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Typos – Part 1

Before I retired, I was a technical writer for almost 30 years. As expected, typos are a major no-no, especially in professional publications. Although everyone makes mistakes such as typos, there is an expectation of accurate spelling and basic grammar within a professional publication. I personally am appalled at the numerous errors I find in articles published online and in print media.

Below are some of the recent typos/grammatical errors I have noticed. Spell check would have caught some of these errors. Proofreading would have found the others.

Example 1. Wow – this is not even a typo, but just horrible spelling.

Example 2. Hmmm, did you mean “campings” or “campaigns” in this example?

Example 3. Of course she didn’t get anywhere on her “ow” because it hurts!

Example 4. “…the FBI will expand it is investigation …” Come on people!

Example 5. I am confused. Whose life was difficult? Ford is female so this should be “… her life…” Who is the “his” in this sentence?

Example 6. This may be my favorite typo in these examples. One should divorce Bread.

Thanks for letting me post examples of a pet peeve. I’m sure (and sad) there will be more.


To (Part) B or Not to (Part) B

I just retired. And the fun begins with dealing with the bureaucracy of Social Security and Medicare. 

Since I am a planner, I read up on what to do, made an appointment with my local Social Security Administration (SSA) office (which took holding on the phone for 20 minutes to get an appointment in 6 weeks), and got everything in place.  Ha! The joke was on me when I did not get verification of my Medicare Part B enrollment for which I had completed the required paperwork in May. 

After spending hours on the phone, it appears the paperwork was lost. I was told to go to the local SSA office and reapply. So on the last day of June, I headed to their office. I waited about 75 minutes before I got to talk to anyone. 

This guy acted like I was inconveniencing him by wanting to reapply for Part B. He told me I could not reapply in June, but had to wait until July. ARG!!!!

Thus on a lovely July morning, I was back at my favorite office. They opened at 9:00, so I was there at 8:40. There were 22 people ahead of me. 

When the door opened at 9:00, it took 10 minutes to get inside. My bag was searched (ok with me), I walked through a metal detector, and then I was wanded. And because it was my turn or maybe I looked/acted suspicious, I had to lean up against the wall and extended one leg behind me, one at a time, and get wanded again. Okay, I can do that. 

After checking in, it only took 5 minutes before I was called. Thank goodness I was assisted by a woman who truly was there to help me out. I told her the problem (lost paperwork, having to reapply, previous visit, etc.). She told me that the guy from June had provided me with erroneous information. But she would help me get it figured out. 

I love this woman!  Within 10 minutes, I had reapplied for Part B and it would start when I needed it to. The information would be in the system within a couple of days so that the Medicare Advantage plan I selected could process that application in a timely manner. 

I was out of there within an hour!  Now, I just hope that third time’s the charm rings true and everything is properly set up. But I won’t know for a few more days, so please send positive thoughts my way!  

Brain-melting Heat

It is so hot that some people’s brains are melting.   

Expletive Example 1

Friday night I met up with my brother N and sister-in-law J for dinner at a local Subway. Only a few people were there. 

First of all, a lady female parks in the handicap spot. She ignores a comment from brother about the issue. Maybe her handicap–for which they do not provide a handicap placard–is stupidity. 

After we had received out order and were seated, a family comes in; man, woman, child. The child is a boy, about 9 years old. No shirt, no shoes. He proceeds to climb all over the tables and benches. Walking on the table tops, sitting on the table tops, scooting his dirty butt all over them. 

I catch his eye and ask him to get off the table; that people eat there and they don’t want to eat on his dirty feet.  Both his parents saw and heard me speak to their kid. They did nothing. 

He gets off for one minute and then starts again. He even looked right at me while standing on the table! His parents did nothing. 

I did not say another word. The parents and kid chose to be inconsiderate asshats. 

After they left, another patron asked the staff to please wipe down the tables due to his dirty butt and feet. 

I wonder why the staff did not say anything. No shirt, no shoes, no service. They were young so maybe they didn’t feel they had the right to speak up. 

Expletive Example 2

Yesterday my neighbor had a yard sale. I had gone grocery shopping. When I came home, an inconsiderate driver had parked their car blocking my driveway. 

I always back into my garage. It makes it easier to unload items from the trunk. Obviously that maneuver was out of the question. Since I had groceries that needed to be refrigerated immediately, I drove over the curb and into the garage. 

After unloading things, I was going to go next door and ask whoever it was to move their car. And just as I was getting ready to do this, they left. 

Asshats!  I am appalled at the blatant inconsiderate behavior of some people! I could rant and rave, but it wouldn’t do any good. And it just destroys my peace. 

 Here’s my solution.  
Who’s with me?!?

The Ides of April

I usually don’t pay a lot of attention to April 15, Tax Day in the USA. And that is because I have gotten a refund for every single year I have filed; 45 years of refunds. And since I get a refund, I usually file my taxes before April 15. 

Refund money is used for my yearly project, such as a new recliner, building a deck, getting Miko (yup, she cost $$), and so on. 

