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O is for One for the Money

I am participating in the A-to-Z Challenge again this year. My theme is My Favorite Books. Most of the books I will be posting about, I have read more than once. After all, they are my favorites.

O is for One for the Money by Janet Evanovich.

One for the Money is the first book of the hilarious Stephanie Plum series. This was published in 1994; the latest book in this 21 book series will be out in June.

Stephanie is a charming but inept apprehension agent, better known as a bounty hunter. The characters throughout the series are funny, sexy, weird, and lovable.

I have read all the books in the series, but the first handful are the best. There are some laugh out-loud moments that to this day make me chuckle.

I shot that sucker right in the gumpy.

I must admit that the series (for me) is getting old. I want some resolution in Stephanie’s love life. Be it Ranger or Morelli, just make a commitment.

But if you want several quick reads that leave you laughing and drooling (for Ranger), take some time and indulge in Stephanie Plum’s discombobulated life.

R is for Reading

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

Every night I read before going to bed. And on weekends, I often just sit around and also read, especially if there is a good book at hand.

Murder mysteries and biographies are my favorite genres. I used to read nothing but murder and true crime books. After jumping at any little sound, I decided I was getting too involved in true crime. Now I temper my fanaticism with little doses of comedy and non-crime books, especially biographies.

Robert B Parker is the author of the Spencer series, the Jesse Stone series, and the less known Sunny Randall series.


A few years ago, I and a friend went on a Spenser readfest where we read every Spenser book- 38 of them – in order! And then went into the Jesse Stone series.


Be still my heart – Tom Selleck plays Jesse in the made-for-TV movies. And the latest one will premier on May 20th!

As for biographies, David McCullough is a favorite for his Truman and John Adams biographies. I also quite enjoyed Mornings on Horseback (about Theodore Roosevelt’s early years).

Recently I read Broken by Lauren Hilldebrand. An incredible book; read it if you can. Currently I am reading The Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson. True story of a boy with autism and his family’s quest to connect with him.

For lighter laugh-a-minute reading, I highly recommend Janet Evanovich, Diane Mott Davidson, or David Sedaris.

Peter Hessler has written several books about his experiences in China; they are priceless.

I could go on and on, but will stop so you can provide your recommendations.

The Final Drive to Clean

Severe case of TB (tired butt) brought on by 6.5 hours behind the wheel. Dropped Daughter off at college for her summer school stint.  It will be about six weeks before she comes back home.  But I left her with fresh strawberries and whip cream so she’ll survive berry well (bad pun).

Now I’m back home and creating this weekend’s chore list. I have a friend coming on Sunday to visit for a few days so need to finish the declutter process and clean, clean, clean.

Daughter did a pretty good job on her room. But now I have tons of yard sale stuff to temporarily pack away until August. I’m so excited to get that done and then vacuum everything. I’ll show before/after pictures soon.

Here’s the list for this weekend.

  • Pack the yard sale stuff.
  • Finish boxing up Daughter’s future housewares stuff.
  • Wash downstairs bedroom bedding.
  • Clean downstairs bathroom.
  • Vacuum everywhere!
  • Take a nap mid-day (my personal fav).
  • Make angel food cake (perfect for strawberries and whip cream).

I am very excited to be getting this close to having a cleaner house. And I think the TV commercial breaks for short tasks seem to work well for me.

Wish me luck on my Saturday chores!

DISCLAIMER: Last night I started Janet Evanovich’s latest book, Smokin’ Seventeen. So I may end up reading late into the night and get a late start. That’s OK with me, because Stephanie, Joe, and Ranger (be still my heart) need my immediate attention.