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Doing My Part

Today is National Lazy Day and I am doing my part to honor the occasion. 

First off, I slept in until 9:00. And I only got up because the dog needed to go out and wanted breakfast. 

Then, because it was cool, I did a little yard work. There is a large area in my backyard where the grass has died. I think it is due to compacted soil. About a month ago I dug up a small area. Dug down deep, added gypsum, and then grass seed. It worked!!

So today I dug up another small area and did the same thing. The bottom of the photo shows the new grass from the first experiment.   

Of course Ziva was assisting since I was supposed to be lazy. Good dog!

In the early afternoon I met my mom for a movie. We enjoyed “Finding Dory.” A quick bite to eat and then back home to work on being lazy again. 

Late afternoon nap and it’s time for the Olympics. Although I cut the cord and got rid of cable TV a year ago, I really wanted to watch the Olympics. So I bought an indoor antenna and voila – network TV!! 

The day is near its end and I feel as if I have done my part. How about you?


Comments on: "Doing My Part" (8)

  1. network broadcast of the olympics = a teeny bit of sports, in which it seems only USA is competing, between a crapload of commercials. i am soooo frustrated!! i heard that online broadcast is very good.

    “good on ya” with the grass. I think I finally decided how to remodel my teeny backyard – in japanese garden style. won’t try it myself but, wow… only took 15 YEARS to think of something!

    • I agree about network broadcast. But since I cut the cord, it is better than nothing.
      Wow – Japanese style sounds great. Get on it so I can oohh and aahh over the beauty and serenity of it all.

      • it won’t be cheap… between breaking up the existing concrete and the cost of rocks (I’m picturing those smooth black river rocks).. but, man, I would love to have an “oasis” back there! the Japanese Community Center isn’t far from here and I bet they can help me find an designer!

        • Yuck – breaking up concrete?!? That’s gonna be noisy. Hope you and the cats can plan to be away when that happens. Maybe you could just spread dirt on the concrete and then the rocks.

          • nah, i want the concrete slab gone. it’s small, roughly 12’x12′, with bricks along one area and paving stones an another.. all random. also have to deal with the neighbor’s tree root which made a bunch of stuff unlevel. the biggest part of labor costs will be getting stuff in/out of the backyard because the walkways are narrow

          • I hear ya. Good luck!

  2. I went back to work today, so no lazy for me! It’s too hot to go back to school, but apparently some clueless administrators decided it was okay for small children to sit in an under-air-conditioned classroom and grapple with the first day of class. I fell asleep this afternoon around 5 and now I am wide awake. Glad you were able to be lazy, though. That’s why they invented retirement! 😉

    • School already? Guess I am living in the olden days when school didn’t start until after Labor Day.
      I need to stop being so lazy and actually do things. I hate hot weather so will use that as my excuse for now. So much quilting to do that I need to get busy.
      Have a good year with your students!

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