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Woofs and Crashes

Last week I had company from out-of-town. Busy weekend running around and getting caught up on everyone’s lives. 

One of the kids–who sometimes thinks she’s a doggy named Buddy–had a deep connection with my dog Ziva. 

A few hours after company left, I was heading out on the back deck. I wasn’t paying attention and my knee gave out going down the stairs. 

 I was incredibly lucky that I just banged things up. The worst was a badly bruised foot. My surgery knee was not seriously hurt, thank goodness. 

So had to skip a few dog training classes due to inability to walk like a normal person. But my foot is slowly getting better. 

Today is National Dog Day. Here is a picture of Ziva working on her tan.   

Here’s to enjoying my woofy and staying upright!


Comments on: "Woofs and Crashes" (5)

  1. Nicole Santanello said:

    Oh no! That looks painful): beautiful pup!

  2. ooh… that hurt to look at! hope you heal fast & easy!

  3. The “Like” is for the picture of Ziva, not for your falling and hurting your foot. That is scary. Are you still wearing a brace for support, or are you freebirding it now? My daughter is wearing a brace that forces her to bend her knee. It’s uncomfortable, but it does offer some additional support when she’s walking around. She still can’t do stairs yet. Take care.

    • I quit wearing a brace after 3 weeks. I usually go down stairs leading with bad leg and then stepping onto same step with good leg. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention and put full weight on my bad leg. It then collapsed. I have to work on muscle strength for my leg and that is coming along slowly.
      Hope your daughter’s knee is doing well. Glad she has a brace to protect it. Sometimes I think I should wear my brace but Dr. said I did not have too. It sucks being older and not recovering as fast as I used to. Oh well.

  4. Oh no, hope the foot is better soon! Love the pic of the 2 caged animals! 🙂

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