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Weather or Not

A friend sent me this picture of a storm headed her way. Awesome photo; I just had to share.

Over the weekend, I worked on another little table. I bought this little thingy at a yard sale. Not quite sure what kind of table it is, but I plan to use it to hold sewing supplies, such as scissors, thread, needles, and pins. I can use the handle to easily move it from spot to spot.
It will usually reside in a room with a lot of white furniture and light blue half walls. Thus my color choice.

The top is a banged up veneer so I tried to do a bit of patching with a wood filler.
A few coats of white chalk paint, a couple coats of blue chalk paint, some elbow grease waxing, a new drawer knob, and voila!

Can You Hear Me Now?

I no longer have to deal with this issue. You know, the one where you can’t hear a conversation, or when the television or music volume is perfect for you, but uncomfortably loud for others.

My personal hearing favorite is having problems with speech recognition. I call these Emily Litella moments. Emily was performed by the late Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live. Hard of hearing, Emily would rant about misheard topics, such as presidential erections, instead of presidential elections. Here’s Emily’s rant about Soviet jewelry.

My most infamous Emily Litella moment was a frantic phone call from my cousin. I thought she said “My mom stabbed my dad to death.” What she actually said was “My mom thinks my dad is dead.”

Recently, my rheumatologist told me to scratch in the morning before I got out of bed. I didn’t quite see how that would help my joint stiffness. Yup, it was stretch in the morning.

I finally had enough of missed conversations, so I went to an ENT doctor. My hearing was tested, and yes, I have hearing loss–enough of a loss that I could benefit from hearing aids.

And typically me, my range of hearing loss is not typical. I cannot hear low or midrange frequencies, but high range is normal. Yes, I can hear the shrill scream of a child, but not the guy sitting next to me. If more than one person is talking or there is any background noise, as in a restaurant, count me out of the conversation.

Because I have very tiny ear canals (who knew), I could not get the teensy tiny hearing aids that fit within the ear canal. But I got the next best ones that fit in the ear. You can see how small it is. I have the battery door open.
This fits partially within my ear canal, but stays within the overall ear. Since my hair lightly covers my ears, you cannot see the hearing aid.

When I first put them in, I was astonished at everything I could hear! People talking 6 feet away. Sheesh, I could hear people talking directly to me without me having to read lips and guess at half of the conversation.

I had Daughter come to the house and set the TV volume where she could comfortably hear it. Without my new hearing aids, I could not hear the TV at that volume level. With them — a whole new experience!!

A friend and I went to dinner last night. We conversed at the restaurant–which was noisy and crowded–and she said she didn’t have to raise her voice for me to hear her.

The one thing I am not yet used to is that the sound of my own voice is echoing. It is weird. Makes me not want to talk because it is so bizarre sounding — but only to me. But supposedly I will get used to it. In the meantime, I am constantly talking out loud in an effort to speed up that process.

Yes, I can hear you now!

Ellie seems to be feeling a bit better and has more energy. She pulled out this toy and had her way with it.

This was so nice to see because she has done nothing but sleep for a couple of months. You go girl!!

Creative BOO Time

It is more than a month until Halloween. The treats are already for sale in the stores. I know this for a fact because I had to buy some Mounds candy bars–to test the quality, you know.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy creative use of the holiday. And today, Supercell’s interactive game, Hay Day, has demonstrated its Halloween spirit. (Yes, I am a Hay Day addict; don’t judge me!)

The cows are sporting witch hats. The pigs have been mummified.
The goats are channeling Dracula. The sheep are mere ghosts of themselves.
The chickens have become pumpkins!
Something scary in the mine tunnel.
And an eerie mist rolls across the farm fields.
Kudos to the Hay Day creative team!

Apparently Hay Day jumped the gun and accidently displayed the Halloween theme too early. The cuties are now gone. But Supercell says they will return in due time. Bwahhaha.

DIY – Table Redux

I experimented with the latest DIY (do it yourself) craze — chalk paint.

A couple of years ago I bought this small table to put next to the recliner. I stained it and used it.

When deciding what small piece to experiment with, this little table volunteered. Of course, I forgot a before picture. But I remembered to grab one while at least one leg was still unpainted.
I made my own chalk paint, using a sample color I got from Home Depot, a little plaster of paris, and some water.

Here’s after the first coat.
I let that dry, did a light sanding, then came the second coat.

After that dried overnight, I did a very light sanding, but not the distressed look sanding. Then it was wax time. Here’s a picture with only part of the top waxed. Can you tell?

After a quick dry time, a little buffing, then the second coat of wax. Wax on, wax off.
Dry and buff. Miko seems to like it. The wall behind the table is a light peach color, though the picture makes it look a little pinkish.
Maybe this one shows the wall color better.
Anyway, I am pleased with the experiment. This will be my next piece. A cute little thing I grabbed at a yard sale. It will be perfect next to the new chair in the sewing room. Maybe white, with the drawer a light blue?

Caturday – Restrained

And this is why I am unable to change positions once I am settled in bed. 20140920-103015-37815278.jpg

And yes, that is my arm under Sunni.


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