Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am stuffed — much like a turkey. It was a smaller get-together this year; only 10 of us.

But what a feast! Smoked turkey, dressing, fruit salad, green salad (fresh kale with raspberries), mashed potatoes, gravy, fresh green beans, yams, and rolls.
And let’s not forget pumpkin pie!
And superb company, telling old stories. Hope you all had a great (and grateful) holiday.

Major Snoozefest

Although I am on vacation, I have been busy with errands away from the house. My thermostat is still set at a lower temperature for weekdays daytime hours. Thus the house is a bit chilly.

I have a little heating pad for Ellie that she loves. Today, Miko decided to love it too. Unfortunately, Ellie was on most of the heating pad, but Miko found a way to get some warmth. And kept Ellie warm from the top too.
Later, Ellie joined me on the chair and left the heating pad for Miko. Naturally, Miko stretched out to take full advantage of the couch and heat. She is a very very long cat. IMG_8271.JPG

It’s Turkey Time

I was driving home today and had to stop to let a few pedestrians cross the road.
I hope they are headed to my house; just one would suffice.

Saint Bill

Today I met a friend for a movie and lunch. We saw “St. Vincent” starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, and Naomi Watts.

Superb movie! Bill Murray plays a Vincent, a grouchy old man. Melissa M. is Maggie, his new neighbor with a young son. Vincent ends up watching the kid after school because the mom works. And then there is Daka, a Russian (?) pregnant exotic dancer and prostitute, played by Naomi Watts.

Whereas the movie has comedic moments, this is not your typical Bill and Melissa silly comedy. You learn of Vincent’s devotion to his wife who resides in an Alzheimers facility. And Maggie’s struggle with divorce and raising a young boy. Quite an unusual relationship between Vincent and the boy.

Near the end, a tear or two was running down my face. I wasn’t the only one. And the best endorsement is that not a single person left when the credits were running. We all remained in our seats waiting, hoping, for more.

I will be buying this DVD when it is available!

A little trivia fact. My dad grew up on St. Vincent street in a small town in Arkansas. Thus that was part of the connection I needed to see this movie.

Last week I bought this cute cat bed made from an old barbeque lid. The cats really like it, so much that they even share.

Here’s petite Ellie and fluffy Miko catching some zzzzzs.

What? No room for the tail?

First Snow Woes

This morning I saw the first snow of the season. It just started coming down as I left for work. Taking it cautiously and carefully, all was fine until…
This is the view I had for about 15 minutes going down a curvy narrow hill that usually takes 2-3 minutes. Although I was only moving along at a snail’s pace (2 mph), I would slide if I fully applied the brakes.

Doesn’t look like much, does it? Very slick though. Yikes — but I made it. Took me about 20 minutes longer than normal to get to work (it’s 26 miles one way), but that may be the new normal for winter travel.

Who knew that Kevin Spacey did great impressions. Watch this segment of Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon doing multiple impressions with a Halloween theme. I was laughing out loud; scared the cats.


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