However, this is the year that I could no longer claim my daughter as a dependent. And I ended up owing the IRS money!

Not fair!!


I had plans! Since I had to pay, I waited until the last possible day to file. That would be today. 

I am sooooo depressed. And broke. 

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Let’s celebrate “the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.”

Back in the 70s, I fought against sexual discrimination. In college, I was only one of a few women who studied for a masters degree in Biology.

At one of my first big jobs after college, I struggled against sex discrimination in the workplace. At that time and place, equal pay was based on experience, education, and job responsibility. I filed a sex discrimination claim against a company that paid me less than the man who had the job before me. He got fired. I held the position longer than he did, had a higher education than he did, and had more job responsibility than he did. Yet when I tried to discuss this inequality of pay with upper management, I was fired.

I told management that act could be seen as retaliation. So they said I wasn’t fired, just laid off. I mentioned that that was basically the same thing. Management so did not want to deal with the issue, that they did a temporary shut down of the entire company. Obviously I left at that point. I later officially filed a legal sex discrimination claim–and won.

I was in another job where I was the only female, except for office staff. Thankfully, management was a bit more enlightened and I never felt any discrimination.

Statistics from 2013 show that women in the USA workforce are making $.78, while men make $1.00.
(illustration from
Really?? We are still fighting this same fricking battle some 40 years later??!!?

I fought so my daughter would not have to deal with this mindset. Who is at fault? Women for not putting their foot down? Men for continuing the caveman mentality? Companies that continue the good ole boy network because people (women) are afraid to say anything for fear of losing their job. Probably a mixture of all of the above.

This makes me sick. And I am too tired to fight again.

Equality for women.
Make it Happen!

Does This Make Cents?

I came across the following info (?) while going down the wormhole of this link and that link and so on.
I am completely puzzled with this premise — too much desert causes belly fat? Since when does excess sand convert to belly fat? Could it be that dehydration (from being in the desert) contributes to belly fat?

I understand tupos typos. I make them all the time. However I also think that professional info that goes out over the Internet should be error free because it has been or should have been reviewed.

Yes, I am a documentation snob. The little article above is a minor example, but I would completely discount the info because of the typo. If I am researching a large/expensive purchase, I cease any interest if there are errors in the ad, Internet info, or other documentation.

My thought is if you (as the company) cannot produce accurate info to lead me to purchase your product, then how can I trust that the product is manufactured to do what you say it should do.

Of course, I shouldn’t tell you about a typo I once made in a procedure telling the user to press the Shit key. No, spellcheck did not catch it. Or how about when I missed the letter “o” in the word count.

So yes, everyone makes misteaks, but let’s make a bit more of an effort. (yes, I made several intentional errors)

Can You Hear Me Now?

I no longer have to deal with this issue. You know, the one where you can’t hear a conversation, or when the television or music volume is perfect for you, but uncomfortably loud for others.

My personal hearing favorite is having problems with speech recognition. I call these Emily Litella moments. Emily was performed by the late Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live. Hard of hearing, Emily would rant about misheard topics, such as presidential erections, instead of presidential elections. Here’s Emily’s rant about Soviet jewelry.

My most infamous Emily Litella moment was a frantic phone call from my cousin. I thought she said “My mom stabbed my dad to death.” What she actually said was “My mom thinks my dad is dead.”

Recently, my rheumatologist told me to scratch in the morning before I got out of bed. I didn’t quite see how that would help my joint stiffness. Yup, it was stretch in the morning.

I finally had enough of missed conversations, so I went to an ENT doctor. My hearing was tested, and yes, I have hearing loss–enough of a loss that I could benefit from hearing aids.

And typically me, my range of hearing loss is not typical. I cannot hear low or midrange frequencies, but high range is normal. Yes, I can hear the shrill scream of a child, but not the guy sitting next to me. If more than one person is talking or there is any background noise, as in a restaurant, count me out of the conversation.

Because I have very tiny ear canals (who knew), I could not get the teensy tiny hearing aids that fit within the ear canal. But I got the next best ones that fit in the ear. You can see how small it is. I have the battery door open.
This fits partially within my ear canal, but stays within the overall ear. Since my hair lightly covers my ears, you cannot see the hearing aid.

When I first put them in, I was astonished at everything I could hear! People talking 6 feet away. Sheesh, I could hear people talking directly to me without me having to read lips and guess at half of the conversation.

I had Daughter come to the house and set the TV volume where she could comfortably hear it. Without my new hearing aids, I could not hear the TV at that volume level. With them — a whole new experience!!

A friend and I went to dinner last night. We conversed at the restaurant–which was noisy and crowded–and she said she didn’t have to raise her voice for me to hear her.

The one thing I am not yet used to is that the sound of my own voice is echoing. It is weird. Makes me not want to talk because it is so bizarre sounding — but only to me. But supposedly I will get used to it. In the meantime, I am constantly talking out loud in an effort to speed up that process.

Yes, I can hear you now!