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Typos – Part 1

Before I retired, I was a technical writer for almost 30 years. As expected, typos are a major no-no, especially in professional publications. Although everyone makes mistakes such as typos, there is an expectation of accurate spelling and basic grammar within a professional publication. I personally am appalled at the numerous errors I find in articles published online and in print media.

Below are some of the recent typos/grammatical errors I have noticed. Spell check would have caught some of these errors. Proofreading would have found the others.

Example 1. Wow – this is not even a typo, but just horrible spelling.

Example 2. Hmmm, did you mean “campings” or “campaigns” in this example?

Example 3. Of course she didn’t get anywhere on her “ow” because it hurts!

Example 4. “…the FBI will expand it is investigation …” Come on people!

Example 5. I am confused. Whose life was difficult? Ford is female so this should be “… her life…” Who is the “his” in this sentence?

Example 6. This may be my favorite typo in these examples. One should divorce Bread.

Thanks for letting me post examples of a pet peeve. I’m sure (and sad) there will be more.


Does This Make Cents?

I came across the following info (?) while going down the wormhole of this link and that link and so on.
I am completely puzzled with this premise — too much desert causes belly fat? Since when does excess sand convert to belly fat? Could it be that dehydration (from being in the desert) contributes to belly fat?

I understand tupos typos. I make them all the time. However I also think that professional info that goes out over the Internet should be error free because it has been or should have been reviewed.

Yes, I am a documentation snob. The little article above is a minor example, but I would completely discount the info because of the typo. If I am researching a large/expensive purchase, I cease any interest if there are errors in the ad, Internet info, or other documentation.

My thought is if you (as the company) cannot produce accurate info to lead me to purchase your product, then how can I trust that the product is manufactured to do what you say it should do.

Of course, I shouldn’t tell you about a typo I once made in a procedure telling the user to press the Shit key. No, spellcheck did not catch it. Or how about when I missed the letter “o” in the word count.

So yes, everyone makes misteaks, but let’s make a bit more of an effort. (yes, I made several intentional errors)