irritating.
  • Cleaned up after cat pee accident. Wait, that was intentional and not an accident. I am pissed off (no pun intended).
  • Washed bathroom rugs.
  • Played with cats.

Although I didn’t get some big tasks done, I am happy with what I did get done. So will try to work a bit each night and see if I can finish up.

And here is MeiMei playing. She would throw her toy on the floor and I would pick it up. So I got my “touch your toes” exercise for the day.


My Declutter Weekend

Three day weekend is just what I need to get some decluttering done around here. So here’s the plan.

  • Dishes
  • Declutter kitchen island
  • Declutter dining room table and put on a summer-looking table cloth
  • Mop kitchen/dining room floors
  • Clean up kitchen window sill so Sunni can use it without knocking everything off
  • Wash sliding glass doors
  • Throw away old crap in sewing room
  • Vacuum and dust sewing room
  • Quick scrub of upstairs bathroom and mop floor
  • Wash rugs in bathrooms
  • Mop downstairs bathroom floor
  • Move Ellie’s litter box into downstairs bathroom
  • Put porchetta in crockpot so I can have pulled pork sandwiches
  • Take old clothes to Goodwill
  • Wash all bedding
  • Clear off computer desk
  • Set up new TV
  • Watch new TV while eating pulled pork sandwich
  • Buy a trellis and plant clematis
  • Plant cat grass for the kitties
  • Vacuum the cat tree
  • Read and nap while snuggling with kitties
  • Give the cats a bath


Whew-lots to do! Hope to get at least some of it done.

Catch-up: Past, Present, and Future

It’s been over two weeks since I have posted, but I have an excuse; several in fact. My Crohn’s disease has been reeking havoc with my body and life. I am indeed fortunate that I can work from home because the past couple of weeks, I have had a close relationship with my home bathroom (enough said). With working and also trying to clean things up for Thanksgiving guests, I have had no time nor energy for blogging. Sleep takes precedence!

That was the part of the past. The best part–or at least the most rewarding for me–is that I participated in Declutter Weekend. This was a kick-in-the butt final surge before the holiday week and it was a tough one. But I did it and here’s the proof.

BEFORE  The kitchen and dining room seem to act as the junk drawer for the entire house. Everything ends up on the kitchen island or the dining room table. Since it is just me at home, I don’t sit down to eat at the dining room table, so what if it is cluttered. And the kitchen island — same story.

(before) kitchen clutter

(before) kitchen island (even the floor is cluttered)

(before) dining room catch-all

AFTER  I packed up a bunch of water bottles, hot drink cups, and assorted do-dads that I rarely use. Threw those in the garage or gave away. Besides decluttering and cleaning, I  installed two pendant lights over the island. WAHOO – that was fun. Now I just have to replace the light over the dining room table.

MeiMei washing dishes!

(after) kitchen; new pendant lights

(after) kitchen island and dining room

I also did a semi-declutter of the living room. One of the issues is that Sunni (the evil kitty) did not take to toilet training, so she decided that the living room was a much better place to take care of her personal business. I finally had enough and gave up the battle last week. I then spent several hours shampooing the carpet to remove any traces of Sunni. Unfortunately, Sunni also had peed on the papasan cushion. That really pissed me off (ha ha) because it was the most comfortable reading spot in the house. So I hit the shops and found another cushion that is the correct color. I liked it so much, I then went back to the same store and bought a few pillows that would also go with the rest of the living room. Unfortunately, the picture  lighting is poor so you can’t see the lovely pillows I bought, and it still shows some clutter that I just didn’t have time to take care of before I had to leave.

(before) living room

(after) living room

Since I am having guests, I also spit-polished both bathrooms. The downstairs bathroom is no longer just for the cats and it is looking good! The upstairs bathroom had all hardware replaced (what a pain). I even replaced the toilet seat. Though now the toilet seat cover won’t fit the new seat. Damn, it’s always something! Due to the hard water and my lack of seriously containment, I spent several hours scrubbing hard water stains and build-up.  Much better now, but still not totally gone.

bathroom; notice the cat nightlite

The downstairs family room was not too bad. Seems I just had to put away all the clean laundry that tends to accumulate on the couch. The cats helped of course. And then my daughter’s room was the last little job requiring attention before company arrives.

family room

(before) daughter's room with cats helping fold towels

(after) daughter's room (cats did a good job)

Oh wait — let’s not forget the garage! I’m baby-sitting my daughter’s car while she’s away at college. This summer half of the garage was full of stuff being sorted for garbage, charity, or storage. And I had used the garage to do some painting for Xmas presents. But with snow coming, I needed to clean it out and get both cars parked in the garage. So I also spent one weekend cleaning up the garage. And apparently just in the nick of time. The next day after I was able to put both cars in the garage, snow fell and covered the driveway. Rats, not enough though for me to crank up my snowblower! I have to be careful for what I wish for, but I admit that I do like the snowblower!

(after) still crowded, but holds 2 cars!

The Declutter Weekend has two more weekend missions scheduled. I plan on using one of those weekends for my bedroom and the other for the sewing room. Now that the rest of the house is clean, I need to stay on top of everything. I will, I will, I will!!!

The FUTURE is that tomorrow morning I pick up daughter and two Japanese exchange students to drive back home. We will be having Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house with family members. It should be fun times for all. Last year with exchange students, we all had a blast.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Now for the PRESENT. I am sitting in a motel in the college town where my daughter goes to school. It is so nice to not be cleaning something! Or feeling guilty because I’m not cleaning up. Daughter and I went out to dinner tonight and we shared this marvelous dessert. What a tasty end to a long haul getting ready for guests!