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To (Part) B or Not to (Part) B

I just retired. And the fun begins with dealing with the bureaucracy of Social Security and Medicare. 

Since I am a planner, I read up on what to do, made an appointment with my local Social Security Administration (SSA) office (which took holding on the phone for 20 minutes to get an appointment in 6 weeks), and got everything in place.  Ha! The joke was on me when I did not get verification of my Medicare Part B enrollment for which I had completed the required paperwork in May. 

After spending hours on the phone, it appears the paperwork was lost. I was told to go to the local SSA office and reapply. So on the last day of June, I headed to their office. I waited about 75 minutes before I got to talk to anyone. 

This guy acted like I was inconveniencing him by wanting to reapply for Part B. He told me I could not reapply in June, but had to wait until July. ARG!!!!

Thus on a lovely July morning, I was back at my favorite office. They opened at 9:00, so I was there at 8:40. There were 22 people ahead of me. 

When the door opened at 9:00, it took 10 minutes to get inside. My bag was searched (ok with me), I walked through a metal detector, and then I was wanded. And because it was my turn or maybe I looked/acted suspicious, I had to lean up against the wall and extended one leg behind me, one at a time, and get wanded again. Okay, I can do that. 

After checking in, it only took 5 minutes before I was called. Thank goodness I was assisted by a woman who truly was there to help me out. I told her the problem (lost paperwork, having to reapply, previous visit, etc.). She told me that the guy from June had provided me with erroneous information. But she would help me get it figured out. 

I love this woman!  Within 10 minutes, I had reapplied for Part B and it would start when I needed it to. The information would be in the system within a couple of days so that the Medicare Advantage plan I selected could process that application in a timely manner. 

I was out of there within an hour!  Now, I just hope that third time’s the charm rings true and everything is properly set up. But I won’t know for a few more days, so please send positive thoughts my way!