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This is the most amazing music video I have ever seen. The synchronization of the dancers is perfection. Give your eyes a treat and watch this video! And the music is not bad either. I want a scooter chair!

OK Go is the group that did the treadmill video about 5 years ago. They are so innovative!!

Junk Room Be Gone

Early this summer I bought a new bed and put it in the sewing room. The old bed was a waveless waterbed and I needed to drain and dismantle it.

Needless to say, that did not happen over the summer. In fact, the bedroom became the junk room.
I am done procrastinating because I now must move the bed from the sewing room into the bedroom. My new chair for the sewing room should be here any day. So the declutter begins.

I cleared stuff off and set up to drain the waterbed. It has not been touched for 15 years. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was a shallow fill mattress. Yay – drained in about 10 minutes. Miko supervised.
I then had to drag the waterbed mattress to the garage. Same with the other 2 mattresses. Fairly easy for one person to deal with.
Now I have to deal with the frame and headboard. There are six drawers under the bed. Check. And the drawer frame. Check. But the headboard is too heavy and bulky for me to move by myself. Drat!
A little side note. I found the following lip balms under the bed. I knew there would be a few because the cats would bat them around from the headboard. But this many?

So the bedroom is almost ready. I just need some assistance moving the headboard and then I can move the bed into the bedroom. New chair — we are almost ready for you!

You have heard of 3 Dog Night, right? Well, at my house, it is 2 Cat Day.

Miko, the Balinese, and Ellie, the Siamese, are napping on my lap. And I dare not move. What better excuse than to take a nap myself.


I bought a box of Honeycrisp apples a while ago. Although I have thoroughly been enjoying them (nom nom), I thought I should try making something with them.

I found this great recipe on Pinterest. I made mini-muffins instead of a bundt cake. Cooked them for about 12-13 minutes. I also added a bit more cinnamon because I like it. Although I ate several as they came warm from the oven, I think the muffins taste better the next day.

If you need a tasty fall recipe, I recommend these pumpkin apple muffins — or make a bundt cake.


This is my 500th post.
Does that seem like a lot or not? This blog started at the end of May 2011, about 40 months ago. Roughly, that averages out to 12.5 posts a month.

I was thinking about what else is “500.”

  • $500 bill displays President William McKinley. This was last printed in 1945, so if you happen to come across one, don’t spend it; it is worth more than $500.

  • D is the Roman numeral for 500.
  • I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers was on The Benny and Joon soundtrack. This Johnny Depp movie was filmed in Spokane, Washington in 1993. It’s fun to watch because I recognize most of the places in the movie.

  • Daytona 500. I went to the Daytona 500 in February 1985. Loud and interesting.

So here’s to another 500 posts.

Thank you to all that read my blog.

Never one to turn down a recycling opportunity, Miko, the Balinese, makes herself comfortable.

Today I had to finally turn the heat on. It was only 61 F. inside the house. That was warmer than the 57 F. that was today’s high.

I was working from home today and it was kind of hard to flex my little fingers when they were frozen. Good thing I have fingerless gloves that allow me to type, but also warm my digits. Miko likes that they are multi-colored.
Miko and Sunni stay warm, or find ways to keep warm. Ellie, on the other hand, does not have even a minuscule amount of fat to insulate her. So she has a pet snuggly that helps keep her toasty. I put it (the pet snuggly, not Ellie) in the microwave for a few minutes and it keeps warm most of the day. She sits on it like a throne.
And I had to add a little quilt to the bedding. Of course, the girls had to fully inspect it to be sure it would keep everyone warm. Hope it passes inspection because it’s going to be chilly this evening.


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