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The Big Read – DONE

Whew, I just finished the big read, Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy. It took almost 8 weeks to finish all three books. (And I read a small book in the middle of the big read because — well, because. )
Reading the third book, Edge of Eternity, brought back so many memories.

  • Cuban missile crisis. I was in grade school and remember the air siren drills.
  • Kennedy assassination. Middle school ran the radio over the school intercom. I remember watching live TV news and seeing Lee Harvey Oswald shot. And the sad sad funeral.
  • Vietnam. So many high school friends and family served in Vietnam. When would it end?
  • Dr. Martin Luther King assassination when I was in high school.
  • Bobby Kennedy assassination shortly after that, in June 1968. What was happening?
  • President Richard Nixon. Agnew, Watergate, CREEP (committee to re-elect the president), 18 minutes, resignation.

There were many more, but the above list struck home. I wonder what will be the defining memories for my daughter?

Anyway, I highly recommend the Century Trilogy. A good read for the upcoming winter months.

Midweek Update

Here’s a quick update on all the goings on in my life.

My little shed in the backyard needed a paint job. And you all know that I have recently been into painting furniture. So I sanded the peeling paint. Primed the sanded areas. Two coats of paint. A new diagonal piece of wood to replace a rotted one. Voila!
I finished Fall of Giants, the first book in Ken Follett’s Century trilogy. It was exceptional! I am truly immersed in the lives of the characters. I’ve started the second book, Winter of the World.
Daughter found a job! She was unemployed for about two months, so she was definitely ready to get back into some sort of routine. Congrats to her!

Ellie, the sick Siamese, is hanging in there. She seems to be feeling a bit better, but it is hard to tell. One thing I am sure of is that she loves the new kidney diet food. I hear the Siamese yowl when she thinks she needs some.

I am amazed at all the things I am now able to hear. Especially at work. I can now hear conversations in cubes from the next row. And I am hearing everything in meetings! It was all I could do to not exclaim “I heard that” in a recent meeting. But now that I can hear, what can I use as my excuse?

The Big Read

I am a prolific reader. When I find a book I like, if it is in a series, I will read the entire series. For example, I once read a Spenser book written by Robert B. Parker. I have since read every single one of the Spenser series, in the correct order. I have also read all of the Sunny Randall and Jesse Stone books, also by Robert B. Parker. (Let me be honest, the Jesse Stone series is also a fav due to Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone in the movies.)
A few years ago I came across Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It is a historical novel taking place in the 12th century about the building of a cathedral. It was fascinating, so I also read the sequel, World Without End. Superb reading; I could not put them down.

Now I am ready to begin Follett’s Century trilogy.
The third book comes out tomorrow so it’s time to start the big read. I hate having a series interrupted, so I have been patiently waiting for number 3 to be released.

– Book 1 is Fall of Giants. 832 pages.
– Book 2 is Winter of the World. 865 pages.
– Book 3 is Edge of Eternity. 1102 pages.

How long will it take to read all three? Place your bets.

Let the big read commence!