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Doggy Day Care

Today my dog, Ziva, went to doggy day care for the first time. It was similar to sending child off to first day of school: excited for their new experience, but also concerned how they would fare. 

Since I am retired, I don’t need doggy day care most of the time. But there is an upcoming event where I will be gone the entire day and don’t want Ziva to have to be inside the whole day. So it was off to day care to see how she does. 

Since Ziva was a rescue dog, I wasn’t sure how she would do with other canines. During training classes she gets very excited around other dogs, though not aggressive. 

The doggy day care I used was spectacular!! Ziva even received a report card.   

She loved playing with her 4-legged friends and came home exhausted. 

So glad this worked out so I can be assured she will have a good day if I have to be out for the day. 


Freedom for Ziva

Today is the American Independence day. I am home spending it with the newest family member – a dog I rescued from a nearby shelter. 

Say hello to Ziva.  Lab mix, ~5 years old.  Since I have been binge-watching NCIS on Netflix, I named the dog after the Israeli character, Ziva David. However, the dog is called  Ziva Dadog

Ziva was picked up as a stray and no one claimed her. Quite surprising considering she is one sweet pup. She was spayed and is now home with me and the cats. 

The cats have not quite accepted her yet, but detente is in the works. The cats own the downstairs area and the dog is not allowed there. So far, seems to work.   Ziva is very anxious to please and never leaves my side. She has whacked my legs into submission with her constant tail wags. She knows sit, down, and we are working on stay. My arms have been extended several inches because she pulls on a leash. But we will get better I am sure! She rides well in the car and is crate-trained. Thus when I have an appointment, she stays in her crate, content with a chew toy. 

She loves playing fetch outside, but tears the skin off a tennis ball. And the huge German Shepard dogs next door do not intimidate her at all. 

Since I am still recouping from knee surgery, I spend a bit of down time in the recliner. Ziva is more than happy to just rest by my side.  (Her belly was shaved when she was recently spayed.)  So Happy Independence Day to America and to Ziva!  She now has her freedom with a forever family. 

Bidding Time

Since retirement coincided with knee surgery, I don’t feel the thrill of retirement yet. Am stuck in recovery limbo with my knee getting better, but not enough to do much at this point. 

So I am bidding time by reading. Here’s the current breakdown. 

The Glassblower Trilogy by Petra Durst-Benning. Great read!!! Story of three sisters in the late 1800s in a small town in Germany. Glassblowing is everyone’s business. One sister ends up in America, one runs the glass business in Germany, and one becomes a creative glassblower. The trilogy occurs over many years and follows the sisters’ lives. Some great historical fiction. 

The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy.  Wow, I am rereading this masterpiece and wondering why I waited so long to embrace Conroy’s Wingo family again. A superb book which now has me adding his other books to my reading list again. 

And since I can’t read all the time, I am making use of Netflix. 

NCIS. Yes, I have been watching the NCIS television show, starting at season 1. I am now on season 6 and loving it! Can’t decide who my favorite character is because they are all so perfect together. I will admit that Mark Harmon as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs does make my heart skip a beat at least once per episode. And Duckie brings back memories of Illya Kuryakin, the heartthrob from the 60s. Hopefully some of you will remember him. 

Gotta go read!

It’s a Sign!

I was driving to work for my very last day. And I got a flat tire.  Not just a low tire pressure warning, but the thunka-thunka kind of flat tire.  Thank goodness for AAA. I had the spare on and made it to my very last day at work only one hour late. 

Was the flat tire a sign? Oh yeah. No more 52 miles round trip drive to work. 

I had an appointment at the end of the day, so could not get the flat fixed that day. Never fear as I planned to get it done first thing the next morning.  My knee surgery was planned for the afternoon so morning was a good time to deal with it. 

But alas, plans changed. I got a phone call at 7:30 in the morning asking if I could come in earlier for surgery.

“When?” I asked. 

“How soon can I get here?” they responded. 

So instead of getting the tire fixed and doing a few last minute things, I was in surgery at 10:15. Way earlier than the previously planned 3:30. 

Now I am getting ready to take another pain pill and sink back into oblivion.

(BTW –  I had to reread this post and make several edits. If there are errors, I plead WUI – writing under the influence.)

One More Day

    Wednesday is my last day at work. Retirement, here I come!

    So of course I have been cleaning out my cube/desk. It is amazing what one accumulates after 23 years.  

    This little magnet was my favorite though. My daughter was maybe 2.5 years old when it was taken.    

    Time has flown by since I made the decision to retire. Performing “brain dumps” to the person taking over some of my work has helped. And a little retirement party with the best cake!  

    So here’s to retirement. You might be jealous — or at least that is what everyone is telling me. 

    Easter Mishap

    Oops, I had a little mishap while coloring Easter eggs. 


    A White Xmas Indeed!

    Snow snow snow! Picture taken from my back deck. 

    The snow amounts in December alone exceeds the entire snowfall for all of last winter! And that is good!

    I am fortunate enough to have lovely neighbors that have cleaned my driveway several times. A little homemade Bailey’s Irish creme is my little attempt of gratitude. 

    Tomorrow is the big family brunch and will be my first outing since surgery. Hope I maintain my footing!

    Happy Holidays!