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My Days in Pictures

I took today off as a vacation day. Here are some pixs from today and a few days ago.

Made chicken parmigiana in the crockpot. Five minutes of easy prep and this is what you get. Tasty, and enough for several meals.
More rain yesterday, but it did produce a piece of a rainbow. Taken from my kitchen window.
Just a couple of miles from my house, the mama deer and her two babies were out eating lunch. So cute.
I picked up a friend to run errands. We stopped for lunch at a cute little cafe in the downtown area. Great sandwich, but the real reason we went to this place was their ice cream. One flavor was banana french toast. How about maple bacon? After several taste tests, I ended up with rastaschio; dark chocolate raspberry chips, raspberry swirl, mixed in with pistachio ice cream. OMG!! (Sorry, I ate the visible chip before I took the pic.)
Although it was a little chilly, we took a very short walk to check out the river. Here is a panoramic view.
I don’t go into the downtown area very often. I live about 30 minutes north, so just don’t make the drive. But the river is beautiful, though the gray skies tend to make it look dreary.

I ran my required errands–the ones that necessitated a vacation day–and returned home to relax the rest of the day. It’s back to work for the rest of the week.


Oh Deer, Are You Hungry?

Although I live in a housing development, there are deer and other wild animals that meander by. Usually, I don’t have too much trouble with the deer. However, this year they are eating up my plants like crazy!

Here are photos of the tasty gobbled damaged plants in my front yard.

This plant is usually in full bloom by now. Most of the stems have been nibbled down.


The following 2 pictures are of my poor little hosta plants. I don’t think they will survive much more nibbling.



And my scraggly coneflower that is fighting back with a bloom.


It was a wet spring and late start to summer. And now it is dry and hot. Don’t those little deers have enough to eat?

Evening Walk-about

I was driving home from work this evening, admiring the scenery. On the road ahead of me was a truck crawling along with its lights flashing.

As I got closer, I saw a deer walking in front of the truck. Walking very slowly, the deer kept turning her head and looking behind her. I thought she was watching the truck.

Then I noticed a tiny animal very close to the deer. At first glance I thought it was a gangly dog. Odd pairing. But as I moved a bit closer, I smiled at my luck. This was a fawn out for an evening walk with mama.

Soon mama turned left onto a smaller road and stopped. Baby followed. Then the truck in front of me drove off, having diligently performed his crosswalk duty.

I pulled up to the road and whipped out my iPhone. At first I didn’t see the fawn, but she soon stuck her head out of the brush. Little Bambi was a tad wobbly on her feet. I wonder how old she was.

Such a delight to see them on a little walk-about. Hope they stay safe!

I’ve Been Dissed by Bambi

Bambi – I’m talking to you! As I’m rolling out of the garage this morning, I noticed crap on the driveway. Literally, deer poop, deer pellets, whatever you want to call it. Four feet away is a huge yard, nice grass, soft for those tender hooves. And within 10 feet in the other direction is more lawn. So then why did you have to let ‘er rip in my driveway?

I drove through the deposits and when I park the car in the garage tonight, I may step in some bits and pieces from the tires. Then it will being tracked into the house. Don’t you think I have enough problems with Sunni and her #2 gifts without adding Bambi presents too? If I have to replace my rug because it is icky, then I replace it with wood floors. And that will just encroach on your environment. Let’s think of the big picture here, Bambi. You don’t poop in my driveway and I won’t cut down your forest.

Or maybe it was just karma for a discussion I had yesterday with a friend regarding the tastiness of venison sausage? Was that it? I have been a good and respectful neighbor. Don’t I always stop to let you cross the road? Have I ever hit one of your fawns? Don’t I let you gobble up all my perennials in the spring (yum, nice tasty tender shoots)?

Is this evidence of new animal activism? Should I be expecting cow pies on the driveway now because I eat ice cream? And let’s not forget bacon and eggs? Shall I run for cover from hogs and hens?

Bottom line (bad pun), be a little sneakier and hang out in my yard if you want to; just don’t poop on my driveway!