Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The Stalking Bed

I have been doing a ton of cleaning, discarding, and reorganizing. After cleaning all the junk out of the sewing room and getting the carpet cleaned, it was time for another new bed. Yesterday I had the bed delivered. Because the first bed I got a month ago was quite high, this new bed has a low profile box spring. It is the perfect height!

Apparently it is also the perfect scratching post. Kitty Who Shall Remain Nameless did this minor damage with 24 hours after getting the bed.
This is unacceptable behavior, so I rushed off to the closest store to find a bed skirt which would cover the box springs. I needed one with a 12 inch drop, but ended up with a 14 inch drop. I am not too concerned because I will probably make my own bed skirt when I finish the quilt for that bed. I basically just needed some protection from kitty claws.

The sewing room with this new bed has become the cat’s favorite place. They love the bed skirt because it provides excellent cover when stalking other cats in that room. Except poor Miko can’t control her tail, which gives away her location.
Ellie is literally above the stalking games and has taken a comfy position at the head of the bed.
At least she’s not hogging the entire pillow!

MeiMei was in full catnap mode when I walked in the room. This is the one-eyed warning look she gave me.

Wild Week!

It has been a wild week here! And I am glad it is almost over. Here’s my brief summary of the events.

Monday. I have a huge project at work that is consuming the next two weeks. It is a new type of project for me and I was unprepared for the amount of time it would take. By the end of Monday, my eyes were bugging out of my head and my brain was frazzled.

Tuesday. My arthritis has been making itself known for the past month. My knee is so swollen and hot to the touch due to inflammation. The pain has made a good night’s sleep impossible. But a quick trip to the rheumatologist and the magic of a cortisone shot has greatly helped out. Yes, the shot hurts a bit, but not as much as when I don’t get it.

Wednesday. Here’s where the wild comes in. A strong thunderstorm blew through the area just at the end of the work day. I had to take Ellie (my petite Siamese) to the vet to recheck her blood now that her bladder infection seems to be gone. The wind was gusting at 60 mph and tossing trees everywhere. I had to take a couple of detours to get home because traffic lights were out or downed trees were blocking the road. I finally got home but all power was out. Even the vet’s office was without power, so Ellie lucked out. My backyard had several roofing shingles on the lawn. Fortunately, they were my neighbors and not from my roof. The power was out until the next morning.
Thursday. Back to the grind of work. I was able to meet up with Daughter for dinner.

Friday. To stay on schedule with the huge work project, I had to be at work early. The project is going better, so we knocked off for the weekend. I met extended family members at a pizza place because one of my brothers is visiting from out of town. Yay, that takes care of dinner. I make it home with the best intentions to do some laundry and wash dishes. But the Wednesday storm also created a water problem because there is no power to the water reservoirs. Thus everyone is asked to conserve water. So much for laundry. I plan to shut off my lawn sprinklers so they don’t add to the problem. Hoping that tomorrow I can do a small load of laundry though. Wouldn’t you know it; just when I am geared up to clean, water is limited.

Hoping Saturday is somewhat relaxing and calm. I am thankful I have power and water. There are still thousands of homes in the area without power.

Here are a few pictures showing the storm damage. Thankfully my house, yard, and trees are untouched.






Daughter Day

Saturday, Daughter got off work early so we could pal around.

First, we did pedicures. Very relaxing and my feet are no longer a mix of dry skin and callous. This will make my rheumatologist happy when he has to check out my ankle that is killing me. No one wants to touch calloused, cracked feet, even if it is their job.
Then we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch. I forgot the type of sauce I like and ordered the one I don’t particularly care for. But it all worked out in that I wasn’t that hungry (after salad and breadsticks) and Daughter took it home for her lunch the next day.

We wanted to see a movie, but the timing was off, so we went home and took naps. We did end up seeing a very nice movie, Begin Again with Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightly, and Adam Levine. Great, great music. I do enjoy Adam Levine’s singing!

As we walked outside the movie theater later, we were met with an eye-popping sunset . Everyone stopped to enjoy the view and take pictures. Unfortunately, the vibrant coloring is due to heavy smoke from several wildfires.

A good time had by all! And we made tentative plans for a mini-vacation in August. Hoping to go to the Vancouver, B.C. Aquarium. We have a friend who works with their dolphins, so might be able to get a mini-tour.

Caturday – Loungecats

Someone (a long-haired feline) had a little hairball crisis and up-chucked on the bed quilt. While it was in the washing machine, that Someone and a friend decided to patiently wait for its return. They were joined by a couple of their inanimate buddies.

Smells Like Smoke

The air quality in eastern Washington is still unhealthy. The fires rage on.

This morning, there was a blanket of smoke over the area.
And the sun was struggling to shine through the haze.
But my new lilies were quite happy.

Please send better weather for the fire crews. Rain, but no lightening or wind.

Cough Cough

The sky is very hazy today. Unfortunately this is due to the smoke from forest fires west of where I live.

I was only outside for a few minutes and my eyes were already burning a bit. The air quality is considered unhealthy.


The one nearby fire was contained late last week. Then a nasty storm rolled in Monday night. I am guessing it was lightening that started the fire that is sending us all that smoke. There are at least three large fires within 200 miles.

So I am staying indoors. (Not that I would be outside in this heat anyway.)


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