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Caturday – A Day Late

Miko, the 9 month old Balinese, does like a box. This one was unpacked and on the floor for about 1 minute before it was occupied.

Ellie loves to sit on my lap. And sometimes (read always) she curls up and is so just adorable.

There is a new kitty in my extended family. Meet Strawberry, my brother’s new baby.
And because she’s so stinking cute, here’s another shot.


The Couch That Ate The Cat

Miko was looking for treasure between the cushions on the couch. She got caught up in the cushions though. Thankfully the couch was not all that hungry because Miko escaped with all four limbs intact.


Two Months Old

Today is my soon-to-be kitten’s 2 month birthday. And I will be bringing her home in 2.5 days. Yup – I pick her up Monday morning.

Here is her latest picture.


All together now: ahhhhhhhh.


Things have changed. Again.

I will be getting a Balinese kitten in May. Going female though instead of male. So there will be only girls at this cat house – and I don’t mean it that way.

Here is my little girl.

And here she is with ma giving her some encouragement while trying out those cute little legs.

And here she is with the whole family (except dad stepped our for a snack with uncle Chucky). Kumiko is the snoozer at the bottom of the picture, with the tiny green collar. Twenty days old.


Kumiko is Japanese for companion child, which indeed will be the case. I am not 100% sure about the name yet, but that is what I am leaning towards.

So if anyone has a great Japanese name for a female kitty, please let me know.

C’est la Vie

I just returned from a quick adventure to the Seattle area with my daughter. The main reason for the trip was to go see newborn Balinese kittens and pick out the newest member of the family.

Unfortunately there was only one male and he was already sold. So I now wait for a future litter. BTW – that was why the last Tuesday Trivia was about Balinese cats.

Just look at these little cuties!


The kitties are 4.5 days old. Still a little early to tell if they are seal point or blue point. So sweet!! The mommy is a blue point Balinese. Isn’t she beautiful beyond words.
We visited the kittens and then met some of the other cats. Chuck (aka Count Chuckula) was a favorite. Yes, those are his natural fangs.

And here is another handsome boy. His mother will probably be the mother of my kitten (later this year).
So no new kitty for Ellie right now. C’est la vie.