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Day 1 Weekend Plans

Here we are on Saturday, day 1 of my weekend plans. I vowed to get up by 10:00 a.m. Wait — bet you want to know did that happen? Yes and No. Yes, in that I got a text from daughter asking about motion sickness medicine. She was on a road trip with friends and apparently someone got car sick. I am an expert in that field so she asked me. Unfortunately I was half asleep and couldn’t answer her at that moment. But when I noticed it was 10:00 I leapt (not quite) out of bed, grabbed the iPad (luv it) and looked it up. AHA – Dramamine, Bonine, Sea-Bands, ginger snap cookies. I texted info to daughter and realized I was now up!  Yay — I was up! Now for the No part. I crawled back in bed and read. Since that comes under the RELAX goal, I counted that as OK. See, I can rationalize any behavior.

I did get the flowers planted outside. Here are the before and after pictures. The plants have not grown or bloomed heavily yet, so they aren’t all that impressive.

Front Step Plants -- Before

Front Steps - After

Front Island - Before

Front Island - After

I also drug out the outdoor furniture, though did not really position it anywhere. It needs to be hosed off and I have not yet hooked up the hose. And I did a bit more laundry but have not put it away, so it only counts as half done.

So the finally tally is 2.5 tasks done. The RELAX task was done for today too — but I also reserve the right to redo that task every day!!!!

Now on to other news. I received a text picture today from a friend, Susan, who was snow skiing at Silver Mountain, Idaho. The have so much snow, and received some new snow, so they opened for the weekend. OMG – skiing on Memorial Day weekend: way to go weather!

Am saddened to hear that Will Norton was found dead today in Joplin. He had just graduated from high school right before the tornado hit and was either ejected or sucked out of his car. My heart goes out to his family.

Oh — and a little tidbit that makes me feel great:  I now weight less than when I moved into this house in 1999. I was sort of celebrating when I got off the scale and felt something under my foot. Looked down and there were several cotton swaps on the floor. Threw them away and didn’t think too much about it. A bit later I heard a racket in the bathroom so went to investigate. AHA, Sunni had gotten into the cabinet, grabbed the cotton swab box and was playing with several swabs. I now will keep the bathroom door closed.

Weekend Plans

It’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Here are my plans:

  • Finish planting flowers outside
  • Plant flowers at my moms (it’s her Mother’s Day present)
  • Finish decluttering the kitchen
  • Put away Alia’s (daughter) stuff from college
  • Get caught up on laundry
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathroom
  • Bring out the lawn furniture

Geez – now that I have written my tasks down, they seem overwhelming. But I have already started the laundry and should get a load or two done tonight.  And I have three days to do everything! Check back over the weekend to see how I”m doing. Wish me luck! Thankfully my sciatica is barely there today. Hoping it will stay away for the weekend as there is a lot of physical stuff to do (planting, furniture, etc.).

So now the rest of the news. I finally sort of connected with a long lost friend in the Joplin area. She answered my Facebook friend request but didn’t provide any info as to whether she and family are OK. Thus I will assume they are until I hear otherwise.

I briefly texted with my daughter today. She’s off on a Saturday/Sunday trip with a bunch of college buddies. Heavy sigh — just another holiday notch in the belt where she’s not home and we are not doing something together. Another heavy sigh.

The weather here is crap! We have had no spring at all. it has been raining, raining, and raining and chilly. Now it’s not the chilly weather, because I like the coolness. But the constant rain is putting a damper on things (ha-pun intended). The cool thing (yup, another pun) is that I have turned the heat off and have not turned on the air conditioning yet. Definately late in the year for AC. And I have not turned on my sprinklers yet either.

Since I don’t have work tomorrow, I plan to sleep in. What I will really do is read late into the night. Then wake up early (about 6:00 a.m.), read a bit more, fall asleep, wake up and read, then sleep again. Sometimes I will do this all day and not even get out of bed at all! But not tomorrow. I vow to be up and working on tasks by 10:00 a.m. Oh and let’s not forget that sleeping in seems to be a quality cat-time session, at least that’s what MeiMei and Sunni think.

I’m off to finish up with today’s laundry and plan to go to bed early so I can read. “Crunch Time” is a fun read and I’ve been a Diane Mott Davidson fan for years. When I finish it (will be done this weekend), I’ll expound on the books.

Enjoy the long weekend and stay safe.

Goals, Schmoals

Although I’m not normally a goal-oriented person, I do think that setting goals for this “cleaning house” ordeal is a good idea. So my thoughts revolve around the three main arenas (physical, emotional, and mental), and am building goals around those.


  • Spend a weekend to do a basic de-clutter and make house presentable.
  • Set a daily 15 minute schedule to clean individual areas in the house.
  • Set a weekly (weekend?) schedule for larger tasks.


  • Release the lonliness due to hermit-like behavior.
  • Embrace happiness as my life progresses.
  • Support my daughter (in more than financial ways) as she continues with her life and discovering who she is.
  • Re-engage in hobbies that make me feel good, such as quilting and mosaics.


  • Revel in the accomplishment when any physical task is completed.
  • Enjoy having friends visit (because the house is clean and I no longer am embarrassed at the mess).

I’m hoping that putting this all down in writing will help me to “clean house.”
If anyone has any tips to help with this journey, feel free to offer suggestions of any kind. What works for you, may also work for me!