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Typos – Part 2

Typos, incorrect spelling, bad grammar – all pet peeves of mine when visible in anything published for the general public.

See Typos – Part 1.

Here are the latest examples.

Example 1. Interesting typo.

Example 2. This is from an online menu. Do you think they meant served? Sure hope they didn’t mean severed.

Example 3. Yup, there are a lot of typos too.

Example 4. This example is from a story about a Harry Potter-themed Halloween event. As a Potterhead, I think they mean quidditch. And it is Professor Trelawney.

Example 5. This one leaves me confused as to what is being conveyed. Any ideas?

Example 6. Well, something should be CHANDED!

Stay tuned for future typo examples. Unfortunately, I have many more.

Comments on: "Typos – Part 2" (2)

  1. When I see a typo on social media, I figure it was a slip of the thumb. 😛 But seeing so many of them on, say, official announcements from public offices—our local police department’s press notices are so filled with typos and grammatical mistakes, I sometimes refuse to finish reading them—you have to wonder if schools really aren’t teaching writing and grammar anymore. Even newspapers! (This is what happens when you lay off your copy desk!) They used to publish apologies for typos, but now it’s just for facts. If they misspell a name, *sometimes* they’ll issue an apology, but usually it’s only if the person called and pointed it out to them.

    45—well, I don’t expect anything good from him, especially grammar and writing.

    • I totally agree. Typos are common, but they should not be in news or public announcements. All of the ones I have posted are from professional publications. Apparently spelling and grammar checkers are not used. If available, I make a comment regarding the error. Sometimes it gets corrected. Oh well. 😞

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