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Caturday Adventures

Daughter has been going through her closet and drawers in an attempt to sort out items to give away. Thus containers and tubs that require investigation and catly approval.

MeiMei found a comfy spot in a paper bag and a tub. Double-score!

Eager to provide a second opinion of its suitability, Miko started sniffing around.

Noting her sisyfur’s interest, MeiMei hunkered down, determined not to give up her tub. Poor Miko couldn’t convince MeiMei to leave.

Typical Caturday.


Sibling Rivalry

Miko has been home since Monday, but only briefly met her sisters on Tuesday.

Each day is a bit more introduction. MeiMei, the bully cat, has been mostly ignoring Miko except for a few moments of playtime.

Sunni was hesitant at first, but has now shown Miko the house, water, food, treats, and several litter box locations.

But Ellie, mild-mannered Ellie, has been literally having multiple hissy-fits whenever she even sees Miko. It is getting better though. Ha! See for yourself.

2012 – the Year of Ellie

Farewell 2012. As promised to Ellie’s previous family, here is a recent update on Ellie-chan, the Siamese princess.

These past few months have been great for Ellie (though I usually call her Ellie-chan or Ellie-belly). She has come a long way from her first month of adoption.


Ellie and Sunni remain buddies. Although they don’t cuddle together as cats often do, they usually nap in close proximity.

Below is a series of pictures as Sunni tries to snuggle, but Ellie is too tired to put forth much of an effort.







Tag is definitely the game in this house. Poor Sunni has the handicap of a bell collar so Ellie usually knows her location, thus can tag Sunni easily. Down the hallway, up and down the stairs, full speed ahead in the living room race track, they sound like a herd of elephants.

Ellie plays by herself on the cat tree. She acts quite wacky and I wonder what she is thinking during this little game she plays.

MeiMei and Ellie tolerate each other and basically ignore the other’s presence.


Unless that other cat grabs mom’s attention, then a bit of jealousy comes out. MeiMei is a bully and previously would simply glare at Ellie to retain territorial rights. Ellie has finally figured out that MeiMei is just a big cat with an attitude. When Ellie stands her ground, MeiMei usually gives up immediately. Sometimes Ellie resorts to a little paw swat to make sure MeiMei got the message. This interaction is so fun to watch because MeiMei is at least twice as big as Ellie.

Ellie and I play the tummy tickle or where’s your tail game on a daily basis.

Personal Ellie Issues

Ellie is an extremely picky eater. And still is. Right now she is finishing up (hopefully) a picky phase where she would not eat, not even her favorites. And she now tries to butt in and steal Sunni’s food.

The house now has 3 litter boxes and everyone has equal access. Ellie is using the Tidy Cats litter instead of the paper litter. Having all litter boxes the same makes it easier for me.

The princess Ellie-chan is no longer on any calming sedative medicine. By using the Feliway scent diffusers throughout the house, all kitties have calmed down.

Ellie is a talker! We often have lengthy conversations about local and world affairs. The unfortunate (or funny) side is that if I am on the phone, she insists on being part of the conversation.


The bottom line is that Ellie-chan is very much a member of the family. She is definitely my cat as I cannot go anywhere in the house without her right there ready for a snuggle.

Love the princess! Big thanks to Alyssa and family for sharing this charming feline soul. Ellie sends her love to all, especially Sante.

Here’s to a wonderful 2013!!


Budding Buddies

Ellie has been in the family for 4 months now. She is definitely comfortable and has the run of the house.

As for cat buddies, that’s another issue. MeiMei and Ellie have been struggling to get along. I have tried several things, but wasn’t quite sure if MeiMei attacked first or if Ellie’s hissing started the confrontations. About 6 weeks ago I installed Feliway cat pheromone diffusers upstairs and downstairs. That seemed to settle everyone down a bit.

As of now, MeiMei and Ellie are getting on much better at just being the same space. They can walk by each other and sometimes even sit on the same bed. A bit of cat slapping still occurs, but not with any major aggression. It is more like a “she’s breathing my air” complaint.

I am pretty sure the relationship will continue to improve. They both tend to back off and relax if I say something. So I think they are testing the water.

Here’s a recent video of Ellie and MeiMei on the cat tree. I find it interesting that Ellie basically keeps her back to MeiMei. Silly cats!

By the way, Sunni and Ellie are constantly playing tag or hide-n-seek. They even lick each other sometimes. If MeiMei would just join in, it could be the Triad!