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Feeding Time

With one dog and three cats – and each cat on a different food – feeding time is scheduled chaos. Or at least it was until everyone accepted the new regime.

Dog gets fed twice a day. It’s easy now because I feed her outside. It will definitely get challenging when I have to feed her inside. Here is Ziva patiently waiting for dinner.

Sunni is the only cat who is not on a special diet. She is thin and if she says she’s hungry, I give her a few bites. Sunni eats on the top of the cat tree. Here is Sunni glaring at me at dinner time.

Miko, the Balinese, is overweight and on a diet. She is the reason for this new feeding routine. She gets 1/3 cup twice a day. Totally not enough according to her. I split the last 1/3 cup into two feedings so she thinks she’s not starving to death. Here is piggy cat; hopefully she will be a bit thinner as the diet continues.

During the first week of her diet, she would counter surf to find something to eat. She discovered a basket where I keep kitty treats. Miko was so focused on food that she chewed through the bottom of the package and then ate all the treats. Here is the proof.

And then there is Peaches, my 18 year old cat. She is on prescription kidney food and a tiny cat. She likes to forage several times a day, which makes it interesting trying to keep the others from snitching her food. I decided to feed Peaches in the bathroom with the door closed. Trying to lure her there took two weeks of patience and stealth (since she’s deaf, I could sneak up on her if she wasn’t looking). Here is one attempt at getting Peaches (on the right) to at least get close to the bathroom.

Finally, Peaches now heads to the bathroom when she wants to eat. And she yowls when done so I can open the door to let her out.

And that is how three cats and one dog get fed at my house. I can never leave because it would take a day to explain their schedule, food, and eating stations.

And my daughter just had the audacity to ask me to adopt another cat!!


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  1. I have one cat who is extremely picky—I made the mistake of bringing home the “wrong” cat kibble one day and she never let me hear the end of it (“Wake up, Mom! I haven’t had anything to eat because the new food is ICKY!”)—so I can’t imagine what it’d be like to juggle so many diets and dinnertimes. And dining areas! It’s almost like you’re the server at a hotel. I give you props for being able to keep all of the menus straight. Me, I’m like, “Oh, you had salmon last night, you’ll get salmon again until you finish the can!”

    • You know cats – they are relentless in their demands. Peaches is the most finicky. She won’t even eat her food if it has her saliva on it; it must be dry and fresh! The others don’t really care and for that I am thankful.
      Hoping your Sunny is settling in the new residence!

      • She’s doing better than I am, thanks! Lots of odd noises to get used to, and I don’t think she likes it when I go to work and leave her by herself in this strange place. But it makes my coming home all the fonder. I hope. 😉

